Dec 30, 1981
NY Islanders - NY Rangers4-6

Summary Of Events
1  32:38  Fight  Sutter-Johnstone
2  44:45  Fight  Gillies-Hospodar

Fight at 32:38
Duration N/AThrownLanded   Big   
 Duane Sutter 6'1'' 4190lb 15N/AN/AN/AN/A
 Ed Johnstone 5'9'' 4175lb 15N/AN/AN/A
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Nov 2, 2009 17:55 ET
Does anyone else think that Gillies himself became less agressive as a fighter after this fight? Obviously Hospodar changed after the fight, but I think Gillies became less willing also. Then again, it may be that no one wanted to fight Gillies after this.Reply
Dec 29, 2013 00:56 ET
Quote from message by GMRWings1983
Does anyone else think that Gillies himself became less agressive as a fighter after this fight? Obviously Hospodar changed after the fight, but I think Gillies became less willing also. Then again, it may be that no one wanted to fight Gillies after this.
Clark Gillies was never one to go looking for a fight but he sure could finish one.
I too believe he became more timid after the fight. He did not enjoy hurting players and he could like no other puncher ever in the game.

Fight at 44:45
Duration 0:08ThrownLanded   Big   
 Clark Gillies 6'3'' 1210lb  853A Lot
 Ed Hospodar 6'2'' 1210lb  310
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1235 fight reviews

Nov 2, 2015 19:50 ET
Clark Gillies win by KO Fun 
Clark Gillies of the Islanders and Ed "Boxcar" Hospodar of the Rangers meet up as a scrum is developing between the two New York teams. They grapple and swat at each other. Soon thereafter, their gloves hit the ice. This fight is over really quick.

Gillies unleashes a couple straight rights, nailing Hospodar directly in the jaw with both of them. This is most likely when Hospodar's jaw was broken, because he got hit flush on the chin. Hospodar is throwing punches also, but it didn't look like he landed much, perhaps one shot. Gillies then switches from straight punches to uppercuts. One uppercut is all that is needed to put an end to this one.

Gillies absolutely drills Hospodar directly in the nose with a vicious uppercut. Hospodar crumbles to the ice immediately, clutching his face in pain. Gillies falls on top of his victim. Gillies throws one more punch down on his felled opponent, hitting Hospodar in the left ear. The linesmen hurriedly rush in, both of them grabbing Gillies. The Islander heavyweight then stands up and backs off from his annihilated foe.

One of the linesmen is crouched in front of Hospodar, who is sprawled face-first on the ice. Blood is pooling under Hospodar's face; it looks like the blood is pouring from both his nose and mouth. Hospodar's jaw was probably busted by the first two punches (and those punches possibly knocked out his teeth, too). That monster uppercut is what broke his nose. It looks like the linesman is trying to hold Hospodar's face together.

The medical trainers are summoned to the ice by the Ranger players. The Rangers and Islanders on the ice all look stunned by what they witnessed. Gillies calmly goes to the penalty box. After being tended to for a moment by the trainers, Hospodar gets to his skates. He leaves the ice for the dressing room under his own power, holding a towel to his bloody face.

This was an utterly decisive KO win for Clark Gillies. He absolutely crushed Hospodar, dropping him to the ice and inflicting some serious damage. The Ranger fighter was rendered unable to continue or even defend himself. Luckily for Hospodar, Gillies knew he was done and backed off.

Apparently, Hospodar was never the same after this beating, becoming a very tentative fighter afterwards. Certainly, this comes as no surprise.

Without a doubt, this was one of the most murderous beatings in NHL history.
13164 fight reviews

Jan 12, 2018 19:47 ET
Clark Gillies win by KO Fun 
Hospodar was up to his usual tactics of stirring up trouble. He was starting to make a name for himself as one of the busiest fighters in the league and he was moderately successful at his craft. He was fixated on proving himself against Gillies. He had gotten into altercations with Clark on two occasions two months prior to this game. He was playing a dangerous game of Russian Roulette with Jethro. Gillies was one of the most destructive punchers in NHL history. However, Hospodar was fearless and liked his chances.

