Pierre-Luc Leblond 2008-2009 NHL Fights
Height 6'2'' (188 cm)    Weight 220 lb (100 kg)
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Name Ht+/-  Wt+/- ThrownLanded
 1  Sep 22  NJ-Phi  Riley Cote     Draw  7.9  R(23),M(2)   22-20  10-9 
 2  Sep 22  NJ-Phi  Matt Clackson215 Draw  6  R(12),M(4)   13-16  8-5 
 3  Sep 29  Wsh-NJ  Donald Brashear  117 Loss  7.4  R(20),M(33)   16-32  8-23 
 4  Oct 4  Phi-NJ  Riley Cote   Loss  5  R(3),M(2)     
 5  Oct 24  Phi-NJ  Riley Cote     Win  6.3  R(15),M(2)   16-19  10-9 
 6  Oct 25  NJ-Phi  Riley Cote   Loss  6  R(16),M(7)  8-7  5-4 
 7  Apr 9  NJ-Ott  Jesse Winchester15 Draw  2.6  R(5),M(1)   2-1  2-1 
Totals   1-3-3   94  77-95  43-51 
Average per Fight  46% 5.9  13.43  12.8-15.8  7.2-8.5 

Pierre-Luc Leblond NHL 2008-2009 Brawl Card

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Loved By (44)Hated By (8)
pikkari1977: very good fighter who do great job to ahl ...
Lrob24: Tactical approach to his fights and has ...
ihl: has really improved
Lindros8749: can go toe-to-toe very long. great fighter!
devils4history: Andedrson Silva Punches
MMajor: One tough customer.  He's really coming ...
STOPtheFIGHTING: knows what he's doing. a good balance between ...
PlanetAtheistCmPunk: Had a notable tilt against Donald Brashear ...
LeblondsFan: Watch this guy he's only 24!
Fleury14: ahl 10-11 334 pim.next flames fighter not ...
flameshockey: nice to see this guy in flames.i like his ...
CCCC: How is this guy not in the NHL???
hoss: PL3 ..tough kid with big upside ..guess ...
Wendel1: Can go all night long
Murray3: Stamina
MichiganWolverines: Underrated fighter.
SandyMcCarthy: boxer.
NastyMirasty, lilburtis9363, Animal, Tornado87, kakemon, Vasara, Honkanen, iceman15658, NJ4, FlagsFan, WWGRD, Sasha, MButch, RFA, MakeFightsMandatory, mi44, OAKIES2513, Satana, EvilVirus, enforcer72, Will27, Bigzoom, redwings77, NameyMD, FightsOfHockey, sarich16, ZachSiller38
shalom: played against this fucking tard 
TheDon: Too many damn names.
ChampBonvie: Dirt Bag French Redneck
bostonbruinsfan73: a trash talker who needs to shave his unibrow ...
Brozzy525: Man up and fight Staubitz like a man you ...
jrugged: Half a Fag, does not man up and does too ...
chris527k, Soviet
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