Ed Jovanovski 2008-2009 NHL Fights
Height 6'2'' (188 cm)    Weight 210 lb (95 kg)
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 Punches (For-Ag) 
Name Ht+/-  Wt+/- ThrownLanded
 1  Dec 7  Phx-Chi  Troy Brouwer 1 Win  5.7  R(6),M(1)   10-5  4-3 
 2  Jan 6  Chi-Phx  Matt Walker  13Unfair R(12),M(25)   0-2  0-1 
 3  Feb 19  Atl-Phx  Chris Thorburn120 Win  4.4  R(5),M(1)   5-3  1-0 
Totals   2-0-0   23  15-10  5-4 
Average per Fight1857% 5  7.67  5.0-3.3  1.7-1.3 

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re: Great Physical defenseman and can throw ...
-Lauser-: Welcome back Jovo ! I hope you will be a ...
destroyer: pretty good all around defenceman. I would ...
BloodyNux: Great defenceman who can fight, started ...
Tsunami: He leads his team so well.
harryyoung55: My freinds dad works with ed's brother
halkidis42: Jovocop.
Steelesman10: solid player, can to fight 
mi44: Good defenseman, pretty tough guy as well. ...
IronMike1982: Jovocop Rules!!!
McCarty25: Physical defenseman who can throw with the ...
lilburtis9363, Animal, NickThePanther, pikkari1977, sara112, Hitman45, ElDiablo, redwings77, NameyMD, SandyMcCarthy
joshgrattonfan: Wannabe tough guy faggot Panther from their ...
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