2017-2018 <<  Zack Kassian 2018-2019 NHL Brawl Card
Height 6'3'' (190 cm)    Weight 214 lb (97 kg)

#DateGame Event OpponentOut
 Dirty  Fun Reviews
 1  Oct 23  Pit-Edm Fight Jamie Oleksiak Draw   3.3  R(11),M(3)  
 2  Oct 23  Pit-Edm Hit Aggr Jamie Oleksiak  0  3  Rev (1) 
 3  Oct 27  Edm-Nsh Hit Aggr Kyle Turris  5  4  Rev (1) 
 4  Oct 28  Edm-Chi Rough Brandon Davidson    1  Rev (1) 
 5  Nov 1  Chi-Edm Scrum     2  Rev (1) 
 6  Nov 1  Chi-Edm Scrum     2  Rev (1) 
 7  Nov 6  Edm-TBL Hit Aggr Mathieu Joseph  0  2  Rev (1) 
 8  Nov 8  Edm-Fla Hit Aggr Vincent Trocheck  0  2  Rev (1) 
 9  Nov 8  Edm-Fla Fight Troy Brouwer Win   4.7  R(8),M(1)  
 10  Nov 13  Mtl-Edm Hit Aggr Mike Reilly  0  3  Rev (1) 
 11  Nov 17  Edm-Cgy Fight Matthew TkachukUnfair R(7),M(12)  
 12  Nov 17  Edm-Cgy Rough Sam Bennett    1  Rev (1) 
 13  Nov 29  LAK-Edm Rough Drew Doughty    1  Rev (1) 
 14  Dec 1  Veg-Edm Cheap Aggr William Karlsson  6  2  Rev (1) 
 15  Dec 22  TBL-Edm Rough Cedric Paquette    3.5  R(2),M(1) 
 16  Jan 5  Edm-LAK Scrum     2  Rev (1) 
 17  Jan 6  Edm-Ana Scrum     2  Rev (1) 

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Loved By (61)Hated By (10)
Mister.Man: Brings a hell of a lot of emotion to a team. ...
EC: A lof of potential in this kid. He's already ...
thebeast18: I wish the habs could draft him 
WCC: Wow this kid can throw, lefty who wont back ...
TheDanLine: Would take him on my team anyday.
Buffalogotcheated99: Zack, the interview will be posted In the ...
southernpride09: Just a crazy fighter that can throw both ...
downierapefest: Tough competitive kid. 
knights18574: Tough kid
LIONROCK: Oilers could use a big power forword like ...
napes: Like a young Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds. ...
Hockeyplaya: Animal
pepitofraser: A lot of potential, going to be a premier ...
Mikeman: Power forward of the future. 
Wendel1: Good player, Good fighter. 
Murray3: i like the powerforward type of player
canucksfan: Physical forward
Punchchewout: Warrior.
Snowflake24: An up and coming Power Forward which is ...
bensweeney: When he's on his game, he's a loose cannon ...
Animal, Tornado87, harley9, Honkanen, skacore, 17goon, hockeyguy101, clackson3, Skorzeny, eastvanmungo, anth12345, ozz, Ranger77, rougerebel, hockeyman3, jaredmellow, 17Forever, OkLetsGo, MrBones, zonkedforlife, NameyMD, patrickwarrior, mcguireblows17, Mgaz728, goon17, MichiganWolverines, goonie22, caprara20, stromlover87, 20caprara, offthedraw20, bucketsoff17, GrinderRole, GoonLeague, metz87, felix29, CursedxWolf, acurt123, TheTrashMan, YourBoyTroy, 20marco
Schtick: 100% Jackass
ChampBonvie: Digs up graves to suck dead peoples cocks. ...
grits207: Keep hiding behind the visor, kid.
Notsince67, 911fighter, hatchetjack, tipperary, chewsbrewsandtuners, FightXpert, NameyMD
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