During a scrum, Eddie eagerly engaged Gillies and the two went at it. There was no feeling out process; both just started to throw bombs from the outset. Clark landed a good right hand and Eddie matched him with a hard right of his own. Gillies landed another right that partially connected and followed that up with an uppercut. This uppercut caught Hospodar flush in the mouth and had a destructive impact.

The Boxcar was derailed and people watched in horror in the carnage that ensued. Eddie hit the ice like a ton of bricks and pitched face forward on the ice. A small pool of blood flowed and stained the ice a crimson hue. As the referee attended to him, you can actually see Hospodar pick out some broken teeth.

This was one of the most chilling kayos in NHL history. Gillies further solidified his reputation as one of the elite fighters of the era. Eddie learned the hard way that if you keep poking a bear eventually you will get mauled. The Boxcar was more careful after this and decided to avoid the junction leading to Moose Jaw.

Gillies was the antithesis of Hospodar as a player. Jethro was a skilled all star forward who was good enough to be a productive member of the "Trio Grande Line." with Mike Bossy and Brian Trottier. Clark was a huge man by 1970's and early 1980's standards. He knew that occasional aggressive play would be an asset to his team on the ice. Gillies didn't go into too many games looking for a fight, but he knew when to step up and seek a challenge.

Some pundits have speculated that Gillies didn't really like to fight and was a reluctant battler. This is not accurate. Clark took pride in his fighting ability and eagerly sought out fights with Dave Schultz, Terry O'Reilly, and Behn Wilson. Clark was a competitive guy who was eager to test his pugilistic skills against the very best.

Gillies enjoyed the reputation of a top fighter, but he was more concerned with being an outstanding player. Clark had a fight with Bob Nystrom in Islanders training camp one year as both vied to be the top gun of the franchise. They became friends and it became clear that team toughness was valued above just having one tough heavyweight.

Hospodar was a bottom-feeder of the league who deliberately tried to injure many an opponent. One of the most famous occasions was a vicious attack on diminutive Robbie Ftorek. The Boxcar asked for it when he repeatedly riled up Gillies. It was even more audacious when compared with his reaction whenever Bob Nystrom squared off with him. Hospodar was timid with Nystrom and you can only wonder why he would think he would fare well with the dangerous puncher Gillies. Dentists in New York rejoiced at the lucrative dental work that needed to be done in the aftermath of this fight. Gillies didn't regret what he did, but he had empathy and looked a bit emotional in the aftermath. He knew the damage that was done. The Boxcar lacked empathy and wouldn't have cared if he maimed a guy for life or ruined his livelihood.
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Jul 26, 2007 18:23 ET
Clark Gillies win by KO Fun 
There's a scrum in the Islander zone involving several players on both teams. Hospodar and Gillies are locked up on the periphery and Gillies tosses a gloved punch at Hospodar before they shed the mitts. Gillies is quicker to the punch, landing a solid right to the jaw. They each throw rights simultaneously and both connect with decent shots to the face. They each miss another and then Gillies throws his whole body into a vicious right uppercut that drops Hospodar in his tracks. One of the linesmen assists Hospodar as he rolls to his stomach, blood pooling beneath him on the ice surface. Teammate Pat Hickey waves for help from the bench as Hospodar lies there. KO win for Gillies. This rates a 10 in my book. Gillies connects with one of the most devastating punches thrown in a hockey fight and this scrap cemented his reputation as a dangerous power puncher.
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Nov 1, 2012 20:49 ET
Clark Gillies win by KO Fun 
During the third period a small scrum breaks out between the rival New York Rangers and New York Islanders and pairing off are Ed Hospodar and Clark Gillies. They grapple about until Gillies misses a gloved right which forces Hospodar back. They both drop their gloves and then grab back onto each other. Gillies immediately lands a right and then connects with a good right flush to the face, jostling Hospodar just after he falls short with a right. Hospodar comes up short with a right as Gillies lands a right to the helmet but then while Hospodar again misses a right, Gillies connects with a big right directly to the face, flattening Hospodar. Gillies falls downward on top of Hospodar landing three rights to the head. Hospodar puts his hands to his face and turns away from Gillies after letting go of him. The linesmen then jump in and pull Gillies off of Hospodar while Hospodar's teammate, Pat Hickey tries to get involved but is held back by Billy Carroll. Hickey spears at Gillies who just skates away. Big KO for Gillies. Hospodar stood in there and traded openly with Gillies and ended up being flattened from a huge right by Gillies. Hospodar was clearly hurt from the punch and was bleeding badly from the mouth while still on the ice. After a while Hospodar was able to get up and leave to the ice on his own to go to the locker room. Unfortunately for Hospodar, he didn't play much more for the Rangers and was dealt during the following preseason to the Hartford Whalers.
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Dec 30, 2006 01:48 ET
Clark Gillies win by KO Fun 
If Hospodar ever had a rep. as a fighter it was crushed in this fight. Gillies put on a frightening beating of Hospodar, breaking his jaw and leaving him as a bloody mess. Gillies fired away fast rights at Hospodar including a very hard uppercut that might have been the jawbreaking punch. Awesome display of power from Gillies.

