Jan 6, 1996
Colorado - Toronto2-5 

Fight at 46:47
Duration 0:45ThrownLanded   Big   
 Chris Simon 6'3'' 5233lb 2028143None
 Tie Domi 5'10'' 5213lb 201561
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Jun 24, 2008 10:45 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
Just like in their previous bout Simon's size gives him the edge in this fight. Domi is very used to fighting bigger players but Simon is able to use his reach to his advantage here and it helps him win the fight.

Simon gets the first few lefts in before Domi can get the left going. Domi is finally able to and he comes back with some lefts of his own. Simon gets off Domi's lid and starts smacking him with lefts to the back of Tie's unprotected head. Domi takes a lot of lefts and gets knocked to his knees but he recovers and gets back up for more. Domi goes with the right and is able to land a couple rights but not enough to make up for all the lefts he is taking.

The 2 get in close and grapple. Domi goes with the right and Simon with the left and they both miss with a few punches. Simon gets free and connects with another left. Domi throws a right that misses but he is off balance and he falls to his knees bringing the linesmen in.

This was a clear win NOT decisive. Simon landed way more punches than Domi and that is why he gets the clear win. But Domi was not in a helpless position nor did he need to be protected by the refs so this is a clear win.

Good fight here. Not as good as the first one they had but it had the same end result.
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Jan 29, 2010 06:52 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
They grab on and begin to exchange punches. Simon gets the better of the exchange and caught Domi with five lefts in a row before being side stepped by Domi which allowed Domi to counter Simon hitting him with two hard lefts to the face and missing two others. Simon regained his distance quickly and tagged Domi with a huge uppercut knocking off Domi's helmet. Simon then popped Domi with some more big lefts nailing him with four to the back of the head, Simon then tried to land some big uppercuts but Domi was able to barely avoid them and then come out with a wild reaching left which hit Simon but caused Domi to lose his footing. Simon landed two good straight lefts as Domi got up and began firing rights. They had a nice short toe to toe exchange with Domi connecting on two hard rights to Simon's face, Simon landed with two short lefts in the exchange. They held on for a few brief seconds before they once again began to exchange. Simon landed with two big left hooks while Domi came up the middle with two rights that looked like they barely missed. Simon backed out and landed another left then missed one over the top before wrestling Domi to the ice.

Another great fight between these two which was again rather one sided. This one wasn't as bad as the first but Simon was still clearly the fighter landing the better punches and he tagged Domi with more as well.
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Mar 8, 2011 07:58 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
Chris Simon and Tie Domi have a rematch when meeting up during a shift. The two heavyweights come together and both get their hold on the other's jersey with the right. Simon throws six lefts, landing four as Domi lowers his head and misses two lefts but Simon goes off balance after his sixth left. Domi throws four lefts and connects on two as Simon gets his footing back and moves in close. Domi pauses and misses a left before shaking off his elbow pad as Simon stands back. Simon then throws eight lefts in a row, landing five while Domi just lowers his head again and switches hands. Domi counters with a missing right that puts him on the ice and Simon connects on two lefts before Domi gets up. Then Domi lands a right as Simon misses a left and Domi misses a right as Simon misses another left. Simon misses a left again as Domi lands a right and then Simon grapples. Shortly thereafter Simon lands a left as Domi misses a right and then Simon lands a left while Domi misses another right. They lock up in close after and wrestle but soon Domi stands back. Simon connects with a straight left and Domi misses a right that again sends him back to the ice with Simon missing a downward sweeping left. Simon then goes down on top of Domi, getting the linesmen to step in and break it up. Very entertaining fight and like the first one, Simon got the best of it. Simon landed more and better punches and Domi wasn't as active nor did he landed too much. Clear win for Simon.
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Aug 1, 2013 19:25 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
This was another good bout between the two excellent heavyweights. Domi landed a solid left hook. Simon landed a pretty good shot, a solid blow, and a couple of average lefts. He landed a solid connect and missed a punch. Tie missed a couple of punches and landed a couple of solid lefts.

