Oct 25, 1998
Phoenix - Anaheim2-2 OT

Summary Of Events
1  N/A  Hit  Drake-Marshall
2  18:59  Fight  Tocchet-Pushor

Hit at N/A
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Duration N/A
 Dallas Drake  (Aggressor) 6'0'' 2186lb 14N/A
 Jason Marshall  (Victim) 6'2'' 2200lb 14
Oct 31, 2010 16:52 ET

Fight at 18:59
Duration 0:32ThrownLanded   Big   
 Rick Tocchet 6'0'' 3214lb 416114A Bit
 Jamie Pushor 6'3'' 3218lb 41041
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12981 fight reviews

Nov 15, 2014 07:54 ET
Rick Tocchet decisive win Fun 
This was a good scrap. Pushor checked Tocchet in the crease. Rick wanted to go and the fight was on. Jamie landed an average right and missed a punch. Tocchet missed a punch and landed an average blow. He missed a shot and landed a partial connect. He missed a blow and the men wrestled for a spell. Rick missed a punch, landed a partial connect, and missed a shot.

Pushor landed two decent blows and missed two rights. Tocchet landed two solid rights. Jamie missed a blow and landed a solid connect. He missed two rights. Rick came on strong down the stretch. He landed a solid blow and an average connect. He missed a punch and landed a solid shot. He missed a blow, landed two solid shots, and landed a pretty good punch. He hauled Jamie to the ice and landed a final solid connect.

I rate this as a decisive win for Tocchet. Pushor put up a fight, but he was overwhelmed down the stretch by the power punches of a superior fighter.
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Jun 9, 2017 20:03 ET
Rick Tocchet decisive win Fun 
Rick Tocchet and Jamie Pushor get into it late in the first period and drop the gloves. They wrestle around in close for a bit and then open up, Pushor missing a right and Tocchet landing a left. Tocchet pauses while staying in close, then throws four lefts, landing two. Pushor tries to block them initially but then ducks away. Tocchet keeps Pushor in close and they resume wrestling for a little while. Pushor turns his head away and Tocchet misses a left before switching hands and standing back. Pushor misses a right as Tocchet lands a left and Tocchet misses follow up left before Pushor throws two rights, landing one. Pushor then lands a right while Tocchet misses a right, then Tocchet misses a right before missing a right as Pushor misses a right. Tocchet lands a right as Pushor lands a right, then Tocchet lands a right while Pushor misses a right but then Pushor lands a right as Tocchet lands a right. Pushor misses a follow up right and Tocchet throws three rights, landing two and knocking off Pushor's helmet. Pushor misses a right and tries to get back in close. Tocchet throws four rights and lands two while Pushor ducks and is then pulled down by Tocchet who misses a right before the linesmen come in. Good scrap with a nice exchange in the later rounds. Tocchet had full control of this one and took over late.
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Jun 6, 2011 10:39 ET
Rick Tocchet decisive win Fun 
They drop them behind the play and start to wrestle. Tocchet lands two lefts, the first of them landing pretty well. They wrestle for a while until they start trading rights. Both land some shots, Tocchet maybe a bit more. Tocchet is winning but Pushor is hanging in there at this point. But now Tocchet really takes over and starts pounding Pushor with unanswered rights. He lands 3 or 4 good shots to the head and knocks Pushor's helmet off with one of them. Pushor goes to his knees and Tocchet throws one more for good measure before linesmen jump in to save Pushor. Pushor was bleeding a bit around his eye. Decisive win for Tocchet as pounded Pushor pretty well in this one and linesmen had to jump in to save Pushor in the end.
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Nov 6, 2005 20:36 ET
Rick Tocchet clear win Fun 
1250 fight reviews

Apr 24, 2006 12:55 ET
Rick Tocchet clear win Fun 
Pushor looks like crap in this one. His punches are slow and weak while Tocchet's bash Pushor's brains in.
10951 fight reviews

Jul 5, 2016 17:52 ET
Rick Tocchet decisive win Fun 
5952 fight reviews

Oct 12, 2017 11:25 ET
Rick Tocchet decisive win Fun 
Oct 11, 2017 11:37 ET

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