Dec 11, 1995
Colorado - Toronto5-1 

Summary Of Events
1  N/A  Rough  Simon-Domi
2  43:51  Fight  Simon-Domi

Rough at N/A
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Duration N/A
 Chris Simon 6'3'' 5233lb 20None
 Tie Domi 5'10'' 5213lb 20
1242 fight reviews

Feb 2, 2018 23:49 ET
Toronto's Tie Domi and Colorado's Chris Simon are in front of the Leaf net. Domi hits Simon with a crosscheck and shoves him to the ice. Simon gets up and looks at Domi, who is standing back and dangling the gloves, giving out the invitation. Simon turns away from Domi and rejoins the play.

The play is soon whistled down, and Domi and Simon line up side by side for the next faceoff. They are doing a LOT of talking. This leads to their fight...

Fight at 43:51
Duration 0:35ThrownLanded   Big   
 Chris Simon 6'3'' 5233lb 2023162A Bit
 Tie Domi 5'10'' 5213lb 201371
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Jun 22, 2008 13:11 ET
Chris Simon narrow win Fun 
This fight is a great example of how much Domi played with his heart on his sleeve throughout his career and why he was such an excellent fighter. In the fight Simon gets in a ton of shots but Domi never goes down and never gives up. He keeps trying to fight back even after taking numerous shots and he never looks ready to throw in the towel. ( Of course it helps when you have a rock hard head) That was one of the biggest reasons he was so successful as an enforcer because he was willing to take a few in order to give a big shot.

These 2 had a thing going all night and with the score decisively in Colorado's favor something was going to happen. They lined up against each other and had a long conversation. The puck drops and not long after so do their gloves.

Domi gets his left elbow pad off quickly and Simon gets the left hand going. The first few lefts Simon throws all hit Tie in the back and don't do anything. Domi tries to get the left going but misses with one. Simon briefly goes to his knees and Domi is able to pop him with a left as he is getting to his feet. Simon though comes back with some more lefts. He misses with one but lands an uppercut that looked to stun Domi a bit. Simon throws a few more but hits Domi in the back again. Right now it's fairly even or a slight edge to Simon because up to this point he has done most of the throwing but NOT the landing.

Domi misses with another left and Simon catches him with one that knocks Tie off balance. Simon then hammers Domi on the back of the head with 5 unanswered lefts. This is where the fight starts turning in Simon's favor.

Simon throws several more lefts to which Domi doesn't respond but they don't land as they go off of Domi's shoulder. Simon switches to the right but doesn't surprise Domi who ducks it. They get in close and do some wrestling. Simon gets the left going again and lands several to the back of Domi's head. The linesmen decide to come in and Domi lands 2 rights as they are coming in.

I may disagree with everyone else here but a player does not get a clear win for throwing a lot of punches that don't land. Sure you may throw more then the other player but if you don't land many of them what's the significance? Granted Simon still outlanded Domi and that is why he gets the win but he did not land any punishing blows.

Great fight here one of the best of the 95-96 season. This was when Domi was in his prime and was one of the top fighters in the league. Also his opponent Simon was a tough fighter at the time as well. It's really sad the direction that Simon's career took because he could actually play the game and he was a good fighter as this fight demonstrates as he used his size to his advantage to score a win over Domi.
1242 fight reviews

Dec 6 14:49 ET
Chris Simon narrow win Fun 
A great deal of conversation occurred between Maple Leafs enforcer Tie Domi and Avalanche tough guy Chris Simon as they lined up for a faceoff. The puck drops and these two heavyweights initially follow the play. However, Domi and Simon meet up again a few seconds later, homing in on each other like heat-seeking missiles. They go at it in a wild-swinging scrap.

The gloves are ejected and the two combatants grab on immediately. Domi gets started first, throwing the first six punches of the fight, connecting well with two blows, falling short with the others. Simon comes back strong, swinging away with his own left hand. For a few seconds, both men were hurling wicked haymakers at each other, and then Simon began to take over.

Simon was throwing WAY more than Domi, with most of his punches connecting on the skull. Domi kept his head ducked down as Simon hacked away with big lefts. Try mightily he did, but Simon wasn't able to connect a shot solidly on Tie's face. Chris' fists bounced off of Domi's back or shoulder, or rapped off the back of the cranium. This is one of the best examples of a fight where Tie's legendarily hard head served him well.

