Nov 29, 1989
Toronto - Vancouver3-2 OT 

Summary Of Events
1  28:21  Fight  Kordic-Melnyk
2  52:09  Rough  Fergus-Sandlak

 Fight at 28:21
Duration 0:22ThrownLanded   Big   
 John Kordic 6'1'' 1220lb 2518102None
 Larry Melnyk 6'0'' 1195lb 25930
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Jun 13, 2018 16:38 ET
John Kordic clear win Fun 
Well behind the play Vancouver Canucks' tough guy, Larry Melnyk and Toronto Maple Leafs' enforcer, John Kordic get tangled up, drop the gloves, and square off. It doesn't last long as Melnyk moves in and they both get their hold with the right hand and start throwing lefts. They go toe-to-toe, Kordic throwing eight and landing five with one connecting well and Melnyk throwing eight and landing two. They take a pause and Melnyk tries to free up his hand some more while Kordic throws three lefts and lands one. Kordic pauses and then throws three more lefts, landing two and knocking Melnyk's helmet off. Melnyk switches hands as Kordic misses a left, then Melnyk opens up and lands a right as Kordic ducks away but then throws another three lefts, again landing two and connecting well with one while Melnyk gets in tight. They just decide to stop fighting and allow the linesmen to break them up there. Good fight and a clear win Kordic here. He obviously landed more and better than Melnyk who hung in there but obviously took the worst of this one.
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Jan 19 14:57 ET
John Kordic clear win Fun 
Melnyk was a tough underrated fighter, but he clearly got the worst of the exchanges with the all-time great enforcer Rambo Kordic. The men traded left hands and this played into the hands of John. Kordic was known for throwing lefts with blistering speed and solid impact.

Larry missed a right hand. Rambo had a good opening salvo. He landed a solid blow and missed a punch. He landed a solid left and an average punch. He landed a couple of solid shots and missed a blow. Melnyk missed a couple of blows and landed a light punch. He missed a couple of blows and landed an average shot. He initiated a clinch as he was getting the worst of the fighting at long range.

Kordic outfought Melnyk on the inside as well. He missed a few blows and landed an average shot. He secured a good grip on Larry's left arm. John missed a punch and landed an average blow. Melnyk missed a shot. Kordic missed a punch, landed a decent uppercut, and missed a blow. The refs stopped the fight.

I rate this as a clear win for Rambo. He landed several more effective punches and effectively neutralized Melnyk's underrated offensive arsenal. It was a masterful performance.
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May 1, 2007 10:42 ET
John Kordic clear win Fun 
Great fight, the fight has two parts. In the first part they went T2T, Kordic landed better punches. After that they hold on, Kordic tried some punches that didn't connect. It looked like they will go T2T again, but only few punches were thrown, Kordic catches Melnyk with an uppercut. After that they let the refs break it up. Good fight, both times Kordic landed better.
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Oct 23, 2007 05:33 ET
John Kordic clear win Fun 
Jan 19 11:23 ET

Rough at 52:09
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 Tom Fergus 6'0'' 4200lb 19N/A
 Jim Sandlak 6'4'' 4219lb 19

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