Apr 27, 1967
Final,  Game 4
Montreal - Toronto6-2

Summary Of Events
1  56:34  Cheap Shot  Larose-Baun
2  59:29  Fight  Ferguson-Shack

Cheap Shot at 56:34
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Duration N/A
 Claude Larose  (Aggressor) 6'0'' 3170lb 12N/A
 Bob Baun  (Victim) 5'9'' 3182lb 12
19692 fight reviews

Mar 23, 2017 16:51 ET
Larose hard slashed Baun in front of the Leafs goal. Dirty 

Fight at 59:29
Duration 0:20ThrownLanded   Big   
 John Ferguson 6'0'' 1178lb 17N/AN/AN/AN/A
 Eddie Shack 6'1'' 1195lb 17N/AN/AN/A
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Nov 27 19:19 ET
Draw Fun 
Shack was up to his usual trouble-making. He tripped over the goalie making a save and elbowed a Habs player in the corner. Then, he got some lumber up on Fergie. John went after him and threw several punches. Ferguson missed a blow and landed a body punch or two. He missed a couple of shots. Eddie couldn't get any blows off, but he tried a couple of times to sneak one through. Shack tried to head-butt Ferguson, but John was smart enough to anticipate this kind of move. He missed a couple of short blows late and the refs stopped the contest.

I rate this as a draw as Ferguson didn't land with much effectiveness. I could only see one clear modest body punch. I'm not sure it was enough to secure the win. John was more active, but nothing too significant landed here.
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Mar 15 14:22 ET
John Ferguson narrow win Fun 
Eddie Shack throws a big hit on a Montreal player on the fore-check and in comes Ferguson to bump into Shack. Shack gives him the stick hard as he spears him in the midsection/stomach area. Ferguson is hurt by that and is furious. He drops his gloves and goes after Shack who drops his gloves as well and receives him willingly. They grab each other and Ferguson throws two rights that connect but do minimal damage. They clinch in close quarters and Ferguson lands a left. They grab each other's arm firmly and Ferguson tries a jab that does no effect. They try to get their arms free but can't manage to do so and after seeing that tugging for a good while, the linesmen safely step in and break up the fight.

This fight is either a draw or a narrow win for Ferguson, but I will grant him the win because he's the only one that landed punches, even though they did very low damage on Shack. A draw is a very acceptable call however. It also looks like Fergie was the aggressor and Shack was happy with tying up arms and not slugging, although he did try to get an arm loose. Not the best fight here with lots of wrestling.
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Jan 30, 2018 01:19 ET
John Ferguson narrow win Fun 
Montreal goaltender Rogie Vachon sprawls to make a save, knocking the puck into the Canadiens right wing corner. Leaf winger Eddie Shack jumps over Vachon and draws a bead on an unidentified Hab, who is trying to pin the puck against the boards. Shack delivers a solid bodycheck, and draws the attention of John Ferguson. As Fergy closes in, the "Entertainer" brings up an elbow and catches his opponent in the face.

Both players drop the gloves, and Ferguson gets off two ineffective right hands. It appears that the Montreal enforcer throws one more punch, but a head in the crowd partially blocks the camera. The two men have solid grips on one another's arms and, from this point on, there is a lot of tugging, but no further blows. The linesmen move in to put an end to a disappointing fight. I'm giving Ferguson a very narrow win here.
12689 fight reviews

Feb 28, 2018 13:27 ET
John Ferguson narrow win Fun 
Ferguson steps up for a teammate and lands a couple shots, Shack doesn't do much more than hold off Ferguson as best he could never landing a blow, narrow win Ferguson.
Dec 3, 2014 10:07 ET
MON - Ferguson 19:29 ; TOR - Shack 19:29 ;Reply
Apr 28, 2017 13:03 ET
Nov 25 18:40 ET

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