Oct 22, 1990
Hull - Beauport3-2

Summary Of Events
1  0:00  Bench-Clearing Brawl   40 players 
2  16:30  Cheap Shot  Unknown-Robert

Bench-Clearing Brawl at 0:00
Hull PlayersBeauport Players
Duration N/A  Steven Dion      
# Players Involved: 40
Blood: N/A
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Mar 13, 2018 11:46 ET
If there was an actual fight they missed it because all we see is a lot of pushing, shoving and words exchanged. Fun 
Jun 26, 2010 18:23 ET
It was a pre-game brawl in the warm-up. Only one fight but the Harfang players jersey was already off when the camera started recording and I cant identify the player, other than the opponent who was Steve Dion. When the fight was broken up the players were skating around than picked up their equipment.Reply
Jun 10, 2017 22:13 ET

Cheap Shot at 16:30
Added By TonytheTiger
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Duration N/A
 Unknown  (Victim)   N/A
 Vincent Robert  (Aggressor)   
May 7, 2016 23:32 ET
Robert got a major and game misconduct for checking from behind.

1st - Bea Vincent Robert, 16:30 - Checking from behind, (2.50) (PP)
1st - Bea Vincent Robert, 16:30 - Checking from behind, (4.50)

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