May 3, 1970
Final,  Game 1
Boston - St. Louis6-1

Summary Of Events
1  N/A  Injury    
2  32:52  Fight  Cashman-Picard
3  36:10  Rough  McKenzie-Dennis

Injury at N/A
Boston PlayersSt. Louis Players
Duration N/A  Phil Esposito  Fred Stanfield     Jacques Plante   
# Players Involved: N/A
Blood: N/A
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Feb 26, 2017 13:25 ET
This was a devastating injury to the incomparable goalie Plante. Jake the Snake was holding his own and making some great saves. Fred Stanfield had a clear slap shot on the goalie. Phil Esposito tipped the puck and it ricocheted up in the face of Plante. The blow cracked him right in the face. Plante was wearing a mask, but the facemasks of yesteryear were light and flimsy.

Plante was knocked unconscious and had a bad concussion. He missed the rest of the series. St. Louis was riding his coattails and this demoralized the club. They bowed out pretty meekly in the four game sweep by Boston.
Feb 25, 2017 19:17 ET (later updated)
The game was tied 1-1 until Plante went down. The B's put five goals past Wakely in the aftermath.Reply
Feb 26, 2017 13:23 ET (later updated)
Copie de Stanley Cup 1970 at 6:40 mark. Can be seen on YouTube.Reply

Fight at 32:52
Duration N/AThrownLanded   Big   
 Wayne Cashman 6'1''  180lb 30N/AN/AN/AN/A
 Noel Picard 6'1''  210lb 30N/AN/AN/A
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13335 fight reviews

Jun 1, 2017 21:09 ET
Wayne Cashman win by TKO Fun 
This was a very impressive performance by Cashman. Cash went at it with tough Noel Picard. The men went behind the goal. Picard missed a left and a right. Wayne landed a pretty good left and an average blow. He landed a good shot that dumped Noel to the ice.

This was a TKO for Cash. The Bruins dominated the Blues in this series and the series was about as competitive as this fight.
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Feb 20, 2006 03:50 ET
Wayne Cashman win by TKO Fun 
I saw this one on TV, years ago. Sort of a coming-out party for Cashman as an NHL enforcer, in which he dropped the huge Picard, who had a big rep before this bout. Cashman was of course a southpaw, and most of the time he threw hooks, hacking away at the side of his opponent's head, while clutching the other guy's jersey with his right. In this fight, though, Cashman threw them straight- the left-handed equivalent of a right cross, stepping inside the flailing arms of Picard to ram two or three shots to the face and dropping the St. Louis defenseman.
The announcer for CBS was Dan Kelly, originally a broadcaster for the Blues and something of a St. Louis homer; it was a reflection of how complete Cashman's win was when Kelly yelled, ".... and this Cashman can REALLY fight!"
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Jul 31, 2017 13:05 ET
Wayne Cashman win by TKO Fun 
Picard is the first to drop the mitts but misses with a couple blows before Cashman drops his gloves and lands a couple lefts that drop Picard to the back of the net ending the bout, TKO win Cashman.
Jul 30, 2017 17:32 ET
Jul 31, 2017 13:06 ET
Just curious but could this be considered "unfair" due to the linesman interfering with Picard while the fight was still going on?Reply

Rough at 36:10
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Duration N/A
 John McKenzie 5'9'' 2170lb 10N/A
 Norm Dennis 5'11'' 2180lb 10
Jul 31, 2017 03:43 ET

Jul 31, 2017 09:28 ET
No penalties.Reply

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