Feb 28, 1995
Montreal - NY Islanders1-2 

Summary Of Events
1  4:52  Cheap Shot  Brashear-Vaske
2  9:48  Fight  Brashear-Vukota
3  26:36  Cheap Shot  Odelein-Flatley

Cheap Shot at 4:52
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Duration N/A
 Donald Brashear  (Aggressor) 6'3'' 1237lb 26N/A
 Dennis Vaske  (Victim) 6'2'' 1211lb 26
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Jan 20, 2017 13:02 ET
Brashear decked Vaske near the boards with an elbow. Dirty 

Fight at 9:48
Duration 0:33ThrownLanded   Big   
 Donald Brashear 6'3'' 2237lb 121190None
 Mick Vukota 6'1'' 2225lb 12750
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Dec 14, 2006 05:20 ET
Mick Vukota narrow win Fun 
Brashear threw some rabbit punches to the side of Vukota's helmet, landed about 5 or 6. Vukota pinned Brashear against the bench and landed 2 or 3 decent lefts to the face of Brashear and almost threw Brashear to the Montreal bench. Linesmen stepped in, Brashear was embarrassed and tried to get back at Vukota, but linesmen had a hold of them both.

I call it a narrow win for Vukota because he landed the better punches. Yes Brashear landed more but only to the helmet and those were pretty weak punches. Vukota's shots were not exactly bombs either, but they were better than Brashear's punches and connected on the face.
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May 5, 2012 09:43 ET
Draw Fun 
Mick Vukota and Donald Brashear drop the gloves and square off with one another near the benches. They come together with Brashear getting in tight and landing three fast lefts. Brashear switches hands and throws four rights, landing another three as Vukota wrestles Brashear up against the boards. Vukota gets Brashear right off his feet while pushing him over the boards and lands three lefts. Brashear tries to move off the boards but Vukota pins Brashear against the glass turnbuckle at the end of the bench. Vukota then starts to get Brashear into the bench and Brashear lands a left just before the officials come in and break it up. Some of Brashear's teammates try to help him out of the bench as the officials are breaking it up. Once Brashear gets back on his feet he misses two rights while trying to get back at Vukota. Vukota manages to duck away and then skates to the box. Not a long fight but a fairly eventful one. Brashear got off to a good start, landing a handful of punches while using both hands, but then Vukota came back. Vukota took control with some effective wrestling that got Brashear in a poor position he didn't recover from and Vukota landed a few punches of his own before the linesmen broke it up. Draw in my book.
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Aug 8, 2012 21:49 ET
Donald Brashear narrow win Fun 
Donald Brashear vs. Mick Vukota / Feb 28, 1995

Brashear and Vukota square off on the red-line after dropping the gloves. Brashear reaches out and grabs Vukota with his right and pulls him in close. Brashear gets his left free and landed four short lefts to the side of Vukota's head, around the ear. Brashear then quickly switched to his right and landed another three punches while in tight with Vukota. As this was happening Vukota began to push Brashear backwards towards the bench.

Brashear lost his bearings as he was only on one skate, and Vukota began to push Brashear over the boards. Vukota managed to get three lefts in while Brashear was lent over the boards, all landing to the top of Brashear's helmet. Brashear was now completely off his feet and the officials decided they needed to step in by this point. One of the officials pulled Vukota off Brashear, which allowed Brashear to move.

Brashear got off from the bench and went after Vukota as he was being held by the officials. The officials made sure he couldn't get to Vukota, and both guys went to the box; Brashear after Vukota. This was a close fight in the end, Brashear gets the edge as he landed more punches. Vukota was able to land a few while he had Brashear lent over the boards but not enough to tie this one.

Narrow win Brashear.
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Mar 8, 2014 19:33 ET
Draw Fun 
This was a bizarre fight. Brashear landed an average left and missed a few shots. Vukota missed a punch. Donald missed a shot, landed an average connect, and landed a decent punch. Mick landed a solid blow and the men wrestled into the Montreal bench. Donald landed a light punch. The refs pulled the men out and Brashear missed a couple of final attempts.

I rate this as a draw. Brashear landed two or three more blows, but his punches lacked pop. Vukota landed the best punch of the fight with a solid connect. I don't think Donald's extra blows had enough power to earn the win.
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Oct 27, 2006 14:24 ET
Donald Brashear narrow win Fun 
Great fight. Brashear lands about 8-10 good lefts. Then he switches and lands a bunch of good rights. Then Vukota pushes Brashear up almost into the bench and lands some good punches. Then he trys to push Brashear into the bench and the linesmen come in. Brashear is pissed and give Vukota some threw the linesmen.
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Mar 12, 2006 15:19 ET
Draw Fun 
Brashear started off landing some lefts, then Vukota put Brashear on the boards and landed hard lefts of his own. Pretty good scrap.
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Dec 14, 2006 02:32 ET
Draw Fun 
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Feb 3, 2014 20:00 ET
Mick Vukota narrow win Fun 
They set up to square off. They embrace and Brashear hits Vukota with 3 rabbit punches. Vukota then barrels Brashear over the sideboards while connecting on 3 medium-range facial/head punches. Just before the refs intervene, I'm not sure if Brashear lands 1 helmetpunch or neckpunch. It's important to know that because if its a neck punch, then Brashear pulls a draw in this fight. If not, then this is a narrow win for Vukota. Basing this on a point system, Brashear's 3 short-punches are worth 1 point each while Vukota's 3 medium-range punches are worth 2 points each. Since it's unknown if Brashear's last swing lands or not, then I cannot count Brashear's swing as a connecting one (which means no points for that swing). Thus, I have to vote for narrow win for Vukota.
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Feb 5, 2014 13:26 ET
Donald Brashear narrow win Fun 
Brashear landed more punches and Vukota went for his typical wrestle move by trying to throw Brashear into the players bench, pretty much bailing on the fight. Edge Brashear.
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May 19, 2014 18:40 ET
Draw Fun 
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Jul 20, 2014 15:40 ET
Draw Fun 
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Jan 7, 2016 10:52 ET
Draw Fun 
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Oct 11 16:14 ET
Draw Fun 
Brashear starts fast with a couple lefts and then a couple rights landed, Vukota gets him up against the boards and frees up his left landing 2-3 shots including one nice shot, Brashear landed slightly more but Vukota lands slightly better, draw.
Dec 13, 2006 17:26 ET
Mullet explain your call... Brashear lands more punches and noone lands any great punches so how is this a clear win Vukota. It's a narrow win Brashear or a draw, look at the other reviews and look at yours something's wrong there. Please re-examin your call.Reply
Dec 14, 2006 05:21 ET
I agree not a clear win, but a narrow win for Vukota. Read the review, it's explained right there.Reply
Dec 14, 2006 12:29 ET
Ok I can live with that. Allthoe I disagree that call is more reasonable than the first. Thanks Mullet.Reply
Apr 18, 2011 10:27 ET

Cheap Shot at 26:36
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Duration N/A
 Lyle Odelein  (Victim) 5'11'' 3210lb 14N/A
 Patrick Flatley  (Aggressor) 6'2'' 3196lb 14

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