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Height 6'6'' (198 cm)    Weight 235 lb (107 kg)

#DateGame Event OpponentOut
 Dirty  Fun Reviews
 1  Sep 25  Phi-NYR Scrum     2  Rev (1) 
 2  Nov 3  Chi-Phi Scrum   Msg (1) 
 3  Feb 16  Phi-NJ Line
 Update / Review
 4  Mar 24  Phi-Buf Scrum     2  Rev (1) 

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Loved By (8)Hated By (3)
inokwaybo: One af the biggest defender from Sweden ...
RedWingsWereTough: Didn't really like him, just amused by him. ...
NeartheCross: The Older Samuelsson; much Less Cheap.
pockmarx: A friend of mine collected tropical fish. ...
Vasara, Hitman45, zebra123, Fighter004
lilburtis9363: Huge guy that cannot fight
Matteo: Always the third man in a fight. 
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