Nov 26, 2003
Washington - Buffalo2-5 

Fight at 34:11
Duration 0:38ThrownLanded   Big   
 Stephen Peat 6'2'' 1230lb 51752None
 Eric Boulton 6'1'' 1225lb 5721
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Mar 4, 2005 21:34 ET
Stephen Peat clear win Fun 
They squareoff, and Boulton lands a nice punch as they come in. Boulton gets in tight. Peat gets the helmet off, and throws a bunch of noogies with the right. Peat lands a right as Boulton is preoccupied with his elbow pad. Peat lands a couple more to the side of the head. Boulton throws one, but it misses the mark. Another shot to the side of the head by Peat. Boulton moves his arm inside of Peat's reach and lands a strong straight right hand that draws a few "oohs" from the crowd. Peat is pushed back a bit, but recovers very quickly and throws a few rights. Boulton ducks his head, allowing Peat to land a big left uppercut, causing the crowd to react again, then very narrowly misses a haymaker that would sent Boulton into the next week. Boulton lands a right to the helmet, then hits Peat's shoulder with a second one, then takes an enormous swing but misses it. This puts him off balance and he tumbles to the ice. Peat punches him once more for good measure.

I wouldn't call it a decisive win, as Boulton got two good punches in, but Peat clearly controlled the fight and landed some good ones himself.
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Apr 24, 2009 19:55 ET
Stephen Peat clear win Fun 
Boulton and Peat squareoff at center ice. Boulton lands a right as he lunges in to get in tight with Peat. Peat removes Boulton's helmet as they wrestle. The 2 wrestle with Peat getting his right free. He starts smacking rights to the back of Boulton's head landing 5 punches and losing his elbow pad in the process. Peat stops throwing and Boulton cocks his right as he tries to shake off his elbow pad. Peat lands 1 and Boulton misses with a right. Peat lands another right and they each land 1 as they get in the spin cycle. Boulton then lands a solid right cross. Peat gives Boulton 2 more rights as Boulton hangs on. Peat switches to the left and lands 1. Boulton throws 2 rights that miss before he falls to the ice.

Peat outlanded Boulton by a wide margin to win the fight in clear fashion.
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Jul 18, 2010 14:05 ET
Stephen Peat clear win Fun 
Eric Boulton and Stephen Peat shed the mitts near centre ice and get their dukes up as they squareoff. Boulton misses a right as he moves in and grabs on with Peat doing the same. Peat lands a right and they wrestle in close quarters for a bit. During that time Peat takes off Boulton's helmet. Then Peat throws nine rights in a row, landing five as Boulton just clings onto Peat and absorbs the punches. They then get a little separation from each other and Peat misses a right before Boulton misses a right. Peat then misses a right before they spin around. Peat misses another right and then Boulton responds with a missing right. Peat then connects on a right and they both wait for a bit. Boulton then misses a right after getting inside just as Peat misses a right too. Peat follows it up by throwing two rights and landing one while Boulton ducks and gets back in close quarters. Peat changes hands and gets separation from Boulton, throwing two lefts and landing one. Boulton straightens and puts his head back up and lands a right. Boulton then misses two rights which throw him way off balance and Peat misses a left. The momentum brings both fighters to the ice and the officials take the opportunity to break it up. Win for Peat as he landed more punches while Boulton was largely inactive in this fight. Pretty good fight between two heavyweights.
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Jun 14, 2015 13:01 ET
Stephen Peat clear win Fun 
Peat pounded out the win. The men threw a few probing shots from the outside that missed before getting a grip. Boulton landed an average right. Stephen landed an average blow and missed a shot. He landed an average blow, missed two punches, and landed an average shot. He wrapped up Eric's right arm and Boulton was reduced for a time to ducking out of the way.

Peat landed a decent blow, missed a punch, and landed three decent shots. He landed a solid connect and missed three rights. Eric missed two punches and landed a solid shot. Stephen landed a solid blow and missed a punch. He landed a solid shot and missed a blow. Boulton landed a partial connect and an average blow. He missed a shot. Peat missed a punch. The refs stopped the fight.

I rate this as a clear win for Peat. He landed more blows and with better pop.
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Dec 25, 2003 18:01 ET
Stephen Peat decisive win Fun 
squareoff off faceoff and boulton tags peat with immediate left jab. they get a hold of each other with peat throwing rights to back of boultons helmetless head. they exchange some, peat switches to the left. both throw about three punches with all but one from each landing before boulton falls down on lost of balance.
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Sep 28, 2005 05:59 ET
Stephen Peat clear win Fun 
Hugfest, and Peat pulls Boulton's helmet off. Peat gets loose and hammers away on the top of Boulton's head. They start spinning, and Boulton finally wakes up with a right that misses. Good exchange of big shots, then Peat switches to his left and regains his advantage, then Boulton goes down. Boulton has a mouse under his right eye after the fight.
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Oct 2, 2005 02:46 ET
Stephen Peat narrow win Fun 
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Oct 21, 2006 12:01 ET
Stephen Peat narrow win Fun 
Draw up until Peat takes down Boulton at the end.
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Dec 18, 2006 04:06 ET
Stephen Peat clear win Fun 
Good long bout Peat takes it to Boulton
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Jul 17, 2010 03:34 ET
Stephen Peat clear win Fun 
Pretty good fight. Both got in some shots but Peat clearly landed more and had control. Boulton was marked under his eye when he was sitting in the penalty box. Win Peat.
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Sep 25, 2013 19:12 ET
Stephen Peat clear win Fun 
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Nov 14, 2017 10:49 ET
Stephen Peat clear win Fun 
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Nov 14, 2017 11:11 ET
Stephen Peat clear win Fun 
Apr 24, 2009 20:11 ET
Nov 14, 2017 10:48 ET

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