Dec 2, 1992
Detroit - NY Rangers3-5

Summary Of Events
1  0:37  Fight  Probert-Domi
2  0:37  Abuse    
3  33:00  Hit  Konstantinov-Bourque

 Fight at 0:37
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 Bob Probert 6'3'' 5220lb 7462611None
 Tie Domi 5'10'' 5213lb 723113
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Feb 15, 2008 22:36 ET
Bob Probert decisive win Fun 
Probert and Domi are back again in their highly anticipated rematch. This had to be the most hyped fight in NHL history. The media created a buzz for this fight that I haven't seen matched. Both fighters threw jabs at each other through the media and true hockey fans were loving every minute of it.

These two wasted no time. Probert lines up next to Domi and immediately starts talking. When the puck is dropped, Probert begins to push Domi. Domi almost looks as if he doesn't want to go, but then fires off the gloves and here we go. Probert gets right to it, throwing several right hands at Domi who is trying to hold on. He starts to throw but Probert is all over him. He smashes a number of rights off the side of Domi's face. The force of these blows keeps Domi off balance. I still can't believe he survived that opening salvo from Probert.

Domi then musters a counter-attack, as the two go toe to toe-Probert with the rights, Domi with the lefts. Here Probert throws an uppercut and an overhand right. Domi ducks a left then catches Probert with a good left of his own. This was probably the best punch Domi threw in the entire fight. Probert takes it unfazed and unleashes about six unanswered right hands. Domi is turning away, taking each shot. I swear Probert didn't unleash here because of how hard Domi's head was.

They wrestle briefly, with Probert throwing a left that misses. He then catches a smiling Domi with a right to the temple that stuns him momentarily. He loses balance and Probert pulls him down landing one more right as they fall to the ice. Probert came for revenge and he got it. This time there were no post-fight antics- except from Yzerman who was on the bench mocking Domi's title belt act. Domi waved to the crowd who roared in return, but they all knew what happened. Probert won big.

From the moment these two dropped the gloves the issue was never in doubt. Probert decisively beats Domi in the rematch. Nothing was more exciting then Probert avenging a loss. When I first saw this fight I could not believe how tough Domi was taking all those punches. I give the guy credit for standing in there and throwing hands with Probert. These two would fight again, but never with the hype and intensity of their first two. An all-time classic Probert revenge fight.
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Jun 18, 2008 10:25 ET
Bob Probert decisive win Fun 
The infamous rematch between two of the toughest players to ever play in the NHL. This would be one of the best fights ever and one of the most talked about.

In the previous season these 2 had fought and Domi had managed to scrape out a narrow win against Probert and he even bloodied him. Now what made Probert the best fighter ever was whenever he lost a fight he would make sure to fight the opponent again until he defeated him. (Also the fact that Domi had showboated after winning the fight in the previous season didn't help matters.) This would set the stage for an awesome showdown as Probert would seek to redeem himself for his only loss in the 91-92 season.

The 2 were lined up next to each other before a faceoff. Probert wants this one almost as much as Domi wanted it the year before. Probert gives Domi several jabs with the stick and Domi decides to oblige him and they drop the gloves.

The fight is not even close from the outset as Probert gives it to Domi here. Probert gets in several rights as they are starting out to which Domi has no response. Domi tries to come back and misses with a few lefts but Probert continues to feed him right hands. Probert smokes several in and Domi just stands back and takes them before he makes another effort to come back. Domi misses with a few more lefts as he comes up short and they get in close. Probert switches to the left and although Tie gets his helmet off Probert now gives it to him with the left hand. Domi manages to make a slight comeback as he gets a few lefts in but is nowhere near enough to change the tide of the fight. Probert then goes with his right again and just keeps hammering rights in as Domi just stands there. I have to give Domi a lot of credit as he never went down despite receiving all those blows.

Domi misses with a left and they get in close. Now most of the excitement in the fight is over as they are worn out. They exchange a few more punches before Probert is able to knock Domi to the ice and the colossal battle comes to an end.

All Probie here as he worked Domi over with both hands. If there ever was an example of what a madman Probert was in a fight: this is it. One of the best scraps ever in NHL history as Probert avenges his loss to Domi and he gives us an entertaining fight to see.

The 1st 2 fights between Bob Probert and Tie Domi were the best ones out of their rivalry. They had many more interesting fights in years to come but these ones were the best easily. What made them so interesting was they were between 2 great fighters who don't hold back and there was a storyline to follow up on each, not just 2 goons out there after a bit of rough stuff or something like that. These fights were truly something to see and any hockey fights fan should have this on the top of their list of favorite fights.
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Jun 26, 2013 15:34 ET
Bob Probert decisive win Fun 
This was as exciting as it gets. There was eager anticipation about when these two would go at it again. There was as much hype for this fight as any in the history of the NHL. These two men put on a fight for the ages in their first bout. Domi won the decision in the eyes of most observers. He even taunted Probie with his "I came, I saw, I conquered" routine in the aftermath of the bout.

Probert was a man on a mission in this rematch. He went with mostly right hands in this contest. Domi made a tactical mistake by not tying up Bob's dangerous right hand early in the contest. Probie was able to get off to a good start and never looked back. Bob missed a few punches and landed a decent blow. It was back to basics for Probert. He wrapped up Tie's right hand and effectively neutralized the left by throwing incredibly fast and powerful rights of his own.

Domi was unable to get off to a good start. He looked like an offensive lineman trying to push a sled in training drills in the opening seconds. Bob was throwing rapid-fire rights. He was not hitting the target with regularity in the early stages of the contest, but that changed quick enough.

Bob missed a couple of rights and landed a pretty good shot. He landed four consecutive solid blows and a partial connect. Domi got his left hand going. He landed an average blow, missed a punch, and landed a solid connect. He landed a couple of average shots.

Probie missed a punch and landed a pretty good shot. Bob landed a lot of power punches in this contest. He landed a couple of solid connects and three pretty good blows. He missed a punch and landed a couple more pretty good connects.

