Rich Pilon 1985-1986 WHL Fights
Height 6'0'' (183 cm)    Weight 216 lb (98 kg)
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 1  Sep 8  PAR-Sas  James Latos116Update / Review    
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Average per Fight116         

Rich Pilon WHL 1985-1986 Brawl Card

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Loved By (9)Hated By (13)
mofor: Great Team Player.
JimSmers:  An eye injury early in his career forced ...
AAAHockeyguy: Great Tough Solid Defenceman. Saw him in ...
BannedRacist: Great hitter, would drop the gloves with ...
JimMcKenzie, fightingisles, Vasara, ithockey158, NameyMD
Byers33: d-i-r-t-y only guy i think tried to injure ...
mrfeeny: I grew up hating this assclown
Scott: Cheap-shot artist...wearing a visor....
NeartheCross: He performed many Cheap shots in his day.
TheDanLine: This guy was a piece of shit.
Alchemy: Class A piece of shit.
JBobKelly: What a joke....eye shield to protect against ...
lilburtis9363, jayc948, Joonibal, Matteo, blueliner, Puuha-Pete
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