Mark Janssens 1985-1986 WHL Fights
Height 6'3'' (190 cm)    Weight 216 lb (98 kg)
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Name Ht+/-  Wt+/- ThrownLanded
 1  Oct 12  Reg-MHT  Jeff Wenaas331Update / Review    
 2  Nov 8  MJW-Reg  Troy Bakogeorge556Update / Review    
 3  Nov 23  Reg-Kam  Doug Pickell236Update / Review    
 4  Nov 30  Reg-Spo  Todd Voshell426Update / Review    
 5  Jan 7  Reg-PAR  Rod Dallman431Update / Review    
 6  Jan 12  Reg-Brn  Bob Heeney116Update / Review    
 7  Jan 31  Reg-Let  Mark Tinordi13  Msg (1)     
 8  Feb 5  Reg-Brn  Trevor Semeniuk211Update / Review    
 9  Feb 15  Reg-MHT  Neil Brady 11Update / Review    
 10  Feb 28  MJW-Reg  Corey Beaulieu26Update / Review    
 11  Mar 8  Reg-PAR  Pat Elynuik231Update / Review    
 12  Mar 26  Reg-PAR  Ryan Stewart236Update / Review    
Totals   0-0-0       
Average per Fight224         

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Loved By (28)Hated By (1)
lilburtis9363: good at switching hands
mullet: His fights were always entertaining.
Reaper75: Always the #2 or #3 tough guy on every team ...
lindenfan: How could you not like this guy? He'd drop ...
selish70: Decent defensive center, incredible on draws, ...
RedWingsWereTough: Great face-off man.  A poor skater, which ...
JimSmers:  Perhaps the greatest fighting Centerman ...
TheDanLine: Underrated fighter.
Buffalogotcheated99: Mark was(head injury) hospitalized while ...
Gill: Underrated scrapper but frustratingly inconsistent...
napes: Constant barrage of medium strength lefts. ...
NameyMD: Tough centerman was involved in some legendary ...
BattleshipRules: A good fighter who had a lot of exciting ...
brooklyndodger: great technical fighter,bled very easily
Debaser: Always an exciting scrapper.  Big & tough ...
Joltin, JimMcKenzie, Animal, sickboy, Villian, Vasara, RFA, Hitman45, EvilVirus, UncleJ, Fleury14, flameshockey, SandyMcCarthy
kurtenbach: this guy couldn't play or fight
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