2017-2018 <<  Pat Maroon 2018-2019 NHL Brawl Card
Height 6'3'' (190 cm)    Weight 231 lb (105 kg)

#DateGame Event OpponentOut
 Dirty  Fun Reviews
 1  Sep 25  Wsh-StL Rough Tom Wilson    2  Rev (1) 
 2  Sep 25  Wsh-StL Fight Liam O'Brien Draw   6.8  R(23),M(1)  
 3  Oct 6  Chi-StL Hit Aggr Brent Seabrook  0  3  Rev (1) 
 4  Oct 11  Cgy-StL Cheap Vict Sam Bennett  5  2  Rev (1) 
 5  Oct 17  StL-Mtl Fight Jordie Benn Draw   3.3  R(8),M(8)  
 6  Oct 25  CBJ-StL Scrum     3  Rev (1) 
 7  Nov 1  Veg-StL Scrum     2  Rev (1) 
 8  Nov 3  Min-StL Fight Marcus Foligno Loss   1.5  R(4),M(2) 
 9  Nov 23  Nsh-StL Fight Austin Watson Win   4.7  R(9),M(2)  

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Tornado87, Vasara, Hitman45, NameyMD, stromlover87, sarich16, metz87, YourBoyTroylilburtis9363: all he does is jersey jab. Dreadful fighter
mullet: Incredibly boring fighter. Big guy, who ...
zebra123: Boring crappy fighter... can't win against ...
mc3488: Boring spotpicking fighter.
finviking, terrry, mikeyt313
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