Jan 17, 1996
Pittsburgh - Buffalo1-0 

Fight at 15:48
Duration 0:22ThrownLanded   Big   
 Joe Dziedzic 6'3'' 2227lb 361481None
 Matthew Barnaby 6'1'' 2191lb 361373
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Jul 31, 2009 16:11 ET
Matthew Barnaby win by TKO Fun 
A small, minor, scrum breaks out after a Tom Barrasso save deflects the the puck out of play. Matthew Barnaby rushes right into the scrum but things start to die down. However, Joe Dziedzic starts up with Barnaby and they both drop the gloves. They grab on with the left and Dziedzic starts pumping rights. He throws eleven and lands nine on Barnaby who holds on and stays in relatively tight. Most of Dziedzic's blows aren't very hard and do little damage to Barnaby. Dziedzic stops and rips off Barnaby's helmet to which Barnaby responds by missing a right. Dziedzic throws three rights more and lands two before Barnaby lands two rights. Dziedzic tries to contain Barnaby's right with a strong hold of the jersey and misses a right as Barnaby tries to get his right loose. He can't but continues to fire away regardless. Out of the nine rights Barnaby throws, three land and while Dziedzic just leans away and keeps his head turned, Barnaby floors Dziedzic with a shot. The linesmen come in but not before Barnaby throws two rights and lands one as Dziedzic is getting back to his feet. Dziedzic struggles with the linesman and loses his helmet while trying to keep going with Barnaby. Dziedzic eventually quits and stares at Barnaby who is laughing. Barnaby leaves the ice with a smile on his face after get a TKO win over Dziedzic in a good fight.
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Oct 13, 2012 23:45 ET
Matthew Barnaby win by TKO Fun 
The Sabres are harassing Pittsburgh goalie Tom Barrasso after he deflects the puck over the glass. This causes a little pushing and shoving between several players in front of the Penguin net. The officials calm everyone down and they break up a potential scrum. Joe Dziedzic, however, gives Sabre "Grate One" Matthew Barnaby an extra little shove after peace is restored. Next thing you know, the gloves of both men are on the ice.

Dziedzic is on the offensive immediately, working over Barnaby with a lot of right hands. Most of his shots hit the back of Matthew's helmet. The Penguin tears the lid off Barnaby's head and continues the barrage of punches to the back of the skull.

Barnaby weathers the punches and grapples a little bit with his opponent. Barnaby then gets his right hand going. Barnaby simply batters Dziedzic with a slew of piston-like right hands. One of them pops Dziedzic on the button and down he goes, knocked to his knees. When Dziedzic hits the ice, the officials quickly get in there. The Aud crowd gives Matt the Rat a huge ovation.

Dziedzic rises to his skates and wants to keep going, but the officials won't allow it. Barnaby is all smiles as he talks some trash with Dziedzic. They are separated and sent to the dressing rooms.

It was a TKO win for Barnaby and an admirable comeback victory. In fact, this is one of the better comebacks you'll ever see in a hockey fight. Barnaby was getting filled in pretty good, but he turned the tables completely and dominated his foe.
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Dec 16, 2014 14:58 ET
Matthew Barnaby win by TKO Fun 
This was an exciting contest. There was a scrum near the Penguins net. The refs thought things were under control, but Barnaby and Dziedzic lingered back. They decided to go. Joe got off to an excellent start. He landed an average blow and missed a right. He landed two average punches and a decent blow.

Dziedzic was giving it to Matthew early. He missed a shot and landed an average blow. He missed a punch and landed a decent right. Barnaby started to chuck punches and got into the bout. He missed a blow and landed an average right. Joe missed a punch, landed an average shot, and landed a partial connect.

Matthew got the right hand fully loose. He landed a decent blow, missed a punch, and landed a partial connect. He landed an average blow and a solid shot. He missed a punch and landed a good right. Dziedzic went down. Barnaby missed a blow and landed a solid shot. The refs stopped the contest.

I rate this as a TKO for Barnaby. He recovered from a slow start to drop Dziedzic and earn the stoppage win.
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Dec 15, 2005 21:16 ET
Matthew Barnaby win by TKO Fun 
Dziedzic got in Barnaby's face after a whistle and they drop the gloves. Dziedzic threw a bunch of rights, but aside from an uppercut, they are all to the back of the helmet. He rips it off and throws a few more, but Barnaby then gets his arm free and fires away, dropping him with a wild right and throwing a few more as the linesmen jump in.
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Apr 11, 2008 12:36 ET
Matthew Barnaby win by TKO Fun 
Barnaby and Dziedzic drop em in front of Pittsburgh's net. Dziedzic threw a couple which hit Barnaby's helmet. He rips Barnaby's helmet off and throws a couple more punches but Barnaby gets free and just throws a flurry of rights which buries Dziedzic and sends him to the ice.
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Aug 27, 2007 10:58 ET
Matthew Barnaby win by TKO Fun 
Barnaby is taking a beating intill he snaps and just unloads on Dziedzic sending Dziedzic to the ice.
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Nov 20, 2016 12:20 ET
Matthew Barnaby win by TKO Fun 
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May 2, 2017 02:22 ET
Matthew Barnaby win by TKO Fun 
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Dec 7, 2017 10:51 ET
Matthew Barnaby win by TKO Fun 
Jul 2, 2008 17:08 ET
Dec 7, 2017 10:50 ET

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