Jan 21, 1995
Montreal - NY Rangers2-5 

Fight at 16:27
Duration 0:44ThrownLanded   Big   
 Donald Brashear 6'3'' 3237lb 171040None
 Joey Kocur 6'0'' 3220lb 1714102
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Dec 29, 2008 23:14 ET
Joey Kocur clear win Fun 
A classic example of the power of Joey Kocur and how other tough guys became more fearful around him or did not look like a good fighter at all.

The 2 line up next to each other and the 2 enforcers decide to fight. They lock up and Kocur immediately lands a bomb to the side of Brashear's helmet. Make no mistake Brashear felt that as we all know Kocur packs a harder punch then most. Brashear is staggered by the punch but stays on his feet. Kocur hits plastic with 2 more but solves that problem by getting rid of Brashear's helmet.

Kocur continues to throw punches while Brashear just hangs on and absorbs them. After taking about half a dozen Brashear has had enough and he pulls himself in as tight as he can allowing the linesmen to come in.

Clear win for Kocur as he landed several hard blows to which Brashear had no response. After taking some Brashear wanted no part of Kocur which shows the fear he instilled in other fighters.

This fight also is a perfect example of the power of Joey Kocur's punches. In an interview with Brashear, Brashear described how Kocur had cracked his helmet with his punches, and though his helmet had absorbed most of the blow, he still felt serious pain in his gums, even on the other side of his face, leaving him unable to eat for a day or so. The first blow Kocur threw that went off the helmet still did damage to Brashear which shows the lethal power of Joey's punches.
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Jul 21, 2006 14:23 ET
Joey Kocur clear win Fun 
Brashear and Kocur are lined up next to each other at the face-off circle, and after the puck is dropped the play begins to move forward but Kocur and Brashear don't. As the gloves are dropped Brashear backs up near the glass, and based on the fearful look on his face he is clearly aware of who he has dropped the gloves with. He then comes forward to make the initial contact, and Kocur is landing a series of right hands. Brashear, to his credit, is demonstrating a hard skull but the fight is pretty one-sided as Brashear is now purely on the defensive and is just trying to keep Kocur from backing up and creating space. Brashear then has enough of a grip to offer up a few return punches but it's still pretty apparent that he'll only do this is there is no chance for it to turn into a slugfest because his grip with his off-hand isn't going anywhere. He and Kocur trade a few in this position and as Kocur begins to start landing again Brashear goes back to a purely defensive posture as the linesmen intervene. I gave strong consideration to giving Kocur a decisive victory in this bout, not because of the damage his punches were causing (as stated earlier Brashear absorbed them well) but because John Davidson made the comment that Brashear called the linesmen in to stop it. However, assuming J.D. was correct I still couldn't see that Brashear was helpless or in danger (plus their involvement seemed imminent anyways) so I won't call it that, but will call it clear for Kocur based on the punches he landed and because he had Brashear solely on the defensive for most of the fight.
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Feb 14, 2009 05:30 ET
Joey Kocur clear win Fun 
Donald Brashear and Joey Kocur line up beside each other at a face off and agree to drop the gloves. They wait for the puck to drop before squaring off with each other near the boards.

Brashear comes quickly in and grabs a hold of Kocur and they tie up. Kocur then lets three right hands go at Brashear, before pulling Brashear's helmet off and landing a good right hand to the side of Brashear's head. Brashear throws a right hand back at Kocur and pushes the New York Rangers tough guy into the boards.

Kocur throws four more rights at Brashear as they are against the boards, but after a bit of grappling Brashear comes back and throws seven right hands at Kocur. Most of these punches by Brashear miss but a few land to the back of Kocur's head. They tie up again and start to grapple with each other and Kocur lands a right hand to Brashear's body. After a few more seconds of grappling the lino's decide to come in to end this bout.

Kocur lands a couple of good punches at the start and does enough for the win in this fight. Brashear was only just breaking into the NHL at this time and does OK against one of the all time great enforcer / fighters.