Jimmy Mann on Gillies: Never fought him but he was the most feared fighter the game had in his era. Scary, scary punching power. His destruction of Hospodar was well known and revered throughout the league. Nobody really wanted to test an enraged Gillies.
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Mar 10, 2007 12:53 ET
Clark Gillies win by KO Fun 
Hospodar wanted the fight more than Gillies did. Once Hospodar finally pushed Gillies to the breaking point, it was Jethro (Gillies) that did the breaking. In the span of under ten seconds, Ed Hospodar had a broken nose, jaw and lost a couple of teeth. I don't think Hospodar even hit Gillies once.
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Jul 23, 2008 11:04 ET
Clark Gillies win by KO Fun 
These two get the gloves up on each other and decide to have a go. Gillies grabs on first and lands a good right to start things off. Both trade rights with Gillies landing another solidly. Hospodar looks like he wants to go toe-to-toe, and Clark obliges. He then changes things up and fires an uppercut that catches Hospodar flush and sends him back and then down to the ice. When they go down, Boxcar is holding his face and Clarkie winds up with one more right and drops it down on the side of his head. The linesmen get in there and save Hospodar.

Big time KO for Gillies in this fight. Poor Eddy got his face broken in this one and was never quite the same after this.
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Apr 10, 2005 17:47 ET
Clark Gillies win by KO Fun 
clark hammered boxcar at center ice....bloody mess.
288 fight reviews

Sep 9, 2005 12:17 ET
Clark Gillies win by KO Fun 
Great hockey KO! Gillies totally destroyes Hospodar with right in this battle. Brutal and bloody event. All time top ten classic.
142 fight reviews

Nov 7, 2005 14:06 ET
Clark Gillies win by KO Fun 
ROFL, Hospodar got what he deserved.
1251 fight reviews

Feb 5, 2006 18:35 ET
Clark Gillies win by KO Fun 
909 fight reviews

Oct 31, 2006 12:43 ET
Clark Gillies win by KO Fun 
Short but brutal fight. GILLY's is a monster
146 fight reviews

Nov 28, 2006 19:30 ET
Clark Gillies win by KO Fun 
Gillies breaks Hospodars jaw in this quick beating!
1090 fight reviews

