Mar 26, 1990
Toronto - Minnesota4-5 

Fight at 10:41
Duration 0:37ThrownLanded   Big   
 John Kordic 6'1'' 1220lb 152162None
 Basil McRae 6'2'' 1205lb 151051
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Jul 13, 2013 14:20 ET
John Kordic narrow win Fun 
This was the last fight between two familiar adversaries. This was far from their best bout. McRae missed a right hand. Kordic missed a few lefts and landed an average punch. Basil landed a decent left and missed a few blows. John landed a couple of decent punches and missed a couple of offerings.

McRae landed an average blow and missed a punch. Rambo missed a few attempts and landed two average connects. Basil landed an average shot, missed a punch, and landed a solid left. Kordic missed a right and a left. He landed an average shot and a solid connect. Then, he missed wildly and fell to the ice. This ended the contest.

I rate this as a narrow win for Kordic. Neither guy had too many powerful connects. Both landed a solid blow. John landed a few more average shots along the way. He was busier and landed with enough effectiveness to secure the win.
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Jun 13 16:44 ET
John Kordic narrow win Fun 
John Kordic is back with the Toronto Maple Leafs after several off-ice incidents (including not showing up for a game) caused the team to temporarily part ways with enforcer. Playing the divisional rival Minnesota North Stars, Kordic winds up out on the ice with their resident heavyweight and longtime rival, Basil McRae. The mitts come off and the two square off with McRae making the move to grab on first. Kordic backs up as they get a hold on each others' jerseys and swiftly removes McRae's helmet. Kordic gets his left hand going, throwing nine lefts and landing three while McRae tries to get in close but can't and so throws five lefts with one landing. McRae tries to get in close again and succeeds somewhat before throwing two lefts and connects with one. Kordic pulls his left arm out of his jersey as McRae has to keep from getting turned around. Kordic throws five lefts but only lands one as McRae tries to get a better hold on Kordic. Kordic then gets his right arm out of his jersey and changes hands to miss a right. McRae connects with a left as Kordic changes hands, then McRae lands two lefts as Kordic lands two lefts while standing back. McRae leans away and tries to get a better hold on Kordic who misses four lefts, the last one badly, and falls over. McRae backs up as Kordic bounces up to continue the fight but the linesmen get between them. Another good scrap from Kordic and McRae. Give Kordic the edge here since he landed more and better punches, just not by much even though he threw many more punches than McRae.
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May 17, 2006 10:14 ET
John Kordic narrow win Fun 
Pretty good scrap here in the 10th and final round between these two.

I think Kordic landed the cleanest and most shots, but Basil hung in there and connected on a few aswell, slight edge Johhny boy.

Pretty funny how the fight ended with Kordic going to the huge KO punch, and sent himself to the ice as the refs kept them apart.
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Jun 3, 2006 13:43 ET
John Kordic clear win Fun 
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Aug 24, 2007 12:02 ET
John Kordic narrow win Fun 
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Nov 18, 2012 14:40 ET
John Kordic narrow win Fun 
Another great tussle between the two, although not as great as some of their other battles. Kordic throws and lands more lefts than McRae and gets a narrow to clear win here
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Mar 1, 2018 11:32 ET
John Kordic narrow win Fun 
Good fight as the two trade lefts pretty much the entire fight, Kordic is the busier fighter and lands several blows while McRae is more economical with his punches but lands several himself and kept the fight close, Kordic threw far more setting the pace of the bout and landed just a bit more so he earns the narrow win.
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Mar 8, 2018 14:42 ET
John Kordic narrow win Fun 
Nov 11, 2012 14:26 ET
The fight.


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