Oct 8, 1992
Winnipeg - San Jose3-4 OT

Summary Of Events
1  26:20  Fight  Tkachuk-Wilkinson
2  28:40  Cheap Shot  unknown-Bruce

Fight at 26:20
Duration 0:27ThrownLanded   Big   
 Keith Tkachuk 6'2'' 1235lb 41410None
 Neil Wilkinson 6'3'' 1194lb 41720
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Dec 24, 2012 16:10 ET
Draw Fun 
Wilkinson's first fight since his injury. A half year earlier he was involved in a fight with Berube where he got injured. This fight with Tkachuk also had some history: at the end of the previous season Tkachuk jumped Evason and Wilkinson joined in as a 3rd man. This time they went at it in a regular fight.

Unfortunately they didn't risk too much in this one. Both of them threw cautiously, almost missing with all of their shots. Tkachuk throws the first few on the body before Wilkinson responds with two lefts that grazed the rookie forward. Tkachuk misses over the top and then grazes Wilkinson with one while Wilkinson misses mostly. He goes for the takedown and eventually gets it while Tkachuk misses with a left.

The first fight in the season for the Sharks and it was a boring one. Good to see Wilkinson back in action, but they missed with almost all of their shots. A few glancing blows here and there, that's it.

A pretty clear draw.
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Mar 14, 2015 20:40 ET
Draw Fun 
Power forward Keith Tkachuk who is playing in his first full NHL season gets into his first fight of the year against defenseman Neil Wilkinson. This is Wilkinson's first fight in exactly 9 months after he suffered a broken orbital bone when Craig Berube dropped him with a right hand.

The two men fight very cautiously. Tkachuk attempts a punch to the body. They wrestle and both hang on. Wilkinson gets his left free and throws two weak punches with the first one connecting. Tkachuk pulls off the San Jose defenseman's jersey as Wilkinson misses with a right. He misses with another punch but Tkachuk gets a right in. Wilkinson tries to end the fight by going for the takedown (a la Mick Vukota). He is unable to do so but Wilkinson manages to end the fight anyway by slewfooting Tkachuk and taking his feet out from under him.

Both men got in a punch or two so I'll score this a draw. This was a very boring fight. Neither man really wanted to open up so as a result most of the fight was grappling and wrestling with a few ineffective punches thrown as well.
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May 4, 2007 03:46 ET
Draw Fun 
Tkachuk goes after Wilkinson in front of the Sharks goal. Tkachuk lands a couple early, then they waltze. They wrestle around for quite a while, trying to hold the other guy and still get their arm free. Wilkinson finally gets his left free and throws a couple lefts at Tkcahuk's face. First one looks to land on Tkachuk's nose, second one is short. Tkachuk gets his right free and rips off Wilkinson's jersey. They wrestle around, and Wilkinson grabs at Tkachuk's pants to try to throw him down. He can't pick up Tkachuk, so he throws his left leg around and slewfoots him.

Could've been a pretty good fight, but hardly any punches thrown, and then a slewfoot to end it.
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Dec 15, 2009 10:25 ET
Draw Fun 
Keith Tkachuk and Neil Wilkinson bump after a whistle and the gloves come off. They start wrestling in tight and Tkachuk misses two rights. After some more wrestling, Wilkinson throws two lefts, landing one. Tkachuk then misses a right as Wilkinson's jersey comes up and they get some separation. Wilkinson misses a right too then his jersey is pulled off by Tkachuk. Wilkinson misses a right as Tkachuk lands a right, then Wilkinson misses two rights. They get in tight and start wrestling again. Wilkinson grabs Tkachuk's leg for the takedown but can't get it and then trips Tkachuk to the ice. A dirty play by Wilkinson to end the fight by tripping Tkachuk. It was a boring scrap and a draw too.
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Mar 15, 2014 17:54 ET
Draw Fun 
This wasn't a very good fight. Tkachuk landed a decent blow and missed a right. He missed two lefts. Wilkinson missed a couple of lefts and landed an average blow. He missed a punch and landed an average connect. Keith landed a decent right. Neil secured the takedown. Tkachuk just missed his last punch.

I rate this as a draw. Wilkinson landed with a bit more pop, but the difference wasn't significant enough in my eyes to earn a win in the poor scrap.
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Feb 7, 2013 21:59 ET
Neil Wilkinson narrow win Fun 
Video starts as a fight in progress. Grappling moatly in this bout but Tkachuk seems to land the first punch, an early, possible, uppercut. Wilkinson then frees up an arm to answer that with a possible marginal,overhanded, facialpunch. Then, afterwards, Wilkinson seemed to land 1 mediocre uppercut. Refs then break it up. Narrow win for Wilkinson.
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May 5, 2014 06:25 ET
Draw Fun 
Boring fight, mostly wrestling. Wilkinson was a bit more active but didn't land enough to get the edge. Draw in a crap fight.
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Sep 13, 2017 09:26 ET
Draw Fun 
Jun 20, 2009 17:11 ET

Cheap Shot at 28:40
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 David Bruce  (Aggressor) 5'11''190lb
Sep 3, 2010 04:11 ET
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