Jan 10, 2003
Columbus - Vancouver3-2

Fight at 28:04
Duration 0:25ThrownLanded   Big   
 Jody Shelley 6'3'' 2230lb 251251None
 Darren Langdon 6'1'' 2205lb 25100
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Jul 23, 2014 11:02 ET
Jody Shelley decisive win Fun 
Shelley took it to Langdon on this occasion and won handily. Jody missed a punch and landed an average right. He missed a blow, landed an average shot, and missed two punches. Darren landed a decent left and missed two shots. Shelley missed a punch.

Langdon missed two punches. Darren lunged in and missed badly with a left hand. This was an uncharacteristic tactical mistake for him. He threw himself off-balance and Shelley took advantage. Jody missed a punch, landed two solid blows, and landed a decent shot. Langdon's back was to Shelley and the refs stopped the contest.

I rate this as a decisive win for Shelley. He got Langdon in a bad spot at the end. Darren threw himself off-balance and it cost him the fight.
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Jul 1, 2013 10:14 ET
Jody Shelley decisive win Fun 
Darren Langdon and Jody Shelley meet up and decide to drop the gloves. Shelley lands a right right as they come together and then Shelley misses three rights. Shelley moves in close on the smaller Langdon, gets off his helmet, and then throws five rights, landing two while standing back again. They pause and Shelley misses a right as Langdon tries to get inside. They have another pause and Langdon badly misses a left which gets him turned around. Shelley throws three rights, landing two as Langdon goes to his knees. The linesmen then step in and break up the fight. Decisive win Shelley, he landed the only punches of the fight but also got Langdon in a bad spot at the end which forced the linesmen to intercede.
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Dec 4, 2005 17:45 ET
Jody Shelley decisive win Fun 
All shelly in this won Shelly lands 3 to start it off.
Langdon gets Shelly arms tied up.
But Langdon cant get any in.
Langdon try to throw a bomb Shelly dukes and gets behind Langdon and lands 5 to the back of Langdons head and Langdon fulls.
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Jun 21, 2006 13:30 ET
Jody Shelley clear win Fun 
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Oct 1, 2010 20:07 ET
Jody Shelley clear win Fun 
Shelley a donné un bon show durant le combat. Quant à Langdon, le pauvre à manqué sa gauche et perdu un peu l'équilibre. Shelley en a profité pour continuer de le frapper.
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Apr 23, 2014 20:02 ET
Jody Shelley decisive win Fun 
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Jan 11, 2017 14:32 ET
Jody Shelley clear win Fun 
Shelley lands first two punches to the helmet and rips it off, Langdon ties up Shelley's right arm but Shelley manages to land a right, Langdon attempts a punch but misses, then they grapple for a moment and Shelley lands a series of rights on Langdon's head and down he goes.
Jun 30, 2013 12:51 ET
Jan 14, 2016 14:17 ET

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