Oct 10, 1990
Quebec - Toronto8-5

Summary Of Events
1  17:06  Fight  Finn-Clark
2  23:23  Fight  Kimble-Kordic

Fight at 17:06
Duration N/AThrownLanded   Big   
 Steven Finn 6'1'' 2198lb  N/AN/AN/AN/A
 Wendel Clark 5'11'' 2198lb  N/AN/AN/A
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Nov 24, 2007 16:21 ET
Wendel Clark win by TKO Fun 
They drop the gloves, Clark with a right that lands and Finn goes down.
Aug 16, 2007 11:08 ET
Finn (double minor)
Clark (triple minor)

 Fight at 23:23
Duration 0:35ThrownLanded   Big   
 Darin Kimble 6'2'' 1205lb 1518100None
 John Kordic 6'1'' 1220lb 151251
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May 20, 2006 12:22 ET
Draw Fun 
Having just viewed this fight I can understand why the scoring on it is all over the board. One of the harder fights I've ever tried to judge. Kordic and Kimble start out by sizing each other up for what seemed like a good 10 seconds. Kordic then makes initial contact but comes in with his head down and Kimble catches him with about 4-5 good rights before he returns fire with the left. He then manhandles Kimble down but Kimble regains himself and gets in a few more before Kordic lands a clean left that causes the zebras to come in and separate them. It's very hard to tell if they were saving Kimble or if it was just a good time for them to step in. Kimble undoubtedly landed more shots but Kordic's seemed to cause more damage. I typically use two criteria for judging the winner of a fight, one being who lands more and/or better punches, and who was clearly in control when the fight was broken up. Usually the two go hand in hand, but in this case Kimble gets in more shots, but Kordic was controlling it at the time it ended. Much like the Probert-McSorley fight this is one that I really wish the linesmen had stayed out of for another 15-20 seconds because I think there was a lot more to come.
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Mar 11, 2008 21:57 ET
Darin Kimble narrow win Fun 
Darin Kimble and John Kordic, two of the best toe-to-toers in the game, prepare for war. Both square off for a long time as Kordic hesitates to come to grips. When they both lock up, Kimble gets off 4-5 rapid fire rights. A few of these shots land and Kordic's helmet gets knocked off. Kordic responds as both get into a toe-to-toe exchange. Kordic's lefts are not as clean as Kimble's rights and Kimble seems to be in control. Kordic pushes kimble up against the boards and Kimble fires off 2 quick rights. Kordic counters with 2 rapid lefts. Kordic tries to wrestle Kimble over so he can pull his left free. Kimble pokes in a little uppercut and Kordic responds with 3 solid lefts. Both fighters take a breather and wrestle for a moment. Kimble again tries to go with right hands and throws about 3 as Kordic fires lefts. Kordic catches Kimble with the last left and it stuns Kimble, buckling him. The linesmen get in and Kordic pumps his fist to the crowd.

Kimble certainly was in control of this fight through the early and middle stages. He won the opening by getting the jump on Kordic a landing quick rights. He then landed the better shots as both went toe-to-toe. Kordic began his comeback after he threw Kimble against the boards. Even then Kimble still remained in control. It wasn't until the final exchange that Kordic landed a solid shot that buckled Kimble. Kimble was not dropped. Kordic's last punch did put him back in the fight. Had Kimble dropped it would have been a TKO. He stayed on his feet so Kordic instead just lands a good punch. I have to give Kimble a slight edge.
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Jul 13, 2013 16:42 ET
Darin Kimble narrow win Fun 
Kimble and Kordic had a good fight with several significant punches landed. Darin got off to a good start in the bout. He missed a punch and landed four solid rights. He landed an average blow. John missed a right, landed two decent blows, missed a punch, and landed an average left.

Darin landed two average rights and missed a couple of punches. Rambo missed a couple of blows and landed a solid connect. Kimble landed an average blow, missed a punch, and landed a solid connect. Kordic landed a pretty good left hook and the best punch of the fight.

I rate this as a narrow win for Kimble. Darin landed a few more punches in the bout. He was the more accurate puncher and landed a number of solid blows. Kordic came on some at the end and finished with a pretty good blow. In my mind, it was not quite enough to salvage a draw and make up for the early barrage of effective punching from Kimble earlier in the bout.
19696 fight reviews

Dec 10 11:17 ET
Draw Fun 
Great fight. Kimble is doing very well in the first half, landing a lot more than Kordic. But Kordic comes back and in the end he lands a big left hook that staggers Kimble and almost puts him down and linesmen jump in. Tough fight to call, Kimble outlanded Kordic by a good margin, but Kordic took it and stunned Kimble in the end, Kimble would have been knocked down on his back if he hasn't been standing against the boards. I previously called this a narrow win for Kordic, but I'm gonna chance that to a draw.
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Feb 18, 2006 17:19 ET
Darin Kimble narrow win Fun 
They danced around each other for the first 15 sec. of the fight, not throwing any punches. Kordic then went for the lefts and Kimble for the rights. Kimble was the more accurate and active puncher in this one.
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Nov 28, 2006 21:35 ET
Draw Fun 
Good t2t scrap.I dont see how Kordic got the win,even if he raised his hand in victory.
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Feb 15, 2008 16:10 ET
Draw Fun 
Habsfan...to his knees, come on now. That last punch by Kordic made it close, that's all
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Jul 4, 2009 12:09 ET
Darin Kimble narrow win Fun 
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Jul 4, 2016 02:02 ET
Darin Kimble narrow win Fun 
Very good fight, Kordic lands some but Kimbles rights are too much for him here as Kimble lands more to get the win.
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Mar 20, 2017 09:24 ET
Draw Fun 
Oct 10, 2007 16:41 ET

The scrap
Nov 18, 2015 17:53 ET
Better quality:


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