Brian Boyle 2008-2009 NHL Fights
Height 6'7'' (201 cm)    Weight 244 lb (111 kg)
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 Punches (For-Ag) 
Name Ht+/-  Wt+/- ThrownLanded
 1  Apr 6  LA-Cgy  Matt Pelech314 Win  4.6  R(7),M(1)   11-5  4-1 
 2  Apr 7  LA-Edm  Theo Peckham59  Loss  5.5  R(10),M(1)   4-7  1-3 
Totals   1-1-0   17  15-12  5-4 
Average per Fight41238% 5.1  8.50  7.5-6.0  2.5-2.0 

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Loved By (4)Hated By (26)
hatethelates: Amazing player.
Mgaz728: Good forechecker and strong hitter. Terrible ...
Richie, mc3488
WanderingEye: Fake tough guy
FBL27: the Marshmallow ...good player/ SHIIITT ...
ShootFace: Toughest guy in the league!
Bupz91: Too big to only be able to fight so poorly.
TheDanLine: Hey, look everybody, it's the Marshmallow ...
Bruinsguy: Huge guy, won't fight what a waste
icingontheplay: A disgrace 
BattleshipRules: A big softie who has looked pathetic in ...
nhl888: This guy cannot fight to save his life and ...
17Bruins22: terrible fighter for his size
lilesfan: what a gutless pathetic excuse for a 244 ...
Murray3: Brutal fighter
canucksfan: Joined crowd that went after Ryan Kesler, ...
bracknellbeesfan22: Bad fighter, especially for his size.
Snowflake24: How can you be so big and can't fight? He ...
BruinsML17: 6'7" and he cant win a fight
lilburtis9363, mullet, zebra123, redwings77, anthonyrnyc, DaveEffinBrown21, steezyjeeves, Sayit2myFace25, ZachSiller38
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