Nov 7, 2008
Philadelphia - Manchester3-2 SO

Summary Of Events
1  12:32  Fight  Szwez-Westgarth
2  31:26  Rough  Maroon-Campbell

Fight at 12:32
Duration 0:03ThrownLanded   Big   
 Jeff Szwez 6'3'' 1210lb 24000N/A
 Kevin Westgarth 6'4'' 1234lb 24222
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19905 fight reviews

Nov 13, 2008 10:06 ET
Kevin Westgarth win by TKO Fun 
I give this a 10, this was just awesome. Westgarth surprised Szwez with a left before they even grabbed each other, then floored Szwez with a big right. Very impressive showing by Westgarth even though Szwez isn't a real heavyweight.
1522 fight reviews

Nov 13, 2008 15:28 ET
Kevin Westgarth win by TKO Fun 
Buckets off, Westy leads with a huge left that catches Szwez off guard as they go to grab on. Szwez is clearly shaken by it. Westgarth lands a big right uppercut after this and drops Szwez flat on his back. Huge TKO.
249 fight reviews

Nov 13, 2008 15:44 ET
Kevin Westgarth win by TKO Fun 
They square off and before they grab each other Westgarth surprises Szwez with a left. That punch stuns Szwez and Westgarth grabs his jersey. Then Westgarth sends Szwez to the ice with a huge right and the linesmen step in to stop the fight.

A beautiful TKO win for Westgarth.
429 fight reviews

Dec 6, 2008 08:03 ET
Kevin Westgarth win by TKO Fun 
Awesome fight for Westgarth, Szwez will want it back though.
Both square off and Westgarth throws a big left jab which rocks Szwez, and then connects with an awesome right uppercut that sends Szwez to the ground.
Quality fight, so glad I stumbled across it!!
225 fight reviews

Dec 10, 2008 15:52 ET
Kevin Westgarth win by TKO Fun 
These two shed the gloves and buckets and square off just inside the blue line. Westgarth leads with a wicked hard left jab that catches Szwez right on the face. Szwez is obviously stunned by this punch and puts his chin on his chest and Westgarth just absolutely destroys him with a monster right uppercut. The uppercut just cocks his head back and sends him to the ice. Westgarth heads to the box clapping to himself and makes a funny face once in the box. Just a great fight, literally 2 punches throw, and both got eaten by Szewzy.
430 fight reviews

Nov 13, 2008 07:44 ET
Kevin Westgarth win by TKO Fun 
93 fight reviews

Nov 14, 2008 13:32 ET
Kevin Westgarth win by TKO Fun 
This is one of the best TKO's you'll EVER see!!!
23 fight reviews

Nov 21, 2008 13:56 ET
Kevin Westgarth win by TKO Fun 
That is definately one of the best TKO's you will ever see, good 1-2 punch combo that drops Szwez
12161 fight reviews

Nov 22, 2008 09:51 ET
Kevin Westgarth win by TKO Fun 
The left buckeled him and the right dropped him.
479 fight reviews

Nov 22, 2008 21:04 ET
Kevin Westgarth win by TKO Fun 
huge left followed by a right
17 fight reviews

Nov 23, 2008 16:10 ET
Kevin Westgarth win by TKO Fun 
Westgarth lands a nice left hook and follows up with agreatright uppercut. Nice combo and devastated his opponent. Szwez is not in the same league as Westgarth but props for at least stepping up. Great showing and nice TKO win for Westgarth..
9280 fight reviews

Dec 1, 2008 22:52 ET
Kevin Westgarth win by TKO Fun 
A sick jab landed by Westgrath rocks Szwez then a big uppercut sat him down.
85 fight reviews

Dec 6, 2008 16:15 ET
Kevin Westgarth win by TKO Fun 
Westgarth hits Szwez with a left jab that stuns him then Westgarth finishes him with an incredible right uppercut.
95 fight reviews

Dec 10, 2008 16:04 ET
Kevin Westgarth win by TKO Fun 
beauty.... lead left, right upper.... thanks for coming
63 fight reviews

Jan 21, 2009 14:47 ET
Kevin Westgarth win by TKO Fun 
Szwez lunges at Westgarth, Westgarth throws a right jab and then grabs Szwez, (the jab stunned Szwez) Westgarth then throws a big uppercut and drops Szwez, he quickly gets back up.
67 fight reviews

Mar 20, 2009 16:17 ET
Kevin Westgarth win by TKO Fun 
Westgarth and Swez square up. they skate towards the boards Westgarth makes the first move connects with a left jab, Swez is stunned. Then Westgarth Blasts him with a vicious right hand. Down goes Swez.
11329 fight reviews

Feb 17, 2015 07:13 ET
Kevin Westgarth win by TKO Fun 
7030 fight reviews

Jan 12, 2018 09:37 ET
Kevin Westgarth win by TKO Fun 
Westy with a stiff left jab followed up with a big right hand putting down Szwez, big tko win for Westgarth.
Nov 13, 2008 07:43 ET
Nov 13, 2008 13:31 ET
Quote from message by Lrob24
Buckets off, Westy leads with a huge right
Clip shows it was a left.

Quote from message by Lrob24
Westgarth lands a big uppercut
Perhaps it would be better to define that it was "a big right uppercut".
Mar 13, 2011 20:11 ET
Westgarth looks like the fourth Hanson brother. With contact lenses of course.Reply

Rough at 31:26
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Duration 0:15
 Pat Maroon 6'3'' 2231lb 23None
 Andrew Campbell 6'5'' 2208lb 23
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Aug 24, 2009 20:18 ET
After the whistle they start hugging in fron of the net. They make their way to the back of the net and wrestle to the boards until the refs come in. Campbell eventually dropped the gloves and tried to land 1 or 2 punches, but he was too late. Fun 

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