Apr 22, 1995
Ottawa - NY Islanders3-2 

Summary Of Events
1  29:45  Mini-Brawl   7 players 
2  29:45  Fight  Levins-Schneider

Mini-Brawl at 29:45
Ottawa PlayersNY Islanders Players
Duration 0:55  Alexandre Daigle  Sean Hill  Scott Levins  Sylvain Turgeon     Chris Luongo  Kirk Muller  Mathieu Schneider   
# Players Involved: 7
Blood: None
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Jul 11, 2018 17:09 ET
Scott Levins goes hard to the net and puts a shoulder heavily into Mathieu Schneider. Schneider takes exception and starts pushing and shoving with Levins. Chris Luongo comes in and gets between Levins and Schneider but Levins quickly pulls Luongo's head down, getting him off balance. Sylvain Turgeon wades into the fray, grabbing at Luongo while Kirk Muller arrives on scene. Muller goes right after Levins but gets knocked over fast as a linesman grabs Levins who drops his gloves in trying to grab Muller. Schneider then drops his gloves and grabs Levins from behind, missing three rights while getting jumped on by Sean Hill. Hill drags Schneider down while Luongo tries to get back into the fray but is wrestled away by Alexandre Daigle. Muller then gets up and tries to get to Levins again but Turgeon grabs hold of Muller. Muller winds up pulling off Levins' jersey while the linesman tries to get between them and get Levins away. Levins gets out of his jersey though and then throws a right which actually winds up striking Turgeon instead of Muller. Levins lets up then while Muller turns his attention to Turgeon. Muller grabs Turgeon's leg as Turgeon just holds Muller's head down but Muller takes Turgeon to the ice and when a linesman break them up, that finishes the brawl. Considerable amount of action here but not much by way of fighting. Although, through it all, one of the linesmen gets cut above the eye and after going to the New York Islanders' bench for some assistance, is led off the ice by their trainer for more treatment. Fun 

Fight at 29:45
Duration 0:03ThrownLanded   Big   
 Scott Levins 6'4'' 5210lb 15000None
 Mathieu Schneider 5'11'' 5195lb 15300
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21154 fight reviews
162 fight logs

Jul 11, 2018 17:09 ET
Fight called Unfair by SarcasticPillow on Jul 11, 2018
Reason: Too much interference by the refs and Too much interference by other players
Mathieu Schneider doesn't like the bump he takes from Scott Levins when he goes to the net and some pushing and shoving ensues. Levins eventually knocks Schneider backward and everyone on the ice converges on the scene. Levins pulls Chris Luongo's head down when he intervenes and then Kirk Muller intercedes in but is wrestled away by Sylvain Turgeon before getting to Levins. Levins is grabbed by a linesman and has his gloves off when Schneider comes in from behind and loses his gloves. Schneider grabs Levins and misses a right before Sean Hill leaps in. Hill grabs Schneider who misses two more rights before being dragged down by Hill. Levins is pulled away but is then met again by Schneider. Not much of a fight and clearly unfair with a linesman holding onto Levins the entire time and Hill jumping on Schneider just after he started throwing.
Mar 7, 2006 21:31 ET
Levins received a minor and fighting major, Muller a double minor. Mathieu Schneider of the Isles also received a double minor.Reply
Jul 11, 2018 17:02 ET
I changed Kirk Muller to Mathieu Schneider. Both got entangled with Scott Levins in the mini-brawl but there was more action with Schneider than with Muller. Levins threw one punch at Muller later on but it was when Muller was being held by another player and a linesman was trying to pull Levins away. I wouldn't consider it a fight.Reply

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