Domi was far behind on the scorecard, but he had a valiant comeback attempt. He went with what worked in the first fight. He fired off piston-like lefts. He landed a couple of average blows, missed a couple of punches, and landed a couple of solid blows. Bob tried to match him tit-for-tat and threw five shots. He got the worst of that exchange. He missed a punch, landed a couple of average blows, and landed a decent connect.

Domi continued to make up some of the deficit on the scorecard. He landed a solid shot, missed a punch, and landed a solid blow. He missed a few punches and landed a pretty good shot. Probert missed a couple of left hands. Domi appeared to get a bit arm weary in the marathon affair. Bob landed seven consecutive right hands, but they connected with average pop.

Domi missed a left, but his punch output had slowed to a crawl. Bob displayed the incredible stamina that made him an all time great. He poured it on at the end. He landed an average blow and a solid right. He missed a left hand and hurt Tie with a good right. Bob hauled him down to the ice and landed a pretty good follow up punch. The refs decided to end the thrilling contest.

I rate this as a decisive win for Probert. Domi fought valiantly, but he ran out of gas. Bob hurt him with a couple of late punches. He hauled him down to the ice, so I wouldn't regard this as a TKO. Tie landed a number of effective shots, but he was in trouble at the conclusion. Probie showed no sign of letting up and the refs bailed Domi out.

Tie smiled sheepishly at the end of this one. He had taken a pounding and Probert won the fight big. Bob reclaimed the belt in the eyes of many veteran fight fans. Bob got the better of his foe and showed that he was the superior fighter. Probie demonstrated superior stamina and punching power in this contest.

Probert may have been the best NHl fighter of all time. He was not great because he was unbeatable. He was great because he could come back from any defeat in his best years and gain the mastery. It was not easy to come back from losses to Todd Ewen, Troy Crowder, or Tie Domi. Bob took the tough and risky path in fighting top opponents again and again.

He reminds me in some ways of Muhammad Ali. Ali could be beaten on an off night. In addition to his larger-than-life personality, he gained fame by winning multi-fight wars against tough rivals like Joe Frazier and Ken Norton. A true champion will bounce back from defeat and demonstrate courage and character by ignoring nagging doubts and the haters who say that he may have met his match or might be over-the-hill. Probert was made of similar stuff and fans will never forget his thrilling wars fighting for supremacy in the stacked heavyweight division featuring Brown, Kordic, Crowder, Domi, McSorley, etc.
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Oct 14, 2017 11:14 ET
Bob Probert decisive win Fun 
This was the infamous rematch between two of the most legendary on-ice heavyweights in hockey history. The Detroit Red Wings' Bob Probert takes on the New York Rangers' Tie Domi at Madison Square Garden! This was undoubtedly one of the greatest confrontations of all time, definitely in the Top 5 Fights to ever take place on NHL ice. There was an enormous amount of hype leading up to this fight, and the battle certainly lived up to that hype.

There was some history and bad blood between these two warriors that had been brewing for months prior to this December 2nd, 1992 showdown. Domi had bloodied Probert in a wild-swinging donnybrook in a Rangers-Red Wings game on February 9th the previous season. The fact that the far smaller Domi went toe-to-toe with the league champion and actually edged him, Tie's post-fight "championship belt" antics, and the protracted war of words in the newspapers made this December 2nd fight the most hyped matchup of the year.

Probert badly wants a piece of Domi here. In the first thirty seconds of the game, there is a stoppage in play. Probert is already out there for a faceoff when Domi gets the tap on the shoulder from his coach, Roger Neilson. Domi hops over the boards and coasts towards his waiting opponent. Probert and Domi meet shoulder to shoulder for the faceoff in front of the Red Wings' bench. Seeing who was together on the ice, the New York crowd started buzzing. All eyes are on Probert and Domi. They start talking right away.

The puck drops. Domi starts to follow the puck, but Probert hooks him around the midsection with his stick. Domi turns around to face Probert, who is wearing an angry scowl on his mug and is glaring malevolently at his rival. Probert shoves and crosschecks the grinning Domi twice in the chest, clearly calling Tie on. After a moment of the two tough guys staring at each other, Domi tosses aside the gloves and moves in on Probert, who immediately fires off his gauntlets and goes on the attack.

Even before a single punch has been thrown, Probert is already enraged and has murder on his mind. Bob's right arm begins pumping like a piston. The 6'3" Probert lands about eight right handed punches or forearms before the 5'8" Domi even throws one. Domi's helmet is knocked off by this opening salvo. The way Probie was throwing them, most opponents would've been mowed down right there from the beginning. But Domi isn't quite a normal opponent. He takes punch after punch, but keeps doggedly going at Probert, despite the rainstorm of punches hitting him the head and face.

Tie finally answers with a couple left hands, but is still getting smacked by repeated rights. It appeared as if extra adrenaline then burst through Domi's veins, because he suddenly begins hurling left hands just as intensely as Probert was throwing his rights. For a few seconds, they went toe-to-toe, each combatant landing vicious shots to the face and head of the other. After yanking Bob's helmet off of his head, Domi mustered some serious offense and had the upper hand for a brief moment. However, Probert switched hands and went punch for punch with his antagonist, then took back control.

Probert threw a whistling left hand that Domi just managed to duck. Had that one connected, it might have ended the fight right there. After ducking that huge haymaker, Domi unloaded a massive overhand bomb of his own, connecting a left on the cheekbone and rocking Probert's head. Incredibly, Probert shakes off this huge punch and responds by peppering the ducking Domi with about six unanswered uppercuts.

After getting tagged by those uppercuts, Domi throws an overhand left and gets in a glancing blow, then they briefly wrestle. Probert throws several more punches, one right hand bouncing off of the back of Tie's skull. Probert switches hands again, cocking back his left hand and readying what looks like an uppercut. Domi sees this and immediately begins lowering his head in anticipation of a southpaw from Probie.

With Domi now hunched over, Probert abandons his left-handed uppercut and swiftly goes back to his right hand. Probert nails Tie with a stiff short punch to the cheek that snaps the Ranger tough guy's head back. Finally, the impenetrable armor of Domi cracks; Tie is actually stunned by this punch.

Probert throws the stumbling Domi to the ice and then throws himself down at his opponent, trying to land another punch, but Bob just misses with it. When Domi and Probert both hit the deck, the linesmen pile in on top of them and pry them apart. The fight is over.