Clear win Kocur.
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May 5, 2012 09:41 ET
Joey Kocur clear win Fun 
The Montreal Canadiens have called up young enforcer, Donald Brashear from the AHL and he lines up for a faceoff next to New York Rangers' veteran heavyweight, Joey Kocur. They jostle a bit and then drop the gloves and square off. They get a hold of each other's jerseys and Brashear tries to move in close on Kocur who throws three rights and lands two to the helmet. Kocur then takes the helmet off Brashear's head and then connects on a right while Brashear connects on on a right as well. Brashear misses a follow up right and then pushes Kocur backwards into the boards. In the meantime, Kocur throws three rights and narrowly lands two. Kocur takes a moment to get set once pressed against the boards by Brashear but then throws six rights and lands three. They wrestle as Kocur's helmet gets turned around over his face and the referees almost get in to break it up. However Brashear throws seven rights and lands two as Kocur gets bent over and his helmet falls off. Kocur then straightens up and wrestles with Brashear while throwing two rights and connecting with one to the body. The referees then get in and they break up the fight. Brashear hung in well with one the better fighters in the league at the time in Kocur but Kocur had more control of the fight and landed more and better punches so it is his win. Decent tilt.
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Jun 27, 2013 16:46 ET
Joey Kocur clear win Fun 
Kocur and Brashear decided to go at it. Joey was the grizzled veteran while Donald was a young NHL player. Brashear knew he had a tough guy in front of him. He backpedaled a bit before throwing punches.

Kocur worked his way inside and landed effective right hands. He missed a punch, landed a decent blow, and connected with a solid shot. He landed a solid punch and three average shots. Donald landed an average blow and the men wrestled for a spell.

Brashear threw some frantic right hands that were not very accurate. All of them appeared to miss the target. Kocur missed a few rights as Donald was able to establish a firm grip on his right arm. Joey landed a body punch and the refs stopped the contest.

I rate this as a clear win for Kocur. He landed several effective right hands early in the contest. Brashear had an ineffective flurry of punches and was not able to cut into the sizeable lead Joey built up.
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Dec 15, 2006 20:05 ET
Joey Kocur clear win Fun 
They drop their gloves after a face-off. Brashear looks a bit fearful as they are ready to go, he's after all going at it with a legend and probably the greatest KO-puncher of all time. Kocur takes command of the fight from the start, throwing a series of right hands that knock Brashear's helmet off. Brashear knows that this isn't leading to anything good, so he goes into a defensive surviving mode. He stays very close to Kocur so that he can't throw any of his bombs. Brashear has Kocur pinned against the boards and throws a series of punches himself, as do Kocur.

Kocur clearly landed the better punches and was in charge.
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Nov 12, 2004 00:01 ET
Joey Kocur clear win Fun 
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Feb 14, 2005 07:43 ET
Joey Kocur narrow win Fun 
You would think that this would be a bigger match up then expected but Brashear squares off like he's going to do some damage and then just holds on to Joey knowing he doesn't want to get hit by a human sledgehammer. Joey throws 2 punches and one sends Brashears helmet flying. The only thing Brashear can do is wrestle joey down cause he knows the next punch will split his head in 2.
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Jan 6, 2006 15:12 ET
Joey Kocur clear win Fun 
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Jul 30, 2006 17:22 ET
Joey Kocur clear win Fun 
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Dec 27, 2006 18:36 ET
Joey Kocur clear win Fun 
Not a bad fight Kocur controlled the whole fight again you have to give Brash some credit he was still a youngster and was going after Kocur, whether he lost is irrelevant he fought him.
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Aug 9, 2007 09:50 ET
Joey Kocur clear win Fun 
Kocur lands a lot of rights in the early going while Brashear isn't throwing anything. Brashear tries to come back with some pillow punches. Easy win Kocur.
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Jun 29, 2012 14:36 ET
Joey Kocur clear win Fun 
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Apr 2, 2014 08:05 ET
Joey Kocur clear win Fun 
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Jun 14, 2016 20:22 ET
Joey Kocur clear win Fun 
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Oct 11 16:05 ET
Joey Kocur clear win Fun 
Kocur built up a large lead in the first half landing several rights to Brashears one, Brashear lands a weak shot to the back of the head and ties up Kocur who gets free a bit and closes with a body shot, clear win Kocur.
Jul 21, 2010 12:40 ET
"Kocur was hitting me in the helmet like a power hammer and in the end the helmet split! I remember the next day I had a terrible pain, my gums on the left side of my head were hurting even though he was hitting me on the right side of my face. I couldn't chew anything. I wonder what it would be if I did not have a helmet? Too scary."Reply
Dec 28, 2010 03:30 ET
Jun 29, 2012 14:38 ET
Quote from message by crackcityrockers
"Kocur was hitting me in the helmet like a power hammer and in the end the helmet split! I remember the next day I had a terrible pain, my gums on the left side of my head were hurting even though he was hitting me on the right side of my face. I couldn't chew anything. I wonder what it would be if I did not have a helmet? Too scary."
This description doesn't fit about this fight because Kocur is hammering Brashear on the left side on his face. Look closely!

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