Jan 6, 1990
Los Angeles - Toronto4-7 

 Fight at 15:06
Duration 1:03ThrownLanded   Big   
 Jay Miller 6'2'' 1210lb 1042131A Bit
 John Kordic 6'1'' 1220lb 1037183
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Jul 14, 2008 20:37 ET
John Kordic clear win Fun 
This would be the 12th time in their careers that John Kordic and Jay Miller fought against each other. The first 11 rounds were when Miller was with Boston and Kordic with Montreal. All of them were hard fought by both men and very entertaining. Both had moved to different teams and their last fight had been in the 88-89 preseason. But they would fight each other again here and it would be another great battle.

The 2 meet up in front of the LA net and decide to go. Kordic gets several rapid lefts in early while Miller is taking off Kordic's helmet. Kordic had already ripped off Miller's helmet so it's an even matchup. Kordic gets in several more lefts to the side of Miller's head and a few uppercuts to boot. Miller up to this point has just been hanging onto Kordic and hasn't thrown any punches. Kordic is in control and is clearly winning the fight up to this point.....

Kordic eventually tires a bit and the 2 start wrestling. Miller is trying to get his arm free to toss some punches of his own. Kordic then goes with his left and gets in several more punches. Miller had been trying to return fire but had been unable to get any good punches off. Kordic has now managed to get in a ton of lefts and Miller has yet to land a punch. It is very one-sided and entirely in Kordic's favor. But Miller still is not willing to throw in the towel....

The 2 get in close and do some wrestling. Miller now finally gets the opportunity he needs and he starts coming back with some of his own lefts. He catches Kordic with some great lefts and at one point has Kordic bent over trying to duck his lefts. But Kordic recovers and starts throwing them right back with Miller. The 2 are now dead tired and they pull in close and both toss a few short punches at each other before allowing the linesmen to separate them.

Clear win for Kordic here as he started out very strongly and landed a ton of punches. Miller didn't get going until halfway through the fight and even when he was throwing them Kordic answered right back and as a result Kordic outlanded Miller by a sizable margin. But Miller showed great heart and determination as he refused to give up during the whole fight.

Unfortunately this was the last fight between these 2 warriors. Kordic would finish the year with Toronto but would go on to play only 28 more games in the league as he went to Washington and eventually Quebec before he died suddenly in August of 1992. Miller would play 2 more seasons with LA before calling it quits. Their rivalry will always be remembered as one of the best in hockey and wouldn't be equalled until several years later when the Rob Ray-Tie Domi rivalry began.
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Jul 13, 2013 11:36 ET
John Kordic narrow win Fun 
Miller and Kordic had a tremendous rivalry. This was the last time they fought. Jay landed a couple of average rights. John landed a couple of average lefts and a decent connect. He missed a couple of punches, landed a solid connect, and missed a couple of blows.

Miller missed a couple of punches and landed a solid connect. He landed an average left and a decent blow. John landed a solid punch and missed a couple of punches. He landed a solid blow and missed a shot. He landed four solid connects in a row. He missed a punch and landed a solid blow.

Jay landed an average shot and missed with four left hands. He landed a decent right. He missed a couple of punches and landed a decent right. Kordic missed a couple of punches and landed an average connect. He missed a blow and landed three solid punches.

Miller missed a couple of punches and landed two average rights. He landed an average shot, missed a punch, and landed a couple of solid connects. He landed a partial connect. Jay missed a couple of blows, landed an average connect, missed a punch, and landed an average connect.

Rambo missed a couple of left hands, landed a solid blow, and missed a right hand. Miller landed a solid right hand and missed a punch. He landed an average blow. John missed a punch and landed a solid left. Jay missed a punch and landed an average left. He missed a final left hand before the refs stopped the contest.

