Nov 21, 1996
Pittsburgh - Philadelphia3-7 

Summary Of Events
1  24:29  Scrum    
2  49:42  Fight  Roche-Brind'Amour
3  52:08  Fight  Stojanov-Lacroix

Scrum at 24:29
Pittsburgh PlayersPhiladelphia Players
Duration N/A  Dave Roche  Alek Stojanov     Rod Brind'Amour  Karl Dykhuis   
# Players Involved: N/A
Blood: N/A
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Fight at 49:42
Duration 0:25ThrownLanded   Big   
 Dave Roche 6'4'' 3230lb 25100None
 Rod Brind'Amour 6'1'' 3205lb 25100
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Jun 23, 2012 18:14 ET
Draw Fun 
Dave Roche gets into it with Mikael Renberg and Rod Brind'Amour is quick to jump in, trading some shoves with Roche. Renberg goes back after Roche though and after some more pushing and shoving, Brind'Amour steps in again, with his gloves off, and grabs Roche. Roche drops his gloves and grabs onto Brind'Amour. Roche pulls Brind'Amour's head down as they wrestle and then misses a right while Brind'Amour gets his head up. Roche pushes Brind'Amour against the boards but can't get his right free from Brind'Amour's grip. Brind'Amour misses a right and they continue to wrestle until Brind'Amour pushes Roche against the boards. Roche gestures to the linesmen, unable to get free from Brind'Amour and they step in to break it up. Awful fight. It was all wrestling with both guys missing a single punch. Brind'Amour did well defensively, keeping the much more experienced and bigger Roche from getting anything going in this fight.
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Oct 26, 2007 17:17 ET
Draw Fun 
After Roche roughed it up with Renberg Brind'Amour came in to help out. The outcome was just a quick wrestling match, both threw a meaningless punch.
Jun 17, 2007 10:46 ET
Roche, Pit served by Stojanov (double roughing minor, misconduct, slashing), 49:42;
Brindamour, Phi (roughing), 49:42;
Renberg, Phi (roughing), 49:42;

Fight at 52:08
Duration 0:24ThrownLanded   Big   
 Alek Stojanov 6'4'' 2232lb 271580A Bit
 Daniel Lacroix 6'2'' 2205lb 271171
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20774 fight reviews
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Jun 23, 2012 10:47 ET
Draw Fun 
Daniel Lacroix checks Alek Stojanov against the boards and the two shed the mitts afterwards. They get a grip of each other's jerseys and Lacroix keeps his head down as Stojanov throws a series of ten rights, landing five before pausing to get Lacroix's helmet off. Stojanov then continues, missing three rights. Lacroix then lands a left and misses a left as Stojanov lands a right. Lacroix misses a left but then lands lands a left again while Stojanov misses a right and goes off balance. Stojanov gets in tight and gets his balance back while Lacroix throws three lefts, landing two. Stojanov misses a right and then Lacroix misses a left as Stojanov stands back. Stojanov then lands a right as Lacroix misses a left, then misses a left while Stojanov lands a right but goes off balance again. Lacroix misses a left. Stojanov gets in tight but goes down soon after, pulling Lacroix down too. The linesmen get in and break it up as Lacroix lands a left. Fairly entertaining fight between these two tough guys. Lacroix did well with the big heavyweight, Stojanov, coming back late in the fight after Stojanov had the advantage early on. Draw.
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Sep 14, 2014 08:19 ET
Draw Fun 
This was a good battle. Stojanov missed two punches and landed a solid blow. He landed an average shot and missed two punches. He landed an average right and missed two blows. He landed a decent shot. Lacroix landed an average shot, missed a punch, and landed a solid left.

Alek missed two rights. Daniel missed a punch and landed a body shot. He landed a solid punch and an average left. Stojanov landed an average punch and missed a blow. Lacroix missed a shot and landed a partial connect. The refs stopped the fight.

I rate this as a draw. Both landed with effectiveness and the number of punches that landed was similar.
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Dec 6, 2017 12:53 ET
Draw Fun 
In yet another chapter of the battle of Pennsylvania, tough guys Daniel Lacroix and Alek Stojanov have a very entertaining battle. Stojanov has the advantage in the early goings. He lands three right hands plus an uppercut before missing with a couple more rights. Stojanov gets Lacroix's helmet off and misses with two more rights before landing a right. Lacroix lands a left and then connect with another left as Stojanov lands a right. Lacroix connects with two more lefts. Lacroix lands two blows and ducks a right from Stojanov. Lacroix misses with a left before landing a left and he absorbs two rights from Stojanov. The two men slip to their knees, bringing the officials in.

The two men landed an equal amount of punches, making this fight a draw.
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May 16, 2005 22:12 ET
Alek Stojanov clear win Fun 
Stojanov is cruising to an easy victory it looks like before Lacroix battles back, countering Alek's rights with his left, Stojanov comes back on again to get the decision though.
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May 19, 2005 11:03 ET
Alek Stojanov narrow win Fun 
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May 15, 2006 17:30 ET
Draw Fun 
Both threw some bombs and in my opinion it was a draw. lacroix appeared to be cut
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May 15, 2006 17:32 ET
Draw Fun 
Both guys landed a lot of punches. Stojanov threw more but most went over the head or hit shoulder.
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Oct 23, 2007 17:40 ET
Draw Fun 
Stojanov was winning early on but then Lacroix held him off, then Lacroix got 3-4 lefts in and the rest of the fight was pretty even making it a draw
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Oct 23, 2007 18:59 ET
Draw Fun 
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Dec 10, 2012 10:25 ET
Draw Fun 
Good fight. It was all Stojanov early, as he was just pounding away on Lacroix, but as usual, Lacroix comes back nicely in the second half and hammers on Stojanov. This fight is a really good draw.
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May 25, 2014 20:48 ET
Alek Stojanov narrow win Fun 
Oct 23, 2007 17:40 ET
Nov 3, 2013 13:44 ET
That clear win really should go. Punch count is above.Reply
Dec 5, 2013 17:12 ET
Quote from message by StormShadow
Punch count is above.
I think that we need a blow-by-blow for that.

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