Nov 20, 1983
Minnesota - Chicago4-3

Fight at 25:57
Duration 0:20ThrownLanded   Big   
 Willi Plett 6'3''  205lb 5941None
 Behn Wilson 6'3''  210lb 51020
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Jul 6, 2008 18:46 ET
Willi Plett narrow win Fun 
This is a good fight and makes me wonder if the two reviews above mine are correct. This fight is not 3 seconds long, but is a good spirited fight with both guys throwing shots.

It's in Chicago Stadium with the organ blasting the soundtrack to this fight. Plett takes a run at Wilson against the boards and the two go at it behind the play. They drop the gloves in the faceoff circle. They come together with both fighters trading rights. First Wilson appears to land, but Plett comes back. They both keep throwing rights and Plett appears to land better in this exchange. Plett almost loses his balance and both fighters grapple in close. They wind up behind the Chicago net and Plett wrestles Wilson down.

Good fight with both fighters opening up and landing. I thought Plett landed better so i'll give him a narrow win in this one.

I hope I'm reviewing the right fight, but the tape I have has all his fights from this year all in a row and I'm guessing this is the right one. Definitely not a 3 second affair.
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Jul 21, 2012 16:45 ET
Willi Plett narrow win Fun 
Plett threw a check on Wilson in the corner. Behn grabbed hold of him after the hit. Both guys were combative and loved to fight. It is no surprise that they swapped blows. This was an eagerly anticipated bout between two good punchers and clever tacticians.

Willi got off to a good start in the bout. He landed a solid right hand and followed up with a good shot. He missed with a couple of follow up blows. Then, he landed a decent punch. Plett got a good grip on Wilson's right arm. Behn had trouble getting much force on his blows. His accuracy was not very good either. He missed with his first few punches and landed a partial connect.

Plett continued to fire off right hands. He missed with a few blows. Then, he landed a partial connect. Wilson was coming up inches short with most of his rights. Behn missed a punch. Then, he landed a solid blow. Behn just missed with a couple of follow up shots.

Willi sensed that Wilson might make a comeback if he were to trade freely with him the rest of the way. He also knew he had built up a lead in the bout. Plett always had sense of when to step on the gas or on the brakes in a bout. He decided to step on the brakes against Behn. Willi grabbed Behn's right hand in his left armpit. Willi clamped down and immobilized Wilson's right hand. Then, Plett went for the takedown.

This was a narrow win for Willi. He got off to a fast start in the bout. He got a good grip on Behn's right arm. Wilson was unable to generate much power on his blows. He was also uncharacteristically innacurate with his punches. Plett did a good job of preventing Behn from making a comeback. Willi employed a clever fight plan and preserved a victory over Wilson.
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Jan 12, 2017 15:34 ET
Willi Plett narrow win Fun 
Behn Wilson and Willi Plett go at it for Round 4 in their rivalry. The fight breaks out when Plett checks Wilson in the corner. That is all it takes for them to decide to go at it. Both men connect with a right hand before Plett scores with two uppercuts. Wilson misses with a few uppercuts himself before he manages to land one. Plett comes back with two rights of his own. Wilson comes up short with a right. The two men have a short exchange of rights. Plett is the more accurate of the two as he scores with three blows while Wilson only connects with one. The two men stop punching and begin grappling. This only lasts for a few seconds before they tumble to the ice behind the net.

Willi Plett was able to earn his first victory against Behn Wilson here. That was partially due to the fact that Plett tied up Wilson's right but Wilson was also inaccurate with his punching which was unusual for him. Plett managed to connect with more blows to come away with the win. This was a rare loss for Wilson and it came against a tough opponent.
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Jun 25, 2009 17:45 ET
Willi Plett narrow win Fun 
Willi Plett checks Behn Wilson in the corner and then they drop the gloves. They grab a hold of each other and start selectively trading rights. Plett throws nine and lands four as Wilson throws nine as well and lands two. They get in close quarters and wrestle, then Wilson misses a right. Wilson falls and the linesmen come in. The fight started out well but then it became almost all wrestling. Edge Plett for landing more and better.
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Oct 3, 2008 08:14 ET
Willi Plett narrow win Fun 
Plett stands toe to toe with Wilson and out punches him clearly.
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Mar 3, 2009 06:28 ET
Willi Plett clear win Fun 
Both landed some good shots in the opening 5-6 seconds of the fight. After a nice exchange plett clocked wilson with an uppercut at the 0:13 mark. Never seen behn dazed before in a fight but judging by his actions that punch landed pretty hard. Clear win Plett
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Feb 22, 2012 12:21 ET
Willi Plett narrow win Fun 
Narrow win for Plett while Wilson made it interesting. Both land good facial-punches while Plett got in a nice uppercut. I counted 4 facial punches by Plett & 3 by Wilson. Plett lands on top of Wilson. Add it up, narrow win for Plett.
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Apr 13, 2016 08:14 ET
Willi Plett narrow win Fun 
Decent scrap, both guys land a few but it's Plett who lands just a bit more and gets the win.
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Aug 15, 2016 18:36 ET
Willi Plett narrow win Fun 
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Apr 11, 2017 17:20 ET
Draw Fun 
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Apr 28, 2017 10:00 ET
Willi Plett narrow win Fun 
Sep 15, 2008 19:16 ET

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