Probert threw 46 punches and connected about 25 of them, while Domi threw 23 punches and landed about 10. For the sheer number of hammering blows he got in as well as finally beating Tie down to the ice, it's a decisive win for Probert. He went wild and savagely worked Domi over, but this was no bad showing by Tie.

It was a monumental victory for Probert, who showed everyone who the champ was. But Domi's reputation for extreme toughness was also permanently made here; he took an unbelievable amount of punches from the heavyweight champion of the NHL and got up pretty much unscathed, smiling.

When the linesmen separated the combatants, Probert immediately went to the penalty box. He sat down and appeared utterly exhausted, breathing heavily. Domi regained his feet and also made his way to the penalty box. He had a wide smile on his face, as if he enjoyed every second of the battle. Remarkably, he wasn't bleeding and appeared unfazed by the tornado of fists that just hit him.

As Domi made his way off the ice, the MSG crowd gave him a tremendous ovation, even though he was on the losing end of this fight. Domi waved to the crowd, but certainly wasn't doing any title belt or speedbag histrionics; he knew who won this round.

From his spot on the bench, Detroit captain Steve Yzerman mimicked Domi's "championship belt" gesture from February. All of the players on both benches were on their feet, but the Red Wing bench was loud and raucous. The Rangers, however, responded to Domi's valiant effort on the ice by playing a solid game and defeating the Red Wings, 5-3.

This was not only one of the greatest battles ever between two of the best fighters of all time, but simply a legendary event in hockey history.
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Jun 19, 2006 14:50 ET
Bob Probert win by TKO Fun 
This fight is a classic example as to why there were few things that created as much excitement as a Probert rematch back in the day.

After his previous fight with Domi, a narrow defeat that left him bloodied, Probert challenges Domi and comes out firing with both barrels. He lands the first 6-7 shots of the fight unanswered, then Domi comes back with some lefts and the fight is on, a wild exchange of Probert rights vs Domi lefts. Probert then switches to the left and after receiving a few Domi gets a little bit of an advantage in that exchange, but then Probert lands about 6 unanswered rights after switching back to his right, all with Domi turned away from him (at this point I'm beginning to be convinced that Domi's head really is made of concrete). Domi gets turned back around and shortly after receives another thunderous right that finally drops him to the ice, and the linesmen intervene. Big win for Probert, by my viewing a TKO since Domi didn't look ready to return to his feet after it happened, but I still have to tip my hat to him for going toe-to-toe with a totally focused and enraged Probert. I still wonder what would have happened if Domi's head had met with a Kocur right, the immovable object vs. the irresistable force. Great showing by Probert in this one to get his revenge on Domi for round 1.
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Mar 8, 2011 07:40 ET
Bob Probert clear win Fun 
There had been some anticipation for this game between the Detroit Red Wings and New York Rangers as this was Rangers' enforcer, Tie Domi's first game against the Red Wings and enforcer, Bob Probert since their first fight last season. It was a great bout that ended up with Probert getting cut and Domi celebrating his narrow win a lot afterwards. Probert definitely wanted a rematch and just over half a minute into the game, the two line up next to each other for a faceoff. They don't drop them right away but after some pushing and shoving the mitts come off. They grab onto each others' jerseys and Domi immediately puts his head down. Probert gets his right going steadily, landing eight straight rights and forearms before Domi opens up with the left and starts trading with Probert. Domi chucks six lefts, connecting with three, and one catches Probert well but Probert just keeps his right going and tosses eight rights, connecting with five, one tagging Domi and another one sending Domi's helmet flying off his head. Domi pauses and then misses two big lefts over the top as Probert throws four rights and lands one before Domi just leans away for a bit. Probert just continue throwing away, landing one of three rights before Domi starts exchanging again and this time goes toe-to-toe with Probert. Domi tosses seven lefts, connecting with five and one again get Probert well as Probert chucks five rights, connecting with two. Probert finally stops throwing but only for a short moment as he switches to the left while Domi grabs hold of the strap of Probert's helmet. Probert throws four overhand lefts in a row and lands three as Domi pulls off the helmet and throws it down. Domi throws three lefts, landing two before landing a left as Probert lands a left. Probert then misses a left after Domi misses a left and Domi misses another left as Probert pauses. Probert switches hands but takes a good left from Domi who leans away afterwards. Probert connects on seven consecutive rights and then misses a right while Domi counters with a landing left and gets in tight after. Probert ducks away from Domi, standing back a little bit and throws two overhand rights and one right from underneath, landing one of the overhands. Probert and Domi grapple then and Probert switches hands and misses a left. Probert switches hands right after and then pops Domi with a right. Domi's balance is jarred and Probert pushes Domi back and then misses a right while he's downed. Probert falls down too and the linesmen then jump in on them. While they were going off, Detroit captain Steve Yzerman mocked Domi by standing up on the bench and doing a victory belt gesture just like Domi did after the first fight. Probert wanted the rematch, he finally got it, and then he surely won it. Domi stood in there quite well to his credit but he did land as much or as well as Probert did. These two just hammered away on each other, nailing their opponent with many punches. Probert had his right going most of the fight and landed a lot of solid punches, eventually outlasting Domi who tired late in this long fight. The victory is Probert's in this round and it was an absolutely great battle.
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Nov 26, 2004 07:03 ET
Bob Probert decisive win Fun 
Unbelievable fight, one of the best ever. They drop 'em right off the faceoff and Probert really got his right going and he was hammering Domi like a machine. At one point they went toe to toe, Probert with rights and Domi with lefts. At the end Probert landed a right and then kinda pushed Domi down and landed one more when Domi was down.
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Jun 13, 2005 06:12 ET
Bob Probert decisive win Fun 
Probert gets sent on the ice then Neilsen decides he wants to see something happen so he sends Tie out there. Right off the faceoff Probert is pushing Tie to go and then finally Probert drops his gloves and starts off on Domi right away. Domi has he gloves on but Probert is chopping away at Domi's head. Probert must have gotten off 14 or 15 punches before Tie threw one and then they briefly go toe to toe. Domi just seems to be content with taking Proberts punches as he just leans back out of striking distance, of course Probert is so tired his punches have nothing on them. Domi loses his balance and Probert corks him with one flush on the face but it didn't hurt him nor was it worthy of a TKO. Tie's been hit a lot harder then that and it would take more than that to KO him.
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Jun 2, 2006 10:06 ET
Bob Probert clear win Fun 
Great slugfest. Probert was fired up for this one and landed a bunch before Domi even got out of the gate. Domi did land some good punches but Probert threw twice as many and landed the better punches. Questionable TKO because it appeared that the punch did stun Domi but he was pushed down to the ice and did not appear to go down from the punch itself. Nonetheless, an impressive pugilistic display from Probert.
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Oct 16, 2006 11:32 ET
Bob Probert clear win Fun 
A classic slugfest between two adrenaline filled fighters. Probert comes out quickly out of the gates by throwing 8 unanswered rights at Domi before Domi threw 6 lefts of his own, while he was doing that Probert continued peppering Domi with his rights landing with a couple of hard shots. Domi recovered well and found his mark too with some fine lefts. At this point Probert clearly had the edge as they both were exchanging punches with each other. During the course of the fight Probert hit Domi with some excellent hard punches to the head. Towards the end of the fight Probert connected with a nice right hook to the face of Domi. But as Stu Grimson once said, Domi's head is like a medicine ball with eyes. To me it looked like Probert wanted it more than Domi, he was hungrier. And at one point it seemed like Domi was a bit surprised by the fast start from Probert.
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Apr 18, 2004 15:01 ET
Bob Probert win by TKO Fun 
Probert went after Domi right from the facoff. They both dropped the gloves at the same time, then Probie hammerd Domi the whole fight. Probert nailed Domi with a right hand right on the button, and sent Domi to the ice.
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Nov 15, 2004 21:43 ET
Bob Probert win by TKO Fun 
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May 23, 2005 08:35 ET
Bob Probert decisive win Fun 
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Nov 3, 2005 17:33 ET
Bob Probert decisive win Fun 
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Dec 25, 2005 15:47 ET
Bob Probert clear win Fun 
No TKO here... Domi showed up to fight, but couldn't match probie... but by no means did Domi give Probie an easy win.
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May 5, 2006 11:16 ET
Bob Probert clear win Fun 
Probert landed some really hard shot to Domi. Domi must have the hardest head I've ever seen.
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May 27, 2006 08:25 ET
Bob Probert clear win Fun 
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Jun 1, 2006 09:01 ET
Bob Probert clear win Fun 
Probert must have been really pissed about losing to Domi the season before. He just beats Domi up, but amazingly Tie came out of the fight looking pretty good. Great showing from Probie.
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Jan 7, 2007 15:22 ET
Bob Probert decisive win Fun 
wow what a fight, probert lands a ton more than domi and reclaims the belt, probert threw close to 50 punches he had to be tired
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Feb 16, 2007 12:21 ET
Bob Probert decisive win Fun 
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Jun 18, 2008 11:02 ET
Bob Probert decisive win Fun 
Probert vs Domi, two fight kings square off.

