Oct 17, 1990
Minnesota - Los Angeles2-5 

 Fight at 31:48
Duration 0:21ThrownLanded   Big   
 Neil Wilkinson 6'3'' 1194lb 161151A Lot
 Jay Miller 6'2'' 1210lb 161681
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Sep 15, 2013 08:35 ET
Jay Miller narrow win Fun 
This was a good action bout. Both men landed several effective shots. Miller landed a solid connect, missed a punch, and landed a couple of solid blows. Wilkinson missed a punch and landed two solid rights. He missed a couple of blows and landed a couple of average shots. Jay landed a couple of average shots.

The men clinched. Miller resumed punching and had Wilkinson's arm tied up for a spell. He landed an average connect and a solid blow. He landed a decent shot, missed a punch, and landed an average punch. An official grabbed Jay's right arm. Neil landed a solid blow. Miller went down from a combination of a punch and a loss of balance.

I rate this as a narrow win for Miller. It was a very close and competitive bout. Both men got several effective shots in. Jay was able to tie up Wilkinson's arm down the stretch and landed some unanswered shots. I think this was enough to earn him the slim edge. He busted up Neil and left him pretty bloody in the aftermath.
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Jul 29, 2005 09:57 ET
Jay Miller narrow win Fun 
Miller blodies Wilkinson. They trade rights and they both got some shots in, but Jay got the upperhand in this scrap. Nice bloody fight.
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Aug 6, 2007 12:40 ET
Jay Miller clear win Fun 
Good scrap, they traded rights pretty evenly, but Wilkinson was a bloody mess after the fight.
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Sep 8, 2017 15:56 ET
Jay Miller narrow win Fun 
Decent toe-2-toe scrap here. Miller starts best landing more early but Wilkinson holds his own and lands a good left just before they hit the ice.
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Mar 13, 2018 01:14 ET
Jay Miller narrow win Fun 
Nice open exchange, Wilkinson did very well early on landing several good shots to take a slight lead but in classic Jay Miller fashion he takes over in the 2nd half and has Wilkinson hurt a bit by fights end, narrow win Miller.
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Apr 25, 2018 22:08 ET
Jay Miller narrow win Fun 
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Apr 26, 2018 01:59 ET
Jay Miller narrow win Fun 
Jul 25, 2008 18:58 ET
The fight.

Dec 24, 2013 14:09 ET
Apr 25, 2018 22:10 ET

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