Domi weathered the storm of Simon haymakers and then came back with a few strategically well-placed punches of his own. Most of the fight went like this: Simon throws four or five punches and lands them on the back or side of the head of Domi; Tie waits and keeps his face out of the line of fire, then sneaks in a quick shot or two to Chris' grill.

On first glance, it looked like Simon utterly hammered Domi, since he was much more active; his arm barely stopped pumping throughout the battle. But if you look a little closer, you see that Domi got in some high QUALITY shots to counter Simon's large advantage in QUANTITY.

After going back and forth like that for over half a minute, Domi lulled Simon into stopping by looking in the linesmen's direction. When Simon fell for the maneuver and let his guard down, Domi then drilled him with an overhand punch to the nose, opening a small cut. It was a bit underhanded by Domi. The linesmen then dove in and forcibly pulled them apart. The two heavyweights have some words for a moment, then get sent to the penalty boxes amidst a tremendous ovation from the Toronto crowd.

Domi's savvy in-fighting made this a narrow win only for Simon instead of a clearcut beating. Overall, Simon gets an edge in an excellent fight, one of the best tilts of the 1995-96 season. He maintained control through most of the battle, and the sheer quantity of punches Simon threw and got in were enough to edge the smaller number of higher-quality shots Domi landed.
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Jan 29, 2010 06:54 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
Domi started the fight off firing a bunch of lefts but he only seemed to connect on the first one that he threw. Simon held Domi's off and got set and then began firing lefts of his own. Simon caught Domi with three lefts in a row before being spun off balance and to a knee. Domi landed with two lefts as Simon got up but the punches seemed to have little effect on Simon who began firing big lefts right when he regained his balance. Simon came out with five big lefts including a very hard uppercut which caught Domi who was ducking away flat on the face. Simon paused for a second and Domi threw a left which set Simon off. Simon came out with twelve punches, landing three of them and they were all solid shots. Domi made his way to the inside after clearly being over matched on the outside but Simon continued to hammer him. After brief wrestling on the inside Simon came out with five lefts in a row landing all of them as Domi tried to throw back but his punches got no where. The linesmen finally began to make their way in and Domi seeing this caught Simon with two short rights just as the linesmen got between them.

Simon just completely destroyed Domi in this fight, if Domi was a lesser man he might have gone down from one of those Simon bombs but he ate many in this fight. Domi to his credit hung in this one sided fight to the very ended and was able to land the final punches.
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Mar 8, 2011 07:56 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
Chris Simon and Tie Domi line up for a faceoff and do some trash talking which forces a linesmen to come over and separate them. Play begins but soon Simon and Domi find each other and neither hesitates to drop the gloves. They get their hold with the right though Simon has trouble securing his grip at first, letting Domi get off five straight lefts and landing two before Simon's set. Domi shakes off his elbow pad, misses a left, and ducks under Simon's arm as Simon throws four lefts, landing only one. However Simon then connects with a good left to the back of the head as Domi misses a left. Simon misses a follow up left badly that makes him fall to his knees. Domi just misses a left as Simon gets up and then Simon lands a left that partially stuns Domi as he misses a left of his own. Afterwards, Domi turns away from Simon who throws four lefts and lands only one. Simon then focuses on Domi's helmet and swipes it off while Domi lands a good left to the face. Domi straightens himself then and connects on a left as Simon lands a left that gets Domi bent over. Simon follows with a long series of ten lefts, landing five as Domi just keeps his head low and leans away. Simon then switches hands and lets fly with a right that misses before Domi straightens himself and gets in tight. They wrestle and Domi misses a left before prodding Simon with the right a little bit. Simon then throws a flurry of five lefts, landing all to the side of the head with the linesmen wading in on them after. One linesman tries to get in but Domi prods Simon once more before switching hands and missing a right. The linesmen struggle to break it up but Simon doesn't do anything to keep going and just talks to Domi for a short time before they go to the box to serve their majors. Great fight between two heavyweights, just a slugfest with lots of throwing and landing from both. In the end Simon's big size advantage helped him out as Domi fought more conservatively and that allowed Simon to have control of the fight as he landed a lot more punches though they both connected pretty well.
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Aug 1, 2013 18:59 ET
Chris Simon narrow win Fun 
This was an excellent bout. Domi and Simon were two elite fighters and they had a lengthy contest with plenty of effective punching. The two were making a mutual agreement to have a fight, but the ref escorted Simon out of the faceoff area. I thought this was funny and it reminded me of moving the seats of a couple of school kids that would cause trouble if they were together.