They start out toe-to-toe and they both get in some good punches in. Then, Probert's right hand gets free and that's when Domi gets into some trouble as he takes numerous rights to the side of the head. After that, Domi was basically screwed.
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Feb 12, 2010 09:11 ET
Bob Probert win by TKO Fun 
there are not words, complete control of fight of Probert of klasika khokeynykh fights, victory for Probert a technical knock-out
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Feb 16, 2012 15:35 ET
Bob Probert decisive win Fun 
Probably my favorite fight of all time
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Dec 22, 2012 02:24 ET
Bob Probert clear win Fun 
Great fight for Probert. Completely dominated Domi here.
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Jan 11, 2013 10:04 ET
Bob Probert clear win Fun 
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Jan 11, 2013 20:24 ET
Bob Probert clear win Fun 
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Feb 26, 2013 00:18 ET
Bob Probert decisive win Fun 
Decisive win by Probert. He was hot mad after their last fight, both landed big shots but Probert landed a lot more, he landed a half dozen shots right to Domi's face unanswered. Last shot stung Domi as it hit him above the eye, Domi goes down. No a TKO as he didn't buckle or technically get knocked out, he dropped to protect himself as he was hurt by that last one.
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May 20, 2013 10:46 ET
Bob Probert win by TKO Fun 
One of the best fights of all time. Probert took offense to Domi pretending to be the champ after a narrow (at best) win in their first fight, and takes it out on Domi's head. He lands MANY punches, with both hands, while Domi only manages a few to Probert. I think Bob proved his point that the first fight was an anomaly. I give this a TKO win for Probert because he floored Domi with the last right and no further action took place.
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Jun 3, 2013 09:01 ET
Bob Probert win by TKO Fun 
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Jun 21, 2013 20:35 ET
Bob Probert decisive win Fun 
Maybe the most anticipated rematches in NHL history. This one doesn't disappoint either. Both men are throwing bombs with Probert landing the better of the exchange including some bombs. Domi's granite chin is on display in this battle. Awesome fight with Probert winning his belt back.
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Oct 28, 2013 06:56 ET
Bob Probert clear win Fun 
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Feb 4, 2014 15:40 ET
Bob Probert narrow win Fun 
My 2 favorite guys and my 2 favorite teams going head to head.. crazy hockey guys.. loved it, probert landed harder and better punches
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May 16, 2014 06:34 ET
Bob Probert clear win Fun 
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Jul 6, 2014 13:35 ET
Bob Probert clear win Fun 
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Aug 26, 2016 17:39 ET
Bob Probert decisive win Fun 
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Sep 13, 2016 00:24 ET
Bob Probert decisive win Fun 
Great fight with both landing till Probert takes the fight over in the 2nd half and beats Domi down to the ice.
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Nov 18, 2016 00:12 ET
Bob Probert clear win Fun 
5 fight reviews

Jan 11, 2017 18:00 ET
Bob Probert decisive win Fun 
domi never really got much started just a few big bombs
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May 13, 2017 10:34 ET
Bob Probert decisive win Fun 
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Feb 27 14:19 ET
Bob Probert decisive win Fun 
Oct 15, 2007 00:36 ET
50 mb version , watch for stevie Y on the bench , mocking domi ,

by repeating the " attaching the belt" motion, around his waist :

sendspace links expires in a week.....
Oct 15, 2007 01:49 ET
i also posted this clip in a wrong thread ,

schultz at robinson, appreciate if an admin can delete that mistake, puh-leeze?

