Mar 31, 1990
Chicago - Toronto4-6 

Summary Of Events
1  27:24  Fight  Van Dorp-Kordic
2  31:13  Rough  Creighton-Leeman
3  36:54  Rough  Secord-Curran

Fight at 27:24
Duration 0:59ThrownLanded   Big   
 Wayne Van Dorp 6'4'' 3225lb 51690None
 John Kordic 6'1'' 3220lb 51990
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Jul 24, 2006 19:25 ET
Draw Fun 
Kordic and Van Dorp meet near the boards, and once the gloves are off they have a decent, but not great, exchange of lefts (Kordic) vs rights (Van Dorp). Both are throwing and landing pretty evenly, but no major shots are landed by either. They both then go for the tie-up, and while each continues to try and throw they're too close to each other to get anything at all on their punches. The linesmen move in and separate them and they head off to their individual penalty boxes. Worthwhile fight to watch but far from a classic, have to call it a draw as neither was ever clearly in control or ever landed a flurry of unanswered punches. Pretty uneventful bout.
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Jul 13, 2013 14:44 ET
Wayne Van Dorp narrow win Fun 
Van Dorp and Kordic had an infighting contest. Wayne landed an average right and a decent connect. He missed a couple of blows and landed a decent punch. John landed an average punch and missed a few punches. He landed three decent connects and missed a punch.

Van Dorp landed a couple of average rights, missed a couple of blows, and landed a decent connect. The men clinched and wrestled awhile along the boards. Rambo took off Wayne's helmet and had him in a headlock. Van Dorp still had his right arm free to do some punching. He landed an average blow, a decent shot, and an average connect.

Kordic missed a punch, landed a decent blow, and missed a few punches. Van Dorp was hugging tight on the inside and Kordic's blows were just missing around his head. John landed an average connect and missed a few more punches. Wayne switched to the left hand. He landed an average shot and a decent connect. He missed with a final left as the refs were breaking up the fight.

I rate this as a narrow win for Van Dorp. I am in the minority in making this call, but it appears to me that he was actually more accurate with his punches and had the edge in quality blows as well. Wayne did a nice job of fighting on the inside. John was uncharacteristically inaccurate and missed a lot of punches. The ones he landed didn't do a whole lot of damage. Van Dorp won this one in an upset.
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Jun 13 16:45 ET
Draw Fun 
Wayne Van Dorp and John Kordic get tangled up along the boards and Van Dorp pokes at Kordic to get a fight going and Kordic doesn't hesitate to engage. They lose the gloves and square up and Kordic tries to grab on while ducking his head. The try fails as Van Dorp grabs on and lands a right that forces Kordic's head up. Kordic grabs on and lands a left before Van Dorp misses a right, then Kordic misses a left at the same time as Van Dorp misses a right. Kordic stands back and ducks while Van Dorp throws two rights, landing one, then Van Dorp and Kordic start trading away. Van Dorp throws seven rights and lands four as Kordic throws six lefts and lands three, eventually ducking his head and getting in close on the larger Van Dorp. Van Dorp wrestles Kordic against the boards and they pause there for a while. Kordic gets the helmet off Van Dorp and they pause again with the linesmen looking to move in. Van Dorp keeps Kordic against the boards while Kordic tries to get some separation, trying to shove Van Dorp away but without success. Kordic misses a left and then they travel down the boards with Van Dorp landing a right. Kordic switches hands and throws six rights, landing five while keeping Van Dorp from getting his right hand free. Kordic pause and then misses four rights, still pinned to the boards by Van Dorp. Van Dorp switches hands and throws three lefts, landing two before Kordic misses a right. The linesmen finally step in and stop things there. Long fight with a lot of energy and open trading early on, Van Dorp with the slight advantage there, but then it turned into just wrestling with some weak punches being thrown, mainly by Kordic. Overall, I'll call it a draw.
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May 4, 2006 23:39 ET
Draw Fun 
Van Dorp and Kordic throw 'em at the beginning of this scrap. They each connect with a few to the helmet with neither really landing a damaging punch. After the first 10 seconds, they move next to the boards and throw noogies, that mostly miss, for the rest of the fight.
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Oct 23, 2007 05:14 ET
Draw Fun 
Good exchange at the beginning, but then it turns into a wrestling match. Looked like a solid draw to me.
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May 7, 2012 21:08 ET
John Kordic narrow win Fun 
An open swingout for the first half of the fight may not have produced any connected punches. The 2nd half of the fight saw the linesmen allow a close-in battle to continue. Kordic landed a mixture of about 10 close-in punches off the melon. Van Dorp had only about half that total. Narrow win for Kordic.
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Jul 8, 2014 22:52 ET
Draw Fun 
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Mar 1, 2018 12:27 ET
Wayne Van Dorp narrow win Fun 
The fight start great with an opening toe to toe exchange, Van Dorp righty and Kordic lefty of course, each land some good shots but Van Dorp holds a slight lead before they tie up in tight and battle from there, Van Dorp lands a good right or two from in close and several softer shots while Kordic lands very few and weakly at that, I thought Van Dorp did a good job controlling the pace by tying up the quicker Kordic and keeping a lot of the fight in close, add that to landing just a tiny bit more and better and I'm calling it a very narrow win for Van Dorp.
Jun 10, 2013 21:57 ET
The fight.


Rough at 31:13
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Duration N/A
 Adam Creighton 6'5'' 6210lb 35None
 Gary Leeman 5'11'' 6175lb 35

Rough at 36:54
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Duration N/A
 Al Secord 6'1'' 4212lb 3N/A
 Brian Curran 6'5'' 4215lb 3

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