Apr 12, 2009
QF,  Game 6
Tri-City - Kelowna2-6

Fight at 30:35
Duration 0:30ThrownLanded   Big   
 Tyler Schmidt 6'1''  211lb 21840N/A
 Curt Gogol 6'1''  190lb 21420
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Jul 26, 2010 17:09 ET
Tyler Schmidt clear win Fun 
The Tri-City goalie makes a save and Gogol takes a big hit behind the net as the puck is frozen. Gogol starts to work over one of the Tri-City players and Schmidt moves in to grab Gogol. A pile of players swarm behind the cage. Gogol and Schmidt emerge from the pack and wrestle at the back of the net. Gogol drops his gloves first. Schmidt pulls Gogol's helmet off but Gogol has Schmidt turned around. Schmidt sheds his mitts and turns to face Gogol. One of the linesmen makes an effort to prevent any punching but lets them go since his help is occupied with other players on the periphery. Gogol tosses a couple of left jersey jabs, landing the second below the shield. Schmidt wraps a right around the head and Gogol pushes him to the back wall. Schmidt bounces off and lands a hard right to the left side of Gogol's face and misses another. Schmidt pushes off the dasher and delivers a roundhouse right that glances off the top of Gogol's head. Gogol tosses two long distance rights, landing the first to the left shoulder and missing the second. Schmidt gets Gogol turned around and cocks his right. He holds fire though and switches grips, tossing three lefts. He connects to the face with the first and misses the next two. Schmidt gets Gogol in a semi-headlock and throws a right to the kidney. They wrestle to the ice with Schmidt landing on top.

Clear win for Schmidt. He was the more active and effective puncher in this scrap, landing well with both hands. His second punch was the best blow of the fight and Gogol wasn't really able to muster much of a response.
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Apr 6, 2012 03:42 ET
Tyler Schmidt clear win Fun 
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Jan 11, 2017 12:58 ET
Tyler Schmidt clear win Fun 
Gogol lands a couple but otherwise its clearly Schmidt's fight as he controls the action and lands more blows to get the win.
Apr 12, 2009 23:04 ET
2 - T.C Schmidt, 10:35 - Roughing , 2 min
2 - T.C Schmidt, 10:35 - Major-Fighting , 5 min
2 - KEL Callahan, 10:35 - Roughing , 2 min (PP)
2 - KEL Gogol, 10:35 - Roughing , 2 min
2 - KEL Gogol, 10:35 - Major-Fighting , 5 min
Jun 29, 2009 23:13 ET

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