Oct 28, 1998
Boston - Montreal9-2 

Summary Of Events
1  23:37  Fight  Baumgartner-Morissette
2  26:10  Cheap Shot  Axelsson-Manson

Fight at 23:37
Duration 0:54ThrownLanded   Big   
 Ken Baumgartner 6'1''  205lb 192380None
 Dave "Moose" Morissette 6'1''  224lb 191560
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Jul 4, 2013 18:47 ET
Ken Baumgartner narrow win Fun 
Dave Morissette and Ken Baumgartner meet up and decide to drop the gloves and go. They square each other up and Baumgartner misses a left as they grab on. Morissette lands an overhand right to the helmet and Baumgartner misses a right in return. Baumgartner then lands a short left which knocks off Morissette's helmet as Morissette misses a right. Morissette then connects with a right while Baumgartner lands another left and then misses a left after. Baumgartner and Morissette get in close and Morissette changes hands. Baumgartner misses a left from underneath and an overhand left, then Morissette misses an overhand left. Baumgartner misses a left while Morissette changes hands and then misses an over the top right. Baumgartner misses a left and loses his helmet as Morissette changes hands, then misses a left. Morissette misses a left over the top as Baumgartner lands a good overhand left and then Morissette ducks. Baumgartner throws three lefts and lands two while Morissette switches hands and lands a right over the top. Morissette gets his head back up as Baumgartner switches hands and then lands a right while Morissette misses a right, then Baumgartner ducks. Morissette throws three rights and lands two as Baumgartner switches hands, then Baumgartner misses an overhand left while Morissette lands a right. Morissette lands another right and then they wrestle. Baumgartner throws two lefts over the top and lands one, then misses a left underneath. Morissette misses an overhand right and ducks, then Baumgartner connects with a left while staying in close with Morissette. Baumgartner gets his head up and throws two lefts from underneath, landing one before missing a left as Morissette gets his head up. Morissette switches hands and misses a long left, then Baumgartner misses a left and Morissette misses an over the top left after. Baumgartner throws two lefts and lands one before Morissette misses a left and then the linesmen break it up. Good fight with lots of punches thrown. Win Baumgartner for landing more.
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Jun 7, 2014 04:14 ET
Ken Baumgartner narrow win Fun 
This was a good bout between Bomber and the Moose. Dave missed a punch and landed two decent rights. Ken missed a shot, landed a decent blow, and missed a left hand. Morissette missed a punch, landed a partial connect, and missed a blow. Baumgartner landed two average punches and missed two left hands.

Moose missed a right and two lefts. Bomber landed a solid blow, missed a shot, and landed an average connect. He missed a left hand. Morissette missed two rights and landed a partial connect. He missed a shot and landed an average blow. He landed a solid right and an average connect.

Ken landed a decent punch, missed a shot, and landed a partial connect. Dave landed a partial connect. Baumgartner landed a partial connect and an average shot. He missed a couple of blows and landed an average punch. Moose missed a shot and landed a partial connect. Bomber landed an average blow and a solid connect. Morissette landed a final decent punch.

I rate this as a narrow win for Bomber. He landed more punches and with a little better pop. Moose gave him a competitive fight, but he came up a bit short in quantity and quality of blows.
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Nov 21, 2006 12:41 ET
Ken Baumgartner narrow win Fun 
Good long fight, Baumgartner landed better.
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Mar 12, 2014 00:07 ET
Draw Fun 
Morissette fakes a southpaw stance in the beginning of the fight. This strategy seems questionable as he's not really shorter, this approach before the clinch usually used by southpaws shorter in height to avoid taking the first straight punch before the clinch. Looks like Moose would try this against lefties. The same fake stance strategy cost him in the past and would also cost him later that season against Gino as he would find himself locked right away after the original clinch. This time he survives and look to connect early with at least one out of three. Then The Bomb gets him in a pretty good lock and connects with three maybe four left hooks. Then Moose respond with a few right direct punches. At least two connected good and Kenny got in a closer a grab to slow what could of been a toe-to-toe tilt. He got two, maybe three short lefts inside and Moose had his "mean" face he usually had when a bit overwhelmed in fight. Morissette threw two to three lefts with the last one connecting for sure maybe another before. Surprisingly knowing Moose himself told in his bio he rarely/never used his left in fights. The tapes available prove he's right. Maybe Kenny forced him to do so. Absolutely nothing can justify a decision to me.
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May 25, 2014 09:18 ET
Draw Fun 
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Apr 7, 2016 08:44 ET
Ken Baumgartner narrow win Fun 
Good fight, Baumgartner takes the early lead with Morissette coming back strong at the midpoint, despite the comeback its a very narrow win for Baumgartner for landing a bit more.
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Aug 25, 2016 21:20 ET
Ken Baumgartner narrow win Fun 
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Aug 10 07:41 ET
Ken Baumgartner narrow win Fun 
Jan 7, 2005 13:30 ET
Ken Baumgartner narrow win Fun 
Morissette landed some early blows, but Baumgartner's experience and technique proved to be too much. Baumgartner stymied Morissette the 2nd half of the fight with his defence and ability to switch hand.
Sep 2, 2009 17:49 ET
Dec 12 17:29 ET

Cheap Shot at 26:10
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Duration N/A
 P.J. Axelsson  (Victim) 6'1'' 1186lb 34N/A
 Dave Manson  (Aggressor) 6'2'' 1220lb 34
Dave Manson suspended for 3 games
Dave Manson fined $1,000
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Aug 10 10:53 ET
Jan 8, 2006 15:02 ET
Manson was suspended for three games and fined $1,000 by the NHL during the 1998-99 season for butt-ending and elbowing P.J. Axelsson during their altercation here. Manson was given a game misconduct, and the suspension was announced the following day. As a result, Manson did not return to action until Montreal's Nov. 7, 1998 game vs. N.Y. Islanders.Reply
Apr 30, 2008 04:42 ET
Manson, Mon (elbowing major, game misconduct), 26:10.Reply
Aug 10 07:13 ET

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