Feb 14, 2008 08:48 ET
Domi and Probert Face Questioning
Published: December 16, 1992

All those punches to the head from Bob Probert might not be the only downside for Tie Domi, who sought and got a fight with the Detroit forward two weeks ago when Domi's Rangers played Probert's Red Wings at Madison Square Garden.

Domi will appear in the National Hockey League office today to meet with Gil Stein, the league president. Probert will appear later in the week. There is a possibility both players will be harshly disciplined.

Stein has disciplined players this season by fining them and suspending them on days with no games. "In the other cases, that's your conventional supplementary discipline," Stein said. "What we're talking about here is not the same situation. That's all I'll say about it."

The Domi-Probert fight took place in the first minute of the game. Both players were penalized five minutes for fighting, but neither was ejected. Stein said the referee's decision was appropriate.

"There is such a thing as a spontaneous fight," he said. "On the other hand, fighting as a tactic, planned in advance, premeditated, is something the league made a statement about. It's possible, notwithstanding the Don King promotional effort, it still could have been spontaneous. I can't prejudge. Wait and see what I find."

According to Rangers Coach Roger Neilson, Stein sent a letter to both teams before the game warning them about the possible consequences of a fight. "Basically, the letter said that if it was a premeditated fight they can take action," Neilson said. "Obviously, it wasn't a premeditated fight."

Domi said: "I really don't know what to expect. I never started it. By no means did I premeditate. Little did I know that it would be made out to be that I premeditated a fight. I'm young. I learned something for the rest of my career. I've got a right to my opinion and to my feelings. We're both going in for the questioning. Fighting has always been part of the game. It's always a tough guy fighting a tough guy."
Feb 15, 2008 19:45 ET
This is such bullshit. If a player wants to make a name for himself or wants to have a rematch from a previous fight I say let them. This is just another example of the NHL trying to crack down on fighting for no reason other then to get their big tv contract that they haven't gotten yet anyway. Coincidentally enough this was the first year of the damn Instigator Rule because I don't think players were ever questioned in the past after a fight took place. I don't understand why the NHL is so anti-fighting when it would make the game more popular.Reply
Nov 6, 2008 22:15 ET
Just curious, but how can anyone rate this fight anything less than a "10"? I know that part is opinion, but...if that's not a 10, what is?Reply
Nov 6, 2008 23:25 ET
Some interviews (including Tie Domi and Bob Probert) about this fight and their rivalry.
Nov 6, 2008 23:37 ET
Thanks, buddy! I haven't watched Domi's home video "WHAT IT TAKES" in a long while, which is where that's from. Thanks for posting it....Reply
Nov 7, 2008 06:18 ET
Quote from message by chrisY2J
Just curious, but how can anyone rate this fight anything less than a "10"? I know that part is opinion, but...if that's not a 10, what is?
I cleared out reviews that didn't describe the fight.
Jul 8, 2009 12:48 ET
"Domi Itching for Rematch With Probert"
Published: Wednesday, December 2, 1992

How do you belt somebody in the mug without telegraphing the punch to your league president?

Therein lies the subtle problem for undiplomatic Tie Domi, the Ranger enforcer and a man who has been eyeing a shirt-tugging rematch for nine months. Since his extended heavyweight bout with Bob Probert in February, Domi has been pointing to tonight's game with Detroit at Madison Square Garden as his own personal main event.

Now, however, others have elbowed their way into the picture, like eager linesmen breaking up one of Domi's naughtier fights. The National Hockey League's acting president, Gil Stein, has taken exception to Domi's belligerent quotes but hasn't followed through on his promise to speak directly with the player. Neil Smith, general manager of the Rangers, had a heart-to-libido talk with Domi, warning him not to do anything foolish.

Still, the Rangers are not going far out of their way to discourage Domi's physical play, and a tussle between Domi and Probert tonight is far from out of the question.

"If he takes a run at my teammates, like he did last year, my job is to protect them," said Domi, who was particularly incensed last season when Probert labeled him "a goon."

"There shouldn't be a sideshow, but nobody is going to take advantage of anybody while I'm on the ice," Domi said.

Probert, as is his style, has refused comment on the matter. His coach, Bryan Murray, hopes to take advantage of the probable matchup by moving Probert to left wing on Detroit's No. 1 line, next to Steve Yzerman and Paul Ysebaert.

"Bob Probert will be out there on a regular shift, and they'll have to decide whether to let it happen," Murray said. "It's obvious there's been a decision over there by someone that there's going to be a fight, but I also think they have a little bit of a problem getting him to keep quiet. Everybody in hockey knows the role Domi has. I don't think he has to advertise it anymore. What's wrong with just challenging a guy instead of all the talking?"

The question of whether to dress Domi for this fateful match was discussed by Smith and coach Roger Neilson, who have not officially tipped their hand. Even though Domi has played in only 10 of 24 games this season, all indications are go.

Smith said it will be Neilson's choice, ultimately based on whether the coach thinks Domi will help the Rangers defeat the Red Wings. Neilson, who likes to use all his tough guys against Detroit, has all but endorsed the use of his closely cropped whirlwind.

"We'll go over the Detroit lineup and decide," Neilson said. "Domi's comments have nothing to do with whether he plays or not."

To understand Domi's obsession with Probert, one must backtrack to the game when the original altercation took place. Probert baited Domi, calling him "a dummy" while the two were on the ice. Probert eventually landed some good punches, pulling Domi back on his feet for more. Domi returned a few blows, and Probert required four stitches on his face.

After the game, Domi said he respected Probert but was later incensed when Probert refused to recognize him as a worthy adversary. Domi hoped to battle Probert in March when the two teams met again, but a knee injury forced him out, and the Red Wing player celebrated the occasion by knocking over goaltender Mike Richter.

Domi has been threatening war ever since, and his recent quotes in The Toronto Star were read by the wrong eyes, those belonging to Stein.