May 5, 2008 03:29 ET
Clark Gillies win by KO Fun 
100 fight reviews

Nov 2, 2009 17:53 ET
Clark Gillies win by KO Fun 
Gillies landed a few solid punches on Hospodar, before he dropped Hospodar with a vicious uppercut. This was the fight that cemented Gillies as a feared fighter and I actually think Gillies himself became a little more timid after this fight, and not just Hospodar.
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Nov 18, 2013 05:10 ET
Clark Gillies win by KO Fun 
Typical dirty Gillies. Start the fight by jumping Hospodar and suckering him, then hits him twice while Hospodar was on the ice.
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Oct 9, 2016 11:27 ET
Clark Gillies win by KO Fun 
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Aug 28 01:10 ET
Clark Gillies win by KO Fun 
Brief toe to toe encounter that ends with a brutal KO as Gillies lands a couple hard rights followed by a vicious uppercut that sends Hospodar to the hospital, KO win Gillies.
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Aug 28 01:22 ET
Clark Gillies win by KO Fun 
Jan 10, 2007 13:24 ET
Want to see fight. Remember it. Am a big Islander fan.Reply
Jul 1, 2007 20:50 ET
Jul 26, 2007 18:37 ET
It is hard to feel bad for a scummy, dirty player like Hospodar, but I actually sort of do hereReply
Jul 26, 2007 19:52 ET
Quote from message by RedWingsWereTough
It is hard to feel bad for a scummy, dirty player like Hospodar, but I actually sort of do here
I hate to see anyone get hurt but if anyone deserves it it's Hopodar for the crosscheck to Marc Napier's face if nothing else (knocked out at least 2 of Napier's teeth and Napier, being the classy guy he is (or, perhaps because he feared Hospidar)((or both))), said later he didn't think Hospidar did it on purpose.
Aug 9, 2007 14:21 ET
I Remember this one well, Boxcar had been goading Gillies for about a season or so and even high sticked Gillies in the face back in the preseason.

The damaging blow was the last Gillies punch that was an uppercut that broke Hospodars Jaw and knocked out several teeth.

Hospodar was never the same after this, if you watch his earlier fights Hospodar was a classic standback and throw them type of fighter with no fear, see the Holmgren fight the season before for example. Which is why he was KO's here he left himself wide open.

After this his was a scared type fighter reduced to turtling a lot.
Jul 7, 2009 06:15 ET
Nov 4, 2009 16:36 ET
Does anyone else think that Gillies himself became less agressive as a fighter after this fight? Obviously Hospodar changed after the fight, but I think Gillies became less willing also. Then again, it may be that no one wanted to fight Gillies after this.Reply
Oct 8, 2011 14:11 ET
This was one of the most brutal kayos I've ever seen. If you look closely you can see Hospodar picking out broken teeth from his mouth while writing in pain on the ice. Clark was one of the most devastating punchers in NHL history. Hospadar clearly started the scrap, which was like poking a grizzly bear with a stick. Not a smart move to get Gillies angry.Reply
May 3, 2013 01:13 ET
I wouldn't fuck with himReply
Dec 31, 2013 20:04 ET

How can you say "typical dirty Gillies"? Can't you see that Hospodar was messing with him? Plus, Hospodar was facing him while Hospodar started the pushing & the swinging, so Hospodar was well-prepared before Hospodar got socked. Gillies definitely didn't do anything dirty and during Gillies whole career, I can never remember him doing anything dirty to anyone.
Dec 31, 2013 20:08 ET
You are 100 percent correct. Gillies wasn't a dirty player. Hospodar was the cheap guy who started with Jethro. Clark was too busy winning Stanley Cups and earning his way to a spot in the Hall of Fame.Reply
Dec 31, 2013 22:25 ET
Quote from message by BattleshipRules
You are 100 percent correct. Gillies wasn't a dirty player. Hospodar was the cheap guy who started with Jethro. Clark was too busy winning Stanley Cups and earning his way to a spot in the Hall of Fame.
Aug 28 01:24 ET
I gave this a 10 just because its Hospodar on the receiving end.Reply
Aug 28 19:28 ET
The Boxcar was derailed at the Moose Jaw junction.Reply
Aug 31 13:43 ET
I had to place these words here: this is from the DYG member "pockmarx" Hate List:

"There is an old movie called The Return of the Vampire starring Bela Lugosi. Near the end of this movie, the Lugosi vampire is defeated by the forces of good and as he lies in the sunlight, his face begins to break apart and dissolve in a rather disturbing fashion. As I watched this scene, I was reminded of the night when Ed Hospodar made the fatal mistake of trying to fight Clark Gillies of the Islanders. Ed's face looked like Lugosi's vampire after that fight. It was sort of a combination of the San Andreas Fault Line and a plate of egg foo yung. Ed needed surgery on his face the next day and I think Gillies' wedding ring had to be extracted from Hospodar's maxillary sinus as well. A man's reach should never exceed his grasp, especially when your opponent's reach can exceed the thickness of your skull."
Aug 31 14:04 ET
Hahaha. Yes indeed!Reply

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