Oct 26, 1995
Toronto - Chicago2-1 

Summary Of Events
1  14:47  Cheap Shot  Berg-Ulanov
2  14:50  Fight  Zettler-Probert
3  14:50  Fight  Berg-Ulanov

Cheap Shot at 14:47
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Duration N/A
 Bill Berg  (Victim) 6'1'' 2205lb 15None
 Igor Ulanov  (Aggressor) 6'3'' 2220lb 15

Fight at 14:50
Duration 0:15ThrownLanded   Big   
 Rob Zettler 6'3''  202lb 18420None
 Bob Probert 6'3''  220lb 18740
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19896 fight reviews

Nov 14, 2017 12:20 ET
Bob Probert decisive win Fun 
Looked like Zettler was going after Blackhawks #45 (Ulanov?), but Probert stepped in. Zettler manages to get the gloves off quicker and pulls Probert's jersey over his head. Zettler tosses four in a row, not sure how well the first three shots landed, but the last punch missed and Probert got his head out of his jersey. Now that Probert has his right hand free, Zettler bails and goes down. Probert lands a couple rights on turtling Zettler. Unfortunately for Zettler, the linesmen are busy with other players, so Probert continues to rough him up and hits him with a few more shots, while Zettler is just laying on the ice covering his face with his hands and waiting to be rescued and the referee Marouelli then gets in and grabs Probert. Zettler early and Probert late in a quick fight, but because Zettler clearly turtled and ended up in a helpless situation, I'm gonna chance my call from a narrow win to a decisive win for Probert.
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Nov 19, 2017 09:39 ET
Bob Probert decisive win Fun 
Zettler grabbed a Blackhawk player up high from behind. Probert stepped in and Rob started firing punches. The jersey came up over Probie's face. Zettler missed two punches and landed two decent to average blows. He landed a solid uppercut. Bob got free of the jersey. Zettler missed a punch and Probert rag-dolled him to the ice. He missed a punch and landed two solid blows. He landed a good shot with Rob on his knees. Zettler covered up and Bob landed two final solid shots.

I rate this as a decisive win for Probert. Zettler got the jump on Probie and landed a few effective shots. Bob turned the tables and pounded Zettler. The refs needed to rescue Rob at the end.
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Jan 29, 2018 17:52 ET
Bob Probert clear win Fun 
Rob Zettler goes after Igor Ulanov for a hit from behind along the boards but Ulanov gets away from Zettler and then Bob Probert steps in on Zettler. Gloves are off and Zettler jerseys Probert quickly and then stands back. Zettler throws four rights and lands two but loses his hold on Probert who tries to pull his jersey off. Probert's jersey comes back down instead but Probert pulls Zettler down and throws two rights, landing one. Zettler covers up on the ice and Probert tries to pull Zettler up. Probert gets the head of Zettler up a ways and lands a right before pushing him back down again. The referee grabs at Probert but doesn't restrain him and Probert pounces on top of Zettler who keeps just covering up, holding his hands around his face to protect himself. Probert throws three rights and lands two before getting up and off of Zettler. Decisive win for Probert. Zettler got the jersey over Probert's head and landed a couple but Probert got the jersey back down pretty fast. Probert then took over, landing a handful of punches while getting Zettler to the ice where he chose to cover up instead of trying to get up and continue. Pretty sloppy fight.
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Apr 7, 2006 15:54 ET
Bob Probert decisive win Fun 
Zettler lands a few good ones but Probert takes over and Zettler goes to the ice where Probert just pounds on him and Zettler covers up and a referee is trying to get Probert off but it isnt working.
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Nov 14, 2017 10:47 ET
Bob Probert decisive win Fun 
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Nov 14, 2017 11:12 ET
Bob Probert decisive win Fun 
PosterDeleted Review
The following review has been deleted because the call is clearly wrong. Click here to see the rules.
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Nov 5, 2004 16:47 ET
Rob Zettler narrow win Fun 
Well, somehow Zettler got the jump on Probie. He takes Bob's jersey over his head and starts feeding him with shots. Then Probie comes back, jersey fixed, and wants to retaliate. But Zettler goes down and turtles. Probert still fires away a few punches, probably because he is mad as hell for not being ready at the start.
Nov 14, 2017 10:46 ET

Fight at 14:50
Duration N/AThrownLanded   Big   
 Bill Berg 6'1'' 2205lb 15N/AN/AN/AN/A
 Igor Ulanov 6'3'' 2220lb 15N/AN/AN/A
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19896 fight reviews

Mar 5, 2005 03:35 ET
Draw Fun 
Ulanov lands a couple, Berg's jersey comes off and they separate, but start to go at it again. Berg gets couple shots in and Ulanov wrestles him down.
Jan 11, 2006 04:41 ET
Berg broke his leg in this fight.Reply

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