Dec 28, 1990
NY Rangers - Washington5-3 

Fight at 0:33
Duration 0:17ThrownLanded   Big   
 Troy Mallette 6'3'' 2219lb 19500None
 Mike Lalor 6'1'' 2200lb 19220
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Feb 11 16:10 ET
Mike Lalor narrow win Fun 
Players gather during a stoppage, some pushing and shoving erupts, and then Mike Lalor pairs off with Troy Mallette. They drop the gloves as Mallette misses two rights quickly, then Lalor gets in tight, wrestling Mallette backward. Mallette takes off Lalor's helmet but Lalor keeps his head up and lands a right. Mallette struggles to keep his balance and pulls off Lalor's jersey as Lalor lands another right. Mallette then misses a right which keeps him off balance but he soon rightens his footing and then wrestles with Lalor. Lalor shoves Mallette's head back while Mallette misses a right, then Mallette misses another right while Lalor falls down. The linesmen come in and they break it up there. Give the nod to Lalor for landing a couple of punches. Mallette had some balance trouble early and when he did get set, didn't land anything.
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Sep 16, 2012 14:43 ET
Draw Fun 
There's a little scrum after a whistle. Mallette and Lalor drop the gloves and go at it. They get in close and start to wrestle. Lalor loses his helmet but then throws two rights that seem to land to the side of the helmet. Mallette misses with a right and they continue to wrestle. Mallette throws two weak rights to the back of Lalor's head and then wrestles Lalor down. Couple shots landed by both in a wrestling match, Lalor probably landed a bit better but still I don't think his punches were anything significant so I just call it a draw in a crap fight.
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Apr 9, 2006 15:01 ET
Mike Lalor narrow win Fun 

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