Dec 22, 1997
Ottawa - NY Islanders4-1

Summary Of Events
1  21:46  Fight  Lambert-Kruse
2  33:00  Rough  Yashin-Lapointe
3  33:00  Rough  Lambert-Pilon

Fight at 21:46
Duration 0:45ThrownLanded   Big   
 Denny Lambert 5'11'' 1200lb 1527143None
 Paul Kruse 6'0'' 1215lb 1521102
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Aug 6, 2015 16:55 ET
Paul Kruse narrow win Fun 
This was an excellent scrap. Lambert and Kruse traded a lot of punches and there were some momentum shifts in the fight. Denny missed a right. Paul landed two decent blows, missed a punch, and landed a decent shot. Lambert landed an average blow and missed three punches. Kruse missed a blow and landed an average shot.

Paul got much the better of the early going. He landed a decent blow and a solid shot. Lambert slipped briefly to the ice. Kruse popped Denny with a solid shot as Lambert got up. Paul missed a punch, landed an average blow, and missed two shots. He landed a solid right. Denny missed a punch and landed two average blows. He landed a partial connect and missed two punches.

Kruse missed a few blows and landed a solid right. Lambert landed a solid shot and he began to come back in the fight. Paul missed two punches, landed an average blow, and missed a shot. Denny had a nice spree of effective punching. He landed an average blow and a solid shot. He landed a partial connect and a solid blow.

Lambert continued to press the action as Kruse appeared a bit arm weary. He landed an average punch, missed a blow, and landed a decent shot. At this point, Kruse made a nice adjustment that may have won him the fight. He got a strong grip on Lambert's right arm. Paul picked up the pace. He landed a partial connect and an average punch. He missed a blow, landed an average shot, and landed a solid connect. Denny landed an average punch and missed a blow. The refs stopped the lengthy contest.

I rate this as a narrow win for Kruse. He jumped out to a good lead. Lambert punched effectively for a good portion down the stretch. He just about pulled even on the scorecard. Paul tied up his arm and landed three or four late punches to win the fight. Kruse landed a few more effective blows over the long contest to secure the win.
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Sep 10, 2015 17:08 ET
Draw Fun 
Denny Lambert and Paul Kruse drop the gloves and square each other up early into the second period as Kruse is trying to get some momentum for his team down three-to-zero. Kruse pushes his sleeve all the way up past his elbow pad, drawing the ire of Lambert who gestures to the officials about it but they stay out. Lambert lunges in instead and misses a right before they get a grip of each other. Kruse returns with five rights, landing two as Lambert gets into close quarters. Lambert lands a right and Kruse throws two rights and lands one before connecting on a right while Lambert misses a right. Lambert misses a right as Kruse's hand gets caught up in his jersey as he gets some space from Lambert. Kruse then misses a right and Lambert misses a right, falling to the ice after. Kruse misses a right as Lambert misses a right and Kruse lands a right while Lambert gets up. Lambert throws five rights and connects with two while being pushed into the boards by Kruse who throws eleven rights and connects with five after getting his hand out of his jersey. Kruse then moves back into close quarters after they each land a right at the same time. Kruse's elbow pad comes flying off and he moves back into close quarters. Kruse throws two lefts and lands one but Lambert lands a right before Kruse lands a right in return. Then Lambert lands a right and Kruse ducks away to get some separation between them, losing his helmet in the process. Kruse misses a right before Lambert throws two rights and lands one, then connects on a right while Kruse wraps his arm around Lambert's helmet. Lambert throws three rights and lands two as Kruse pries the helmet off of Lambert but gets turned around doing so. Kruse braces himself against the boards to keep from getting bent over and down on the ice. Kruse straightens himself as Lambert gets into close quarters. They wrestle and Lambert tries to take Kruse down but fails. Kruse misses a right and then misses a right while Lambert connects on a right. Kruse throws two rights and connects with one, then Lambert gets off the boards and misses a right. Lambert is unable to get his hand free and is wrestled back into the boards by Kruse. The officials then come in and break it apart there. A really entertaining scrap between Lambert and Kruse, two tough guys. Both guys had their moments here as Kruse began the fight well and clearly landed more than Lambert. However Kruse kind of petered out after that and Lambert came back well. Lambert took control in the later portions of the fight and although Kruse tried to get back into the fight, he really didn't get anything going again. Overall, it was a pretty even fight and I'll call it a draw. Similar punches landed by both. Kruse got the edge in the fierce trading of the earlier parts of the fight but as it slowed in pace and Lambert got better and was getting in more and better punches.
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Aug 16, 2006 15:00 ET
Paul Kruse narrow win Fun 
Great fight they both land alot of punches. Kruse lands more. Narrow win Paul Kruse.
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Jan 17, 2010 03:09 ET
Paul Kruse narrow win Fun 
Good bout in front of the penaltybox. Both threw a ton of rights, Kruse clearly landed more in the first half, Lambert came back in the second half, but overall Kruse landed more to pick up a narrow win.
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Aug 2, 2015 18:03 ET
Paul Kruse clear win Fun 
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Dec 10, 2016 00:08 ET
Paul Kruse narrow win Fun 
Very good fight, Kruse controls the early stages clearly landing more blows and some of them landing flush, Lambert survives the onslaught and comes back in a big way landing some big shots of his own, Lamberts comeback made it very close but Kruse just seemed to do a little more early to earn the hard fought win by the narrowest of margins.
Aug 2, 2015 18:02 ET

Rough at 33:00
Added By Samuelsson
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Duration N/A
 Alexei Yashin 6'4'' 7230lb 42N/A
 Claude Lapointe 5'9'' 7188lb 42
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May 19, 2017 08:20 ET
They started to push and shove near the center of ice, then Lambert and Pilon continued this battle. Fun 

Rough at 33:00
Added By vsurov2
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 Denny Lambert 5'11'' 1200lb 16N/A
 Rich Pilon 6'0'' 1216lb 16
May 19, 2017 04:32 ET
OTW - Lambert (misconduct) 13:00 ; NYI - Pilon (misconduct) 13:00 ;Reply

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