Dec 23, 2006
Columbus - NY Islanders0-4 

Summary Of Events
1  55:37  Rough  Klesla-Hilbert
2  59:33  Fight  Svitov-Park
3  59:52  Scrum    

Rough at 55:37
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Duration N/A
 Rostislav Klesla 6'3'' 4216lb 17N/A
 Andy Hilbert 5'11'' 4199lb 17

Fight at 59:33
Duration 0:23ThrownLanded   Big   
 Alexander Svitov 6'4'' 5247lb 571274A Bit
 Richard Park 5'11'' 5190lb 57000
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Dec 23, 2006 20:37 ET
Alexander Svitov decisive win Fun 
Here's one you don't see everyday. According to the Isles announcers, Svitov cheap shotted Park earlier, they bumped again and Park decided to drop 'em, Svitov follows. They square off but Svitov keeps the visor in place. It quickly becomes clear that Richard Park has no business fighting, as he can't even grab onto Svitov properly. Svitov misses a few vicious rights and Park is just trying to avoid getting killed, he can't tie up Svitov's right hand so he just tries to duck away from it. Svitov punches the back of the helmet twice, then rips it off and continues to pound on the back of his head for a while until the refs finally dive in. There was a trickle of blood coming from the back of Park's head. Nice to see him stand up for himself, but he got worked.
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Dec 27, 2006 13:40 ET
Alexander Svitov decisive win Fun 
Park apparently had taken some abuse from Svitov earlier because he seeks out this fight and they square off. All the punches thrown are by Svitov. He misses on 2 wild swings but lands one off the helmet before another miss. He then pulls off Park's helmet and starts throwing hard rights to the back of Park's head. Park stays on his feet somehow but the linesmen move in to protect him from any further punishment. As he skates off, he has 2 trickles of blood coming from the back of his head. It was courageous of Park to stand up for himself but he'll never make a living as an enforcer. Svitov won this one decisively.
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Mar 14, 2009 18:58 ET
Alexander Svitov decisive win Fun 
Richard Park takes a check from Alexander Svitov with time winding down in the game which is decidedly in the New York Islanders' favour. The puck isn't close to either Svitov or Park when the hit is made and Park doesn't like it at all. Park drops the gloves with the much bigger Svitov who doesn't take his helmet and visor off as the squareoff. Park then goes in and they grab on. From the get go, it isn't even. Svitov throws a handful of rights and lands a couple as Park just hangs on. Svitov then throws off Park's helmet. Svitov then throws a bunch of rights as Park still continues to hang on and Svitov connects with a handful more. The linesmen come in and break it up after Park drives Svitov into the glass. All Svitov, he was free to throw and threw a lot. He was accurate and landed the majority of what he threw. I give props to Park here, he stood up for himself against a much bigger opponent but in the end Park just held on and tried to keep his head away from Svitov who was throwing heavily.
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Dec 23, 2006 18:28 ET
Alexander Svitov decisive win Fun 
Wow....props to park for standing up for himself in this fight but....he got his ass beat. not one punch thrown by park at all just duck and hide from the punches.
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Dec 23, 2006 18:30 ET
Alexander Svitov decisive win Fun 
No contest Park got killed.
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Dec 23, 2006 18:47 ET
Alexander Svitov decisive win Fun 
only park's second fight ever and he got killed.....much smaller and he just had to duck and take the punches
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Dec 23, 2006 20:03 ET
Alexander Svitov decisive win Fun 
What is Richard Park thinking he just gets his head kicked in/
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Dec 24, 2006 08:11 ET
Alexander Svitov decisive win Fun 
Svitov pounds the back of Park's head and cuts him in the process. Svitov now has 4 fights this season and his opponents have been from Canada, Norway, USA and South Korea, that's pretty funny.
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Dec 30, 2006 00:52 ET
Alexander Svitov decisive win Fun 
huge mismatch, svitov starts landing hard hard rights on park who is just holding on for dear life while getting hit with more hard rights, at the end svitov taps park
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Jan 18, 2007 14:38 ET
Alexander Svitov decisive win Fun 
Looked as though Park wanted to get in quick, but was caught by Svitov...then it was basically over. Park didn't throw a single punch while Svitov was hitting the back of Park's head. Even though Svitov still had the shield, it really didn't matter since Park wasn't throwing.
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Sep 14 07:52 ET
Alexander Svitov decisive win Fun 
Dec 23, 2006 18:38 ET
Svitov fought that with a face shield but no penalty was called.Reply
Dec 23, 2006 18:47 ET
The game was already over.Reply
Dec 23, 2006 18:53 ET
I like hpw after the fight was broken up, Svitov gave Park a pat on the head to give props for dropping the gloves.Reply
Dec 23, 2006 19:48 ET
Quote from message by nyislandersfan13
Svitov fought that with a face shield but no penalty was called.
You only get 2 for wearing a visor if you instigate a fight.
Dec 23, 2006 20:19 ET
Park probably knew he was in trouble, after the first punch was thrown, props for him, yes but stupid altogether.Reply
Sep 14 05:33 ET

Scrum at 59:52
Columbus PlayersNY Islanders Players
Duration N/A  Rostislav Klesla  Manny Malhotra  David Vyborny     Andy Hilbert   
# Players Involved: N/A
Blood: N/A
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Dec 23, 2006 19:05 ET
Hilbert dropped his gloves and was ready to fight but it was broken up too quickly.Reply

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