Feb 22, 1990
Toronto - Calgary2-12 

Summary Of Events
1  46:09  Rough  Kordic-MacInnis
2  55:46  Fight  Kordic-Hunter

Rough at 46:09
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Duration 0:11
 John Kordic 6'1'' 1220lb 16None
 Al MacInnis 6'2'' 1204lb 16
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Jun 13, 2018 16:43 ET
John Kordic goes to the net looking for the puck and barrels into Rick Wamsley, who's lying on the ice. Wamsley swats at Kordic as they get up and that brings in Al MacInnis. MacInnis grabs Kordic who drops the gloves but MacInnis wants no part of Kordic. MacInnis just keeps a strong hold on Kordic as they wrestle around. Kordic tries to get away from MacInnis to get at Wamsley but the linesmen get in and settle things. Kordic and Wamsley do some chirping at each other but are kept apart. Fun 
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Oct 13, 2007 16:49 ET
MacInnis just starts hugging Kordic after Kordic had mixed it up with Flames goalie Wamsley. Fun 
Jan 8, 2017 01:52 ET
Kordic-MacInnis and Wamsley all receive roughing minors.Reply

Fight at 55:46
Duration 0:21ThrownLanded   Big   
 John Kordic 6'1'' 1220lb 18110None
 Tim Hunter 6'2'' 1202lb 18220
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20993 fight reviews
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Jun 13, 2018 16:43 ET
Draw Fun 
John Kordic gets tangled up with Tim Hunter beside Allan Bester's net and they slowly get the gloves off while establishing a hold on each other's jersey. They're in tight and wrestling at the outset and Kordic goes for the helmet. Hunter pulls Kordic's hand away and lands a right before trying to reach up and get to Kordic's helmet. Hunter can't get it but lands another right just before Kordic lands a left. Kordic gets Hunter's helmet off as Hunter presses Kordic to the net but then they just let up and linesmen get them apart. Really dull fight. A few punches landed but they were wrestling more than anything here and neither man made much attempt to keep the fight going.
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May 13, 2006 21:33 ET
Draw Fun 
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May 13, 2006 22:32 ET
Draw Fun 
Kordic and Hunter grapple near the net and Hunter lands a big right but is locked out on 2 more punch attempts. Kordic lands a good left and pulls off Hunter's helmet but is pushed back up against the net and tied up before he can do anything more.
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Jun 3, 2006 13:42 ET
Draw Fun 
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Jun 12, 2007 10:31 ET
Draw Fun 
Disappointing fight between two tough guys. Kordic didn't look very interested in this fight.
Dec 26, 2004 20:24 ET
time is approximate, there was less than 5 minutes to goReply

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