Jan 3, 1990
Quebec - Toronto4-5 

Summary Of Events
1  N/A  Injury    
2  1:09  Fight  Gillis-Richardson
3  31:34  Rough  Fortier-Kordic

Injury at N/A
Quebec PlayersToronto Players
Duration N/A     Wendel Clark   
# Players Involved: N/A
Blood: N/A
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Jan 13, 2006 13:30 ET
Clark missed part of the 1989-90 season with another re-aggravation of his back injury, a sore foot and a sore right hand, all suffered during this game vs. Quebec. He did not return to action until Toronto's Jan. 15, 1990 game vs. Chicago.Reply

Fight at 1:09
Duration 0:06ThrownLanded   Big   
 Paul Gillis 5'11'' 4190lb 25000None
 Luke Richardson 6'3'' 4215lb 25320
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Oct 13, 2007 16:33 ET
Luke Richardson decisive win Fun 
Richardson was sitting on Gillis' chest throwing punches at him

Rough at 31:34
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Duration 0:05
 Marc Fortier 6'0'' 1192lb 28None
 John Kordic 6'1'' 1220lb 28
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Jun 13, 2018 16:40 ET
John Kordic bodies Marc Fortier and Fortier doesn't like it, so he gives Kordic a small poke with the stick. Kordic glares back at Fortier and then gives him a small gloved left to the face before Fortier is grabbed by Tom Fergus. Darin Kimble then comes in and shoves Kordic away from Fortier. Kordic turns back to Kimble and drops the gloves but a linesman grabs Kordic immediately. Kimble also drops the gloves but makes no move to get to Kordic. Kordic then turns to the Quebec Nordiques' bench and chirps with Head Coach, Michel Bergeron before going into the box. Fun 

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