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Height 6'1'' (185 cm)    Weight 209 lb (95 kg)

#DateGame Event OpponentOut
 Dirty  Fun Reviews
 1  Feb 13  Tap-Kal Scrum     2  R(1),M(2)  
 2  Feb 27  Kal-HPK Cheap Aggr Harri Kainulainen  Msg (2)  
 3  Mar 21  Kal-Tap Brawl     6  Rev (4) 
 4  Mar 21  Kal-Tap Rough Otto Rauhala    4  Rev (1) 
 5  Mar 21  Kal-Tap Refused Mikko Lehtonen    2  Rev (1) 

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Loved By (16)Hated By (2)
Habsfan18: I'd take him on my team ANYTIME. 
stevieboy588: Very solid hitter 
Warx: Hard hitting solid dman. 
Spitfire, lilburtis9363, FBL27, jasonwilsonwilly5, Vasara, Lehmodriver, stingerd, Asesino, hockeyfan27, Hitman45, KidRoberts, Murray3, 20marco
sc: Goof of a human being. Not much more needs ...
cjmonster67: to be honest, i just dont like him cause ...
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