Dec 23, 2002
Tampa Bay - Washington0-3 

Fight at 45:13
Duration 0:10ThrownLanded   Big   
 Andre Roy 6'4'' 1229lb  640None
 Jason Doig 6'3'' 1229lb  530
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Jun 28, 2014 10:27 ET
Jason Doig narrow win Fun 
Andre Roy sends Robert Lang to the ice with a check and then Roy gets the puck while going up the wing. After Roy dumps the puck in, he's checked by Jason Doig and they drop the gloves. Roy gets in close quarters immediately but is wrestled to his knees by Doig. Doig takes advantage, throwing five straight rights and lands three while Roy gets back to his feet. Roy throws six rights and lands four as Doig lowers his head. Roy wrestles Doig to the ice and the linesmen get in and break them up. Short fight. Edge Doig for landing better.
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Oct 19, 2004 06:00 ET
Jason Doig clear win Fun 
I happened to be at this game sitting in the front row. This fight happened in front of the caps bench. Roy had just laid a hit on a cap in front of the Lightning bench, Roy gets the puck skates toward Doig and the caps bench and dumps it in, Doig steps up and plays the body on Roy, Roy gives it back then Doig gives it right back to him. The gloves come down, Doig grabs Roy with his right and lands three lefts before both fall to the ice. Good job on Doig's part for standing his ground against a big Roy.
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Feb 23, 2006 19:36 ET
Jason Doig narrow win Fun 
Doig throws a pretty decent flurry of rights to a kneeling Roy, Roy got up and Doig landed his best punch. Roy started throwing, but the punches harmlessly hit the back or the helmet. Roy suplexes Doig down.
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Mar 15 10:26 ET
Outcome: N/A Fun 
The video posted here misses the beginning and doesn't have a replay, but from other reviews it sounds like Doig landed some shots before camera got there. Roy then landed a few harmless shots and wrestled Doig to the ice. I'll have to leave it N/A until I'll see the replay.
Dec 23, 2015 16:03 ET

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