Jan 2, 1994
Albany - Cape Breton5-3

Summary Of Events
1  N/A  Fight  Simpson-Herbers
2  N/A  Fight  Kinnear-Bonvie

Fight at N/A
Duration N/AThrownLanded   Big   
 Reid Simpson 6'2'' 2216lb 9N/AN/AN/AN/A
 Ian Herbers 6'4'' 2225lb 9N/AN/AN/A
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Aug 22, 2012 14:48 ET
Draw Fun 
Quick bout in front of the Oilers net. They traded a few rights but Herbers slipped and fell down to the ice after Simpson switched to the left. Draw, maybe edge Herbers.
Sep 6, 2013 22:55 ET
Albany, Cape Breton

Alb Rheaume 9 (pp) 9:53
CB Werenka 6 (sh) 16:24
PENALTIES- Malkoc Alb (cross checking) 6:22, Simpson Alb Herbers CB (roughing double minor) 9:21, Helmer Alb (roughing) Bonvie CB (roughing double minor) 15:53

CB Oksuita 8 (pp) 4:30
Alb Pellerin 12 (sh) 9:42
PENALTIES- Simpson Alb (roughing) 3:45, Kinnear Alb Bonvie CB (fighting (major)) 6:49, Ruchty Alb (unsportsmanlike conduct misconduct) 5:39, Cierny CB (high stick double minor) 11:25, Armstrong Alb (holding) 19:41

Alb Christian 16 (en) 19:00

 Fight at N/A
Duration 0:11ThrownLanded   Big   
 Geordie Kinnear 6'1'' 2194lb 11740N/A
 Dennis Bonvie 5'11'' 2205lb 11651
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Dec 30, 2011 13:06 ET
Dennis Bonvie win by KO Fun 
The Oilers were bringing the puck past the blueline and into the attacking zone but the play was stopped when they went offside. Away from the play, Kinnear skated over to Bonvie and tried to get a jump on him. They both dropped the mitts and Kinnear throws a right. Bonvie starts to back off and duck away from the punch. Bonvie does not do that much longer, as he comes back with a big right. They then trade a couple punches and the fight travels towards the boards. They then both got the right working and started to go toe-to-toe with each other. They each threw about five rights with most of them connecting. Bonvie's last big right during the exchange caught Kinnear right on the chin and Kinnear went down to the ice. Bonvie finished the fight with a right hand uppercut while Kinnear was down just to make sure that the fight was over. Bonvie backed off as the linesmen were getting in between them and sprinted off to the penalty box. Kinnear was still on the ice and was struggling to get to his feet. He tried to skate away, but he almost fell right away. The River Rats' trainer had to come and help Kinnear, as he was out of it and had no idea where he was.

KO Victory for Bonvie. Kinnear tried to get a big jump on Bonvie by surprising in the beginning, but Bonvie was able to counter and feed Kinnear some big rights. I believe that Kinnear was already knocked out before Bonvie finished him off with a big uppercut.
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Apr 15 07:32 ET
Dennis Bonvie win by KO Fun 
This was a good action fight and Bonvie landed a huge shot to close the show. Kinnear missed a right hand and landed an average left. He landed a decent blow and missed a shot. Dennis missed a blow and landed a solid right. Geordie missed a punch and landed an average blow. He missed a punch and landed a partial connect. Bonvie landed a partial connect and a good shot that hurt Kinnear and dropped him to the ice. He landed a grazing blow and skated off to celebrate.

This was a big KO win for Bonvie. Kinnear beat the ten count, but he was wobbly and would have fallen again if it wasn't for the help of an official. He was a disoriented mess in the aftermath.
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Aug 11, 2017 18:19 ET
Dennis Bonvie win by KO Fun 
These two pound away with right hands in a short but furious toe to toe battle that ends when Bonvie lands a crushing right hand that puts Kinnear down and into another world. When Geordie gets up he has no idea where he is, and would've fallen back over if not for the assistance he received from the linesman and his teammates. Bonvie goes to the box and Kinnear goes straight to the locker room with help. Clear cut KO win for Bonvie here.
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Aug 11, 2017 21:06 ET
Dennis Bonvie win by KO Fun 
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Aug 12, 2017 23:57 ET
Dennis Bonvie win by KO Fun 
Nice toe to toe exchange with both throwing and landing equally ends when Bonvie lands a thunderous blow that drops Kinnear to the ice, Kinnear is clearly out on his skates and needs assistance so it's a KO win for Bonvie.
Aug 11, 2017 18:15 ET
Aug 12, 2017 23:57 ET
Sweet find bro, thank you for sharing.Reply
Aug 13, 2017 23:52 ET
Hey don't thank me man thank 4thlinevoice and his youtube channel. Guy knows a fuck load about fight history and is always uploading great old scraps.Reply

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