The two found each other quickly after the puck was dropped. Tie got off to a solid start. He landed a solid left and an average connect. He landed a solid blow and an average punch. He landed a body blow and missed a punch. Chris missed a right, landed an average blow, and missed a couple of shots.

Simon landed a solid left and missed a punch. Domi landed an average punch and missed a shot. Chris landed a good left hook that stunned Tie and caused him to crane his neck away. Simon missed a few lefts. Tie landed a solid left. Chris missed a right and landed a pretty good left.

Simon missed a couple of blows, landed a couple of solid punches, and missed a couple of shots. He landed a solid blow and a pretty good shot. He missed two lefts and a right. Tie missed a right hand, landed a solid left, and landed an average shot. Chris missed a couple of punches and landed a couple of pretty good shots. The refs were trying to separate the men and Domi landed a final left with pretty good pop.

I rate this as a narrow win for Domi. Simon had a significant edge in punches landed and landed with better pop as well. However, Tie landed several shots with above-average power and Chris knew he was in a battle. This was an exciting contest.
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Dec 29, 2004 15:46 ET
Chris Simon narrow win Fun 
Great fight here with Simon throwing far more punches but Domi would occassionally sneak one in that landed solidly. Most of Simon's punches were to the side of the head as Domi tried to spin around. But since he landed so many and Domi had no helmet, he got a slight win.
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Dec 31, 2004 05:18 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
Domi got first punches in, but Simon came back strong and hammered Domi. Domi also landed some good punches, but Simon clearly got the better of him.
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May 14, 2005 09:21 ET
Chris Simon narrow win Fun 
126 fight reviews

May 14, 2005 11:15 ET
Chris Simon decisive win Fun 
Ill go one step further..Simon with a big win..

Even the Toronto announcers told it that Simon laid a beating on Domi.
13 fight reviews

Jun 18, 2005 11:32 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
Im a true domi fan.But tie did lose did:nt go down with a fight.Just that simons lefts are dangouse.Especially the one simon gave at the end on top of Tie s head.when Tie had his head down.When Tie was skating to the penalty box he had a weird looking facial exspession on. somthing Iv never seen before.maybe he knew he lost this one this time.[ he won"t back down from anyone]
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Feb 15, 2006 15:28 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
Simon had the advantage from the start and threw a lot of lefts at Domi who wasn't able to keep up with Simon. He was simply outmuscled and never got going, throwing a few lame punches. My count was Simon 19 punches and Domi 6.
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May 28, 2006 10:01 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
Simon pounds Domi with lefts early, Domi comes back with a few of his own. Simon fires more big lefts, one knocking Domi down, but he recovers. As they tire, less punches are being landed, and eventually they go down. Looks like a small cut on Simon's left cheek.
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Jan 21, 2008 00:31 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
Chris Simon the whole fight and then after he stops throwing Domi throws 2
381 fight reviews

Mar 28, 2008 15:31 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
Simon uses his size and reach to his advantage and tags Domi with a couple of hard lefts. Domi can't get much of anything going in this one.
1224 fight reviews

Mar 28, 2008 15:39 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
11317 fight reviews

Oct 8, 2008 02:43 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
Simon and Domi go at it right after the faceoff. I love how they mutually shed their mits at the exact same time and started to slug away at each other. Anyways, Simon throws and connects a helluva lot more than Domi does. Cute by Domi to get a couple cheap ass punches here in the end.
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Jan 22, 2014 15:09 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
1549 fight reviews

Mar 22, 2014 09:29 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
3602 fight reviews

May 22, 2014 02:25 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
1756 fight reviews

Jun 22, 2014 04:15 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
11346 fight reviews

Jul 26, 2014 12:13 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
1016 fight reviews

Feb 16, 2015 15:07 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
7607 fight reviews

Jan 20, 2017 10:17 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
Aug 11, 2016 18:41 ET

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