"I discussed the situation with Gil Stein," Smith said. "I talked with Tie, too. We talked about his quotes and how I didn't approve of them. It's wrong to premeditate a fight."
Jul 14, 2010 08:49 ET
Former NHL enforcer was a great husband, dad, friend
July 9, 2010 / News By: Bill Roose

WINDSOR, Ontario - It was a fitting tribute for a hockey warrior, who embodied the same hard-working identity of the cities where he worked and played.

Led by a procession of 60 motorcycles - many of the riders wearing the colors of the Detroit Red Wings or the Chicago Blackhawks - Bob Probert's wood casket affixed to the side car of fully-dressed Harley-Davidson rode slowly up a long and winding road, over a set of railroad tracks, and stopped in front of the church where he and his wife, Dani, were married 17 years ago this week.

Inside of the Windsor Christian Fellowship church was a who's who list of hockey dignitaries and Red Wings alumni, who remembered Probert Friday as a loving father, friend and caring humanitarian.

Probert, who played nine of his 16 NHL seasons with the Red Wings, died of an apparent heart attack last Monday. He was 45.

Steve Yzerman has known Probert since the two were part of the Wings' draft class in 1983. They played nine seasons together in Detroit, and helped return the Wings to the conference finals in back-to-back years in the late 80s. Off the ice, they attended concerts and played cards together. They knew each other very well.

"He was an intelligent, street-wise person who was always putting everyone at ease with a good joke, or a friendly barb," Yzerman said. "He made the game fun. Whether it was stopping in the middle of a fight to adjust his helmet and give Gerard (Gallant) and I a wink to let us know everything was OK, or to card games in the wee hours of the morning before a playoff game, which Mr. and Mrs. (Ilitch), I'm sure, don't care to hear about."

In recent years, Probert had travelled to Afghanistan, where he would visit with Canadian forces fighting in the War on Terror. It was that kind of unselfishness that Probert should also be credited for, Yzerman said.

"Whether it was a young hockey fan, a sick child, an employee at Joe Louis Arena, your wife, your own daughter, your son, Bob always took the time to say hello and engage you in friendly conversation, and make you all feel at ease," Yzerman said. "People meeting him for the first time always walked away, saying, 'Wow, what a great guy.' He endeared himself to all of us."

Yzerman and Gallant were a few of the many former NHL players at Friday's services, including Colin Campbell, Dino Ciccarelli, Joe Kocur, Darren McCarty, Doug Gilmour, Tie Domi, Paul Ysebaert, Tony Amonte, Wayne Presley, Kyle Calder, Sheldon Kennedy, Mike Krushelyski, Dave Lewis, John Ogrodnick, Mickey Redmond, Brad McCrimmon and Darren Banks. The Red Wings were also represented by owners Mike and Marian Ilitch as well as general manager Ken Holland and center Kris Draper.

Though Redmond didn't play on the same Wings' teams as Probert, he did gain an appreciation for Probie's hard-working mentality over the years.

"I remember Bob as a guy who came to play hard every day," said Redmond, the Wings' TV color analyst. "He was so much of a giving guy, and that's why I think the city of Detroit has reacted the way it has, and reached out with great memories - great fond memories - of Bob, and what he brought everyday. He embodied the spirit of Detroit. Came to work every day, gave his best. They've forgave him for any little downfalls that he had, and just loved what he represented. He was a hardworking guy, and came to do it every day."

Campbell, the NHL's senior executive vice president, was a Red Wings' assistant coach from 1985-90. He talked Friday about the battles that Probert endured, both on and off the ice. But in the end, somehow, it was it was player, who taught the coach.

"They say that life in sports - the journey - not the destination, is truly the reward," Campbell said. "Well, I think I can speak for all of Bob's coaches and teammates when I say the journey with Bob was blessed. Reflecting on my time with Bob, both on and off the ice, those are special memories for me and my family. I thought I was helping Bob, but in the end, he taught me life lessons."

During their NHL careers, Domi and Probert participated in many memorable on-ice brawls, none greater or more indelible than the battles that they had with one another. Yet, Domi is glad that he had the opportunity to know Probert for who he became as a person rather than the character he portrayed on the ice.

"Obviously, everybody always wants to talk about the battles we've had over the years, but I got to know the guy who's a father - a great father - who's a great husband, and that's what I got to admire about Probert," Domi said. "I'm really glad that people are recognizing how much of an impact he really had, not only in the sports world, but in the community. Because, you know, this guy did a lot of things that went unnoticed and I think the support here really shows that he was a real person.

"The most disappointing thing of this whole thing is how people like to talk about pasts. Let's not talk about the past. His four children and his wife who are left behind at a really, really young age... at 45 years old, it was just too early to go. That's the thing people have to focus on. I think you have to focus on the person he was, on the husband and on the father. That's what I hope everybody takes from this, take the good and think about the kids and his wife, Dani."

Probert's uncle, Mike Coady, described his nephew as a larger-than-life character.

"Bob was one of those spirits who rose up with incredible forces inside him, contending for control," Coady said. "Like a grand stallion: one moment standing there still, radiating grace and power, the next minute leaping over fences, dashing across fields, defying anything in his way.

"He was a bruise brother who fought always with honor. There was not a trace of sneer or disdain in his heart. You can ask our soldiers in Afghanistan. Every time he made that long flight over, they cheered him. Not so much as a celebrity, but as a brother who had come on a difficult journey at some real personal cost. He was their inspiration."
Feb 20, 2011 13:26 ET
The great scrap.