Chris landed an average shot and a body blow. He landed four solid connects in a row. He missed a couple of punches. Domi missed a left and fell to the ice. He got up and landed an average shot, a body blow, and a partial connect. Simon missed a punch, landed a couple of average blows, and missed a punch.

Simon continued to pour it on. He landed a solid connect and missed a punch. Domi missed with a couple of rights. Chris landed a good left to the temple. He missed a follow up. Tie slumped to the ice a bit. He clinched and grabbed Chris around the waist. The refs stopped the fight.

I rate this as a clear win for Simon. Chris won for the second straight time over Domi. Simon was an excellent fighter in his prime. He beat up Domi in this one and landed significantly more power punches. It was a most impressive performance.
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Dec 6 14:47 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
Two of the era's top heavyweights, Toronto's Tie Domi and Colorado's Chris Simon, meet up well behind the play and decide to duke it out. Domi and Simon shed the gloves, then grab on right away. Round Two is on.

This sequel scrap between Domi and Simon starts out as a furious, close-quarters battle. Simon has his left arm free and he swings away with huge left hands as Domi bulls into his midsection. Tie is trying to avoid getting hit by those massive lefts, but he gets nailed by a few solid shots. Simon misses with one swing and stumbles forward a little, teetering for a moment on one skate. This enables Domi to connect two good left hands to the face of big Chris.

Simon shakes off those punches and then regains his distance from the shorter Domi. Chris hurls some wicked southpaws at Domi, going over and under. A nicely applied uppercut sends Tie's lid flying. Domi throws back and misses. As Tie stumbles a bit, Simon nails him with another solid uppercut, knocking Domi off his feet.

Domi gets right back up and continues the battle. Despite taking lots of hard punches, Domi still appears doggedly determined. Domi absorbs two more left hands from Simon, then gets closer to the big man. Tie switches to the right hand and they go toe-to-toe for a few seconds, Domi hurling rights and Simon launching lefts. Both men get in a couple shots at this juncture.

Domi misses a right handed punch and stumbles forward to his knees. Simon misses with a left and also stumbles forward, landing on Tie's back. Simon wrestles Domi down and the officials get in there. The two warriors get sent to the sin bins.

This was a great, action-packed slugfest. Simon definitely had the advantage in terms of both quality and quantity, so he earns a clearcut victory over Domi.
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Feb 15, 2006 15:34 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
Domi hit Simon. Before the next faceoff Simon was having words with Domi. Domi was more active at the start but then Simon got hold of Domi and threw around 15 unanswered left punches at Domi. Most of them hitting the back of Domi's head. Simon got a small cut on his nose and was bleeding lightly. My count: Simon 26 punches and Domi 12.
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Dec 29, 2004 15:45 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
Great fight... for the 2nd time Simon gets the better of Domi but the 1st was closer.
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May 29, 2006 12:07 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
Simon creams Domi again. Pretty convincing, although it didn't look like he hurt Tie at any point.
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Mar 28, 2008 15:33 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
Domi sneaks a couple of good rights in, but once again he takes many hard lefts from Simon.
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Mar 28, 2008 15:40 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
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Oct 8, 2008 02:47 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
Another great Simon vs Domi fight, and like the first fight, Simon wins again, this time even by a wider margin. In the beginning of the fight, Simon knocks Domi down with a major left, and it was close to a TKO, but Domi got back up and they slugged away at each other, however, Simon connects a lot more and harder.
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Jan 29, 2010 09:31 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
Simon hammers Domi pretty well, another clearcut win for Simon over Domi.
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Jan 22, 2014 15:10 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
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Mar 22, 2014 09:31 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
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Mar 22, 2014 10:17 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
Great old school tilt. Too bad the videos from the pre 2000's don't have todays quality.
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Mar 22, 2014 19:54 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
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May 22, 2014 02:31 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
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Jul 26, 2014 12:14 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
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Jan 20, 2017 10:12 ET
Chris Simon clear win Fun 
Nov 17, 2007 19:07 ET
Aug 11, 2016 18:42 ET

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