Sean O'Donnell 2008-2009 NHL Fights
Height 6'3'' (190 cm)    Weight 234 lb (106 kg)
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Name Ht+/-  Wt+/- ThrownLanded
 1  Sep 28  Van-Ana  Kevin Bieksa329 Draw  3.4  R(6),M(7)   4-7  0-1 
 2  Oct 24  LA-StL  Cam Janssen319 Loss  5.6  R(11),M(1)   11-28  3-16 
 3  Nov 8  StL-LA  Barret Jackman329 Draw  4.3  R(4),M(1)   11-6  4-2 
 4  Nov 25  LA-Cgy  Dion Phaneuf 20 Win  4.4  R(10),M(4)   9-9  4-2 
 5  Jan 21  LA-Col  Chris Stewart13 Draw  3  R(5),M(3)   7-6  5-4 
 6  Mar 5  Dal-LA  Krys Barch19 Win  4.7  R(6),M(3)   9-5  2-2 
Totals   2-1-3   42  51-61  18-27 
Average per Fight21851% 4.2  7.00  8.5-10.2  3.0-4.5 

Sean O'Donnell NHL 2008-2009 Brawl Card

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Loved By (22)Hated By
TrippFan: Good teamplayer- 
twignbiscuit: STUD
TowerOfRome: This guy has been battling for almost 2 ...
TheDanLine: Tough as nails.
Steelesman10: He is skillplauer LOL
dadlovesmad: Great team player! Solid defenseman......great ...
bizarroKocur: see Jay Wells.  Same kind of player.
anaheimfan1: Teamplayer and a good fighter. 
McCarty25: This guy was a warrior. A real class act ...
CDD, Bob, Vasara, hordi24, FlagsFan, Breaker, belaknumberthree, Buffalogotcheated99, Lichtgestalt, owenfinn16, primeau25, NameyMD, ZachSiller38
no one
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