Olli Jokinen 2008-2009 NHL Fights
Height 6'3'' (190 cm)    Weight 215 lb (98 kg)
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Name Ht+/-  Wt+/- ThrownLanded
 1  Nov 18  Chi-Phx  Colin Fraser225 Draw  3.3  R(6),M(1)   3-6  1-2 
 2  Mar 26  Cgy-CBJ  Rostislav Klesla 1 Draw  3  R(1),M(1)     
Totals   0-0-2   7  3-6  1-2 
Average per Fight11249% 3.2  3.50  3.0-6.0  1.0-2.0 

Olli Jokinen NHL 2008-2009 Brawl Card

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Loved By (16)Hated By (10)
Willde: Päällikkö (The Chief)
Vasara: Piällikkö
Honkanen: Glad that O.J got away from Florida. In ...
friikki: Päällikkö
Bupz91: An amazing scorer who will fight as well ...
NeartheCross: Mr. Jack-o-Lantern has talent, but no heart.
Pawn: Man of important games. 1997 -1998 HIFK ...
koivu8: A great goal scorer and a great passer... ...
eripari: Underrated
ROMANSHERIFFI, Animal, Rudy37, Itchy, Puuha-Pete, Hietanen, aamu
mullet: Pumpkin head
Sweden: Definition of a Finnish fag. Lot's of them ...
TheDanLine: Major stiff.
mi44: Overrated loser
NameyMD: Total assbag.
pikkari1977, nyrangers28, Riffo, zebra123, redwings77
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