This was an excellent action fight that lasted over a minute. I rate this as a narrow win by Kordic. John landed the blows with better pop and he was more accurate with his punches. Miller landed numerous blows with moderate effectiveness. He didn't get dominated in the bout, but there was no question that he lost a decision on the scorecard.
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Jun 13, 2018 16:40 ET
John Kordic clear win Fun 
A shot goes high over the net as in front of it, old rivals Jay Miller and John Kordic find each other and waste no time dropping the gloves. Miller grabs on while throwing two rights and landing one but his helmet is pried off by Kordic. Miller then misses a right as Kordic lands a left and then connects with two more lefts. Miller shoves Kordic's helmet off and Kordic lands two more lefts before missing a left as Miller lands a right. Kordic misses a left and then misses a left as MIller misses a right, then Kordic throws three more lefts and lands one. Miller switches hands, missing a left and getting turned around before Kordic gets his arm out of the jersey and throws three lefts, connecting with two as Miller gets his head down. Miller misses a left and Kordic adjusts his hold before throwing two lefts and landing one. Kordic then misses a left while Miller misses a left and raises his head to switch hands. Kordic throws six lefts and lands four, a couple catching Miller squarely before Miller misses a right as Kordic misses a left. Miller pulls Kordic's head down and gets in closer while switching hands again. Miller then misses four lefts before switching hands and missing two rights before missing a right as Kordic misses a left and raises his head. Miller then misses a right before Kordic misses a left and then Miller lands a right with Kordic throwing two and landing one afterwards. Miller stands back and misses a right, then misses a right while Kordic lands a decent left. Miller then lands two rights before connecting on a right as Kordic misses a left. Miller is knocked off balance and puts his head down while trying to get in closer although Kordic stands back further. Kordic lands a left and Miller switches hands and raises his head, throwing seven lefts and landing four with Kordic just putting his head down. Kordic then raises his head while missing a left as Miller lands a decent left, then Miller misses a left while Kordic misses a left. Kordic switches hands as Miller connects with a left but then Kordic throws two rights and lands one as Miller gets in closer and gets his head down. Miller switches hands and throws two rights, landing one before raising his head. Miller misses a right and then Kordic switches hands, throwing two lefts and landing one while trying to stand back. Miller switches hands and connects with two lefts as they wrestle around. Kordic turns his head away as Miller misses a left and the linesmen finally put a stop to this long scrap. Great fight between two tough heavyweights and the last chapter in a bitter rivalry. Kordic gets the win here, he had a big upper hand early on and though Miller came back, he could never quite take as big of an advantage in the fight as Kordic did. Kordic slowed down as the fight wore on but he was able to counter Miller well enough in the late stages. Overall both guys threw a lot but Kordic definitely connected on more punches and better punches.
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Dec 19, 2006 21:37 ET
John Kordic narrow win Fun 
Kordic checks LA d'man Petr Prajsler behind the LA goal. Miller immediately challenges Kordic. Kordic has a strong start and fires away with mostly short and quick left hooks. At this point Miller tries to neutralize his left arm. Miller is mainly on the defensive but tries a left, makes a nice block with his right before connecting with a very nice left, at the same time as Kordic narrowly misses a left uppercut and then follows it up with a nice left flurry. Miller seems a bit perplexed, he tries a few lefts and then switches to his right. Kordic is consistent, he works on his left all the time until Miller has a good period where he connects. Kordic switches to his right for a short while before going lefty again. Miller definitely got better later on in the fight but it wasn't enough to win it. A good fight just a notch under the best. Good rivalry between these two.
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Dec 26, 2004 20:30 ET
Draw Fun 
this was a great toe to toe fight, and a great fight to be my 1000th review
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Feb 14, 2006 16:44 ET
Draw Fun 
Classic end to a classic rivalry.
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Jun 4, 2006 11:36 ET
John Kordic narrow win Fun 
I have to go Kordic on this one. He had a strong flurry in the middle and landed some strong left hands. Miller came back, but not enough IMO to make it a draw.
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Jan 25, 2007 15:31 ET
John Kordic clear win Fun 
I don't know what alot of people were watching, I think Miller didn't even land a punch the first half of the fight. Either way this went on for a long time and they even showed Mr.T in the seats cheering on the fight. Kordic was extremely exhausted by the end of this one, the last time they both fought each other.
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Feb 9, 2007 05:52 ET
John Kordic narrow win Fun 
kordic is beating miller stupid at the start then miller comes back a bit then it is even for the rest of the fight edge kordic and Mr T was in the audience haha
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May 1, 2007 11:23 ET
John Kordic clear win Fun 
I dont' see how someone could call this a draw. Kordic clearly won this fight. He threw all the best punches. Miller did make a comeback but kordic was still throwing towards the end. Millers punches didn't look very impressive to me.
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Feb 12, 2008 08:38 ET
John Kordic clear win Fun 
Kordic hammered Miller in the early going until Miller started to come back and he traded punches with Kordic the rest of the fight. Great fight, but Kordic gets the win, he landed more punches and I think his punches were clearly harder than Miller's punches.
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Jul 15, 2008 22:15 ET
Draw Fun 
another classic between those two.Kordic early,Miller late,then Kordic still hanging in.Miller would never give up.Kordic's punches seems more effective,but Miller didn't seem bother by them,still retaliate and finish strong.
Bravo to both!
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Aug 19, 2011 05:13 ET
John Kordic narrow win Fun 
Great bout. I think miller was handicapped in the beginning of the fight because he was off-balance, thus letting kordic rain down all those punches in the first half of the fight. Miller gathers his equilibrium and makes an excellant comeback because it was even-steven in punches for the 2nd half of the fight. I'd rate this an even fight to narrow win for kordic.
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Jun 21, 2013 14:46 ET
John Kordic narrow win Fun 
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Feb 8, 2015 11:11 ET
John Kordic clear win Fun 
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Sep 25, 2015 23:57 ET
John Kordic narrow win Fun 
I think this fight is closer than many here but in end Kordic gets the victory in yet another classic from one of the greatest rivalries hockey has ever seen.
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Jul 5, 2016 21:03 ET
John Kordic narrow win Fun 
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Dec 13, 2017 10:55 ET
John Kordic narrow win Fun 
Ya know I wanted to call a draw on this one because I know John punches are more rapid than power , but on tape it looks like he landed more so he gets the nod . . Mr. T a tough man who enjoyed the fight is a long time NHL fan .
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Jan 6 20:49 ET
John Kordic narrow win Fun 
Aug 17, 2007 16:37 ET
This was on Leaf TV a few weeks ago. This bout took place at 15:06.Reply
Jul 15, 2008 16:26 ET
Jan 16, 2009 01:40 ET
to compare ray-domi to these 2 great warriors is a joke. r.i.p johnReply
Jan 16, 2009 10:43 ET
Ray and Domi were just as tough as Miller and Kordic.Reply
Apr 28, 2015 13:12 ET
Quote from message by EC
Ray and Domi were just as tough as Miller and Kordic.
Very true...I definitely agree
Sep 26, 2015 00:02 ET
All four were tremendous warriors, to compare them is like comparing apples to oranges. We should just be happy we got to see them play before hockey became a pussy sport.Reply
Jul 5, 2016 13:48 ET
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Jan 6 14:58 ET

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