Feb 25, 2007
Omaha - Chicago4-2

Fight at 0:02
Duration 0:23ThrownLanded   Big   
 Brett Palin 6'2'' 3203lb 13740Fair Amount
 Nathan Oystrick 5'11'' 3216lb 131072
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Aug 12, 2017 19:42 ET
Nathan Oystrick win by TKO Fun 
Oystrick and Palin drop their gloves right off the draw. They remove their buckets and square off before coming together. Oystrick lands a good short punch and lands another good short punch before landing a huge bomb to Palin's nose as Palin misses a right. Palin's legs go numb but he hangs in there and misses a right. They then both miss a right and Oystrick misses another right before landing a hard shot to Palin's head. Palin lands a partial connect and misses a right. Palin connects with an average right and Oystrick misses a right. Palin falls to the ice but gets back up and receives a thunderous right right on his temple by Oystrick. Oystrick misses a right and lands another huge connect that drops Palin to the ice , TKO'ing him and ending the fight right there. Palin missed a final right before getting dropped.

I rate this one-sided tilt as a TKO win for Oystrick. The last punch he threw definitely dropped Palin to the ice. Palin got back up quickly enough to not suffer a KO loss, even though he was bleeding pretty badly from his nose. This fight was pretty one-sided as Oystrick landed several bombs. Palin hung in there and landed a couple of average rights but was overpowered in this tilt. Good fight.
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Feb 27, 2007 01:49 ET
Nathan Oystrick win by TKO Fun 
Right off the opening faceoff they square off Oystrick and Palin each trade a flurry of punches not two many connecting then Oystrick lands a big one two Palins face then he goes down then the linesman come in.
Palin bounced back up and skated two the penalty box with blood coming from his face he toweled off in the box and returned the the game.
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Mar 4, 2007 20:57 ET
Nathan Oystrick win by TKO Fun 
This was pretty exciting. 2 seconds in the two defencemen drop the mitts. This was a awsome fight for Oystrick. As they both exchange punchs, Palin gets rocked once that stuns him for a second. They as the fight continues, Palin is hit 2 more times good that seem to stun him again. The announcers are loving this fight too. When Oystrick lands his last punch, Palin does somewhat of a summersault (or barrel-role) to the ground. The annoucer said "oh! Down goes Palin. Oystrick might have broke his hand with that right hand shot. Oh Palin! He has been opened up!" Palin was smiling cause he knew he jus got beat up. His nose was definately broken (bleeding all over + the annoucer said his nose is out of line).

Great fight! the players loved it as u can see one of them hopin on the bench. the crowd loved it too!
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Feb 26, 2007 13:19 ET
Nathan Oystrick win by KO Fun 
Drop the gloves :02 into the game. Oystrick lands one off the bat, Palin gets in a few, then Oystrick lands a home run shot, dropping Palin in a bloody heap.
Mar 4, 2007 20:57 ET
Mar 5, 2007 08:53 ET

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