Oct 19, 1990
NY Rangers - New Jersey2-3 

Fight at 34:07
Duration 0:08ThrownLanded   Big   
 Troy Mallette 6'3''  219lb 1300None
 Brendan Shanahan 6'3''  220lb 1210
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Dec 19, 2008 12:08 ET
Draw Fun 
Nothing fight, starts in the corner, Mallette misses with one and falls down. Shanahan gets on top of him and linesmen quickly jump in. Looked like a shit draw to me, I couldn't even see Shanahan throw anything and Mallette only threw one that missed.
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Feb 11 16:09 ET
Draw Fun 
Troy Mallette and Brendan Shanahan drop the gloves during a stoppage. Mallette misses two rights as they get a hold on each other in close but then Mallette misses a right that gets him turned around and off balance. Shanahan stands back to try and take advantage, throwing two rights and landing one as Mallette goes down. The linesmen get in fast and break it up there. Not much here. Draw.
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Oct 5, 2005 18:22 ET
Brendan Shanahan narrow win Fun 

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