Jan 29, 2012 09:24 ET
First Period
1 - NYR : Graves 9 (Messier, Broten) (EV) 4:43
2 - DET : Kennedy 7 (Primeau, Burr) (EV) 5:45
3 - NYR : Kocur 3 (Turcotte, Weight) (PP) 13:04

Penalties - DET - Probert ( (maj)) 0:37 ; NYR - Domi ( (maj)) 0:37 ; NYR - Graves 2:26 ; NYR - Hardy 6:48 ; DET - Konstantinov 12:25 ; DET - Primeau 14:51 ; DET - Konstantinov 18:26 ;

Second Period
4 - DET : Yzerman 18 (Ysebaert, Gallant) (EV) 1:28
5 - NYR : Amonte 12 (Messier, Nemchinov) (EV) 13:21

Penalties - DET - Ysebaert 4:15 ; NYR - King K 8:15 ; NYR - Messier 11:19 ;

Third Period
6 - DET : Yzerman 19 (EV) 0:12
7 - NYR : Nemchinov 7 (EV) 8:23
8 - NYR : Turcotte 13 (Broten) (EV-EN) 19:06

Penalties - NYR - Wells 3:59 ;
Feb 19, 2012 16:55 ET
I never realized until now, scanning Domi's fight card, that this was his last fight as a Ranger.Reply
Feb 20, 2012 07:21 ET
Not only that, but it was Tie's last GAME as a Ranger, too. He was scratched for about ten games in a row after this one. He finally asked for a trade, so he could play somewhere.

The Rangers were such a mess that 92-93 season. The biggest reason: too many good players, too few roster spots. That led to awful team chemistry, and it showed in their play.

Neil Smith then made a trade that ended up being great for Winnipeg, bad for New York. He traded away a good deal of the Rangers' grit, Tie Domi and Kris King, and got a player, Eddie Olcyzk, who only added to the glut of players on the right wing.

The Jets soared with their new tough guys, the Rangers floundered even more without them.
Apr 14, 2012 08:22 ET
Quote from message by chrisY2J
Not only that, but it was Tie's last GAME as a Ranger, too. He was scratched for about ten games in a row after this one. He finally asked for a trade, so he could play somewhere.

The Rangers were such a mess that 92-93 season. The biggest reason: too many good players, too few roster spots. That led to awful team chemistry, and it showed in their play.

Neil Smith then made a trade that ended up being great for Winnipeg, bad for New York. He traded away a good deal of the Rangers' grit, Tie Domi and Kris King, and got a player, Eddie Olcyzk, who only added to the glut of players on the right wing.

The Jets soared with their new tough guys, the Rangers floundered even more without them.
The Rangers won the Cup in '94, and the Jets left town in '99. I wouldn't exactly call that "floundering" and "soaring," respectively. Or did you just mean for the 1993 season? The trade of Domi was a positive move for New York.
Apr 14, 2012 08:23 ET
They left in 96 rather.Reply
Apr 15, 2012 08:31 ET
Oh, definitely, I mean only in the 92-93 season. The Rangers went into even MORE of a tailspin after Domi and King left, while the Jets turned things around with the arrival of their new tough guys. But that was only the 92-93 season. After that year, the Rangers got it all together while the Jets drifted back to the usual mediocrity they were known for.Reply
Dec 25, 2012 10:19 ET
Does anyone out there have this entire game on tape?Reply
Dec 26, 2012 13:43 ET
Agreed - that trade didn't end up that great for Winnipeg over the long haul. Although a fan favorite, Domi's usefulness was pretty much finished anyway. The Rangers didn't get bullied that much anymore.

I'll throw in one other sidebar comment about the trade. Eddie Olczyk, although far from the best player on the NYR the season when they won the Cup, was voted Player's Player, which probably showed how valued and appreciated Eddie was for the Rangers off the ice.
Dec 26, 2012 14:01 ET
The trade worked out for the Jets in the short term and for the Rangers in the long run. When Domi and King went to Winnipeg, they did very, very well for the rest of the 92-93 season. The Rangers then stank even worse than they had been during that season.

Ranger team chemistry was bad from the start of that season for a few reasons; losing two character guys, King and Domi, made chemistry worse. Eddie O was not any help in 92-93; he was a talented player, but all he did was make the right wing position even more crowded with too many good players (which was a problem for the team chemistry).

The next year, 93-94, was great for the Rangers when they had a dominant coach who whipped them into shape. Eddie O then played an important part on the Rangers with his unflagging team spirit.
Dec 27, 2012 09:04 ET
The team chemistry definitely wasn't good for the NYR in 1992-93. Maybe the disappointment of how they were eliminated from the 1992 playoffs carried over.

However, they made up for it in spades the following year, making every Ranger fan's dream come true by winning the Cup. Eddie O was probably the leader of the Black Aces, most of whom made contributions at one time or another during the season.
Dec 27, 2012 10:37 ET
On top of too many good players and not enough roster spots as well as the early elimination in the 91-92 playoffs, I think another thing that wrecked team chemistry was the Eric Lindros debacle.

The Rangers tried to get Lindros and had an enormous package of players ready to be traded to Quebec. Philly ended up getting Lindros instead. Many of the Rangers, when they found out they would have been sent to Quebec, had the attitude that the team didn't care about them.

I'm a Sabre fan, but the Rangers had always been my second favorite team, so I, too, was thrilled when they got it all together and won the Cup in 93-94.
Dec 28, 2012 09:29 ET
Thanks for mentioning the Lindros thing - I totally forgot about that (it's hard to believe that it was 20 years ago). Do you remember which Raangers/Nords were rumored to be included in the trade?Reply
Dec 28, 2012 12:31 ET
I maybe be incorrect but I believe the New York Rangers were set to trade John Vanbiesbrouck, Doug Weight, Tony Amonte, Alexei Kovalev, a first round draft pick in 1993, 1994, and 1995, as well as $12 million.Reply
Dec 28, 2012 12:41 ET
You are absolutely correct.

I read a lot about this in the book "Broadway Blues" by Frank Brown. An interesting side note from the book: when going back and forth deciding on the package of players to send to Quebec, Neil Smith and Pierre Page, things were almost derailed when Page, after things had been supposedly settled, insisted that Tie Domi be part of the deal. Smith refused. Page later took back his request and looked like things were all set between the Nordiques and Rangers to trade Lindros.

And then Philly made their offer...
Dec 28, 2012 13:25 ET
Thanks for the info, Sarcastic. It's a good thing the deal fell through because Kovalev would play a key role for the Rangers during the 1993-94 season. It's also ironic that Amonte and Weight would eventually become parts of trades that would bring in other players who were pivotal in enabling the NYR to win the Cup that year.Reply
Dec 28, 2012 17:01 ET
Neil Smith definitely worked his ass off in 93-94, doing all he could to build a winner. Perhaps it could be argued that he sacrificed future success to win NOW, but I don't think any Ranger fan celebrating in June 1994 minded.

