Apr 11, 1993
Ottawa - Boston2-4 

Summary Of Events
1  N/A  Hit  Peluso-Sweeney
2  12:52  Fight  Loewen-Hughes

Hit at N/A
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Duration N/A
 Mike Peluso  (Victim) 6'4'' 6225lb 39N/A
 Don Sweeney  (Aggressor) 5'10'' 6186lb 39

 Fight at 12:52
Duration 0:18ThrownLanded   Big   
 Darcy Loewen 5'10'' 1185lb 52293A Bit
 Brent Hughes 5'11'' 1180lb 51861
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1242 fight reviews

Dec 6 17:48 ET
Draw Fun 
This is one of the lesser-renowned yet incredibly good fights you will ever see. It was a confrontation between two men, Brent Hughes and Darcy Loewen, who weren't especially well known for pugilistic success.

Hughes, then of the Boston Bruins, was a gritty player and frequent fighter who lost far more than he won when he shed the gloves. Ottawa's Loewen was similar to Hughes: a grinder who spent most of his career in the minor leagues and didn't fight quite as often as Hughes did, but also could be considered a frequent scrapper who didn't have a great won-loss record. Both men were undersized for the physical role they played: under six feet tall and under 200 pounds.

But for all of their physical and fistic shortcomings, Hughes and Loewen would hook up and engage in one of the very best fights of the 1992-93 season.

Hughes and Loewen drop the gloves and square off after a draw at center ice. They shadowbox in front of the players' benches before rushing in and grabbing on. There is virtually no defense attempted as a tornado of flying fists begins.

Loewen and Hughes both go righty and swing away madly. Both combatants give 'em and take 'em. The Senator scrapper gets a bit of an advantage early, smoking Hughes with some wicked punches directly in the face. Hughes' head quakes from a couple of the shots. Brent, for his part, gamely stays in there and his right arm never stopped pumping.

As he swings back at Loewen, Hughes lowers his head to try to keep his face out of the line of fire. Loewen keeps reeling off the rights, bouncing a few blows off the Bruin's lid. Hughes' wild swings don't come anywhere near the mark. Loewen switches to the left for a moment, then goes back to the right.

That brief hand-switch by Loewen gave Hughes the opening he needed. Hughes unleashes three or four nasty straight rights, cranking Darcy directly in the grill. Loewen recoils from the blows, but still manages to answer. For a second, they both grab on and jockey for position.

The linesmen decide to stop it prematurely, probably fearing one of the fighters would get seriously hurt before they were truly done. The zebras grab Hughes and Loewen and pry them apart. Both fighters still appeared fired up and genuinely angry, so they struggle to get at each other for a moment before being separated.

As they go to their respective sin bins, Hughes and Loewen were both bleeding a bit from their noses and looked pretty banged up. No surprise there, as both combatants absorbed some serious punches in the face. The Boston crowd was roaring after this fight, and the teammates of Hughes and Loewen were patting them on the back in appreciation of their efforts.

This was a great fight and a draw. This contest between Hughes and Loewen was definitely one of the most underrated battles of all time.
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Mar 5, 2014 17:17 ET
Draw Fun 
This was a terrific and entertaining middleweight fight. Loewen and Hughes let it all hang out and went toe-to-toe in sustained fashion. Brent landed a solid blow and missed a punch. He landed a solid connect, missed a punch, and landed a solid blow.

Darcy landed a solid shot, missed a punch, landed a solid blow, and landed a pretty good shot. Hughes landed a couple of solid punches and missed several blows. Loewen landed a solid shot, missed a right, and missed a left hand. He missed a punch and landed four solid connects.

Hughes landed a couple of average blows and missed a couple of shots. Darcy missed a couple of punches, landed a solid connect, and missed a couple of punches. Hughes landed a solid connect, missed a shot, and landed a good shot. He finished strong and the refs stopped the fight.

This was a great action fight. I rate it as a draw. Loewen may have landed a couple more blows, but both men landed a number of power punches. It was a valiant effort by these gutsy middleweights.
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Jul 6, 2018 17:21 ET
Darcy Loewen narrow win Fun 
Right off a draw there's a middleweight tilt between Brent Hughes and Darcy Loewen. Loewen gives Hughes a crosscheck and they step back and drop them. Both guys square off briefly and then wade in, grab hold, and start throwing toe-to-toe. Loewen throws a series of ten rights, connecting with five on Hughes who is put on the defensive quick. Hughes throws seven rights but only connects with one before ducking his head. Loewen misses a sweeping left and then Hughes throws a flurry of five rights, connecting with one as Loewen gets the right going again with a series of eleven rights and three connecting. Hughes gets his head up in the meantime though and then throws six rights, connecting on four. Loewen ducks his head and barges his way in tight on Hughes so the linesmen make a move to get in. Hughes holds Loewen's head down. Short fight but a great bout between two middleweights. I'll give the edge to Loewen though. Hughes came back towards the end but Loewen landed better punches overall and was more effective here.
20055 fight reviews

Jun 5, 2010 09:30 ET
Draw Fun 
Short fight but it was great toe to toe action between two middleweights. Both got in some good ones and both were bleeding after it was over.
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Oct 6, 2011 13:18 ET
Draw Fun 
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Jul 4, 2014 11:53 ET
Draw Fun 
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Dec 2, 2015 21:45 ET
Darcy Loewen narrow win Fun 
One of Brent's better goes but still lost.
He's got heart but not big enough and not strong enough..Loewen connected with some good face shots with Bryant swinging wildly and not really landing.
Hughes lost most fights.
4077 fight reviews

Aug 20 13:03 ET
Draw Fun 
Oct 6, 2011 06:47 ET
Jan 12, 2014 14:19 ET
Hey SP. Could you do a punch count on this one when you have time? I did one, but I think you have the most accurate eye for punch counts on this site.Reply
Jan 12, 2014 14:46 ET
Quote from message by chrisY2J
Hey SP. Could you do a punch count on this one when you have time? I did one, but I think you have the most accurate eye for punch counts on this site.
I did one but my punch count was almost the same as yours. I counted two more punches thrown and one more landed by Darcy Loewen and one more punch thrown by Brent Hughes.

I'd rather leave it as yours.
Jan 12, 2014 15:29 ET
I changed it up. Thanks!Reply

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