Man, that series between the Rangers and Canucks was simply the best Stanley Cup Final ever. What other Finals had as much drama and amazing contests as this one?
Jan 2, 2013 08:49 ET
Happy New Year, Chris.

You're right - that final series was phenomenal. But as a NYR fan, I wished it didn't come down to the end of game 7 (my nerves were shot). A lot of NYR fns will debate that the semi-final series against the NJD was better but any finals series that comes down to game 7 is almost always one of the most exciting events in professional sports.
Jan 3, 2013 07:54 ET
Both series were remarkable. I enjoyed watching the Rangers' run to the Cup.
I only wish that my main team, the Sabres, had gotten past the Devils in the first round. It could've meant a great Sabres-Rangers series!
May 20, 2013 10:51 ET
Quote from message by chrisY2J
You are absolutely correct.

I read a lot about this in the book "Broadway Blues" by Frank Brown. An interesting side note from the book: when going back and forth deciding on the package of players to send to Quebec, Neil Smith and Pierre Page, things were almost derailed when Page, after things had been supposedly settled, insisted that Tie Domi be part of the deal. Smith refused. Page later took back his request and looked like things were all set between the Nordiques and Rangers to trade Lindros.

And then Philly made their offer...
The Flyers actually made the offer first, and that's why the arbitrator (Larry Bertuzzi) granted it to them. Simon was also not on the original package.
May 20, 2013 12:13 ET
According to Neil Smith (in that "Broadway Blues" book), there was no proof that the Flyers offered first. According to Smith, there was no formalized offer sheet or fax sent to the League office that would indicate the Flyers offered first.

Smith felt he was totally jerked around by Marcel Aubut, who was clearly just looking to make the most money he could in the deal.
May 20, 2013 15:39 ET
The douche jerked around both teams, here is a video, go to the 6:20 mark:
May 21, 2013 12:48 ET
Very interesting clip. Thanks for posting it.Reply
May 21, 2013 13:12 ET
Aug 24, 2013 22:55 ET
I do have a tape of the game if you're still looking.Reply
Aug 25, 2013 08:25 ET
Most definitely! Are you able to make copies?Reply
Aug 26, 2016 14:36 ET
Couple of thoughts about Probert-Domi II :

1) The promotion, and anticipation, of this fight were something unprecedented in hockey fighting- this was a battle to rival The Thrilla In Manila, or perhaps even the Canada-Soviet series, for historical importance, owing to the tremendous build-up- and the titanic fight that validated all the preliminary excitement.

2) Domi, viewed as something of an upstart wise-guy for his showboating after the first fight- which he had won- came off much more honorably in the second fight- which he lost. To stand in there while Probert took batting practice on his melon head, not flinching or turtling, and then skate off still smiling...! Flamboyant self-promoter Domi may have been, but he showed he could take it when he lost (I am not ignoring the possibility that he may have been knocked silly by Probert, and wearing the foolish grin one sees on some defeated boxers).

3) The greatness of this fight is reflected in the excellent reviews above, most recently by chrisY2J, and by several of the others. Great moments inspire great writing, Probert-Domi II being living proof of that.
Aug 27, 2016 22:38 ET
Thank you for the compliments, bzane!
It was the first two Bob Probert-Tie Domi fights that got me interested in the hobby.
Aug 27, 2016 22:42 ET
Detroit Red Wings
Name +/- shots
Shawn Burr 0 1
James Carson -1 2
Steve Chiasson 1 4
Dino Ciccarelli -2 2
Gerard Gallant 1 2
Sheldon Kennedy 0 3
Gordon Kruppke 0 2
Brad McCrimmon 0 3
John Ogrodnick 0 3
Keith Primeau 0 0
Bob Probert -2 1
Yves Racine -2 4
Ray Sheppard -1 3
Mike Sillinger -1 1
Paul Ysebaert 1 2
Steve Yzerman 1 4
Vladimir Konstantinov 0 1
Nicklas Lidstrom -1 4

New York Rangers
Name +/- shots
Jeff Beukeboom 0 0
Phil Bourque 0 0
Paul Broten 0 0
Tie Domi 0 0
Mike Gartner 0 4
Randy Gilhen 1 0
Adam Graves 0 5
Mark Hardy -1 0
Kris King -1 0
Joey Kocur 1 3
Brian Leetch 2 2
Mark Messier 1 2
Darren Turcotte -1 2
Jay Wells -2 1
Tony Amonte 1 3
Mike Hurlbut 2 0
Sergei Nemchinov 2 2
Doug Weight 0 0

Attendance - 18,200
Nov 18, 2016 00:14 ET (later updated)
I don't get how one can rate this fight as a ''9''. As far as I'm concerned, a fight cannot get anymore exciting than that one. What a battle.Reply
Aug 9, 2017 12:57 ET
Fight with commentary:
Oct 10, 2017 14:13 ET
Wings & MSG feed / more:

Oct 14, 2017 11:10 ET
Nice compilation of highlights and news clips! Thanks for posting it.

I tell ya, the thing that annoys me is that MSG commentator Al Trautwig (the guy chatting with Ron Greschner before the game). You see Trautwig talk shit about Domi and fighting, yet when he personally interviews Tie, he's all smiling and ass-kissing. What a twat.

When the Rangers won the Cup in 1994, I heard that the Rangers gave a Cup ring to the TV crew people, and the dumb fuck Trautwig got drunk and lost it.

Abuse at 0:37
Detroit PlayersNY Rangers Players
Duration N/A  Steve Yzerman     Tie Domi   
# Players Involved: N/A
Blood: N/A
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Jan 29, 2012 11:06 ET
After the great fight between Tie Domi and Bob Probert, Steve Yzerman stands up on the player's bench and begins mocking Domi with a heavyweight belt gesture. Domi had mocked Probert the same way after their first tilt so Yzerman decided to return to the taunt on Domi. Fun 

Hit at 33:00
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 Vladimir Konstantinov  (Victim) 5'11'' 2190lb 6N/A
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