Feb 7, 1994
Montreal - Pittsburgh4-1

Summary Of Events
1  1:51  Fight  Odelein-McSorley
2  59:07  Almost Fight  Roberge-Jennings

Fight at 1:51
Duration 0:55ThrownLanded   Big   
 Lyle Odelein 5'11'' 2210lb 251042None
 Marty McSorley 6'1'' 2235lb 2530191
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Aug 23, 2011 10:13 ET
Marty McSorley narrow win Fun 
These two tough guys drop the gloves and start to go. They grapple and both throw a few rights that come up short. Odelein then might have landed a right before McSorley lands a couple pillow punches to the helmet. McSorley takes Odelein's helmet off, Odelein then sneaks in a left to the side of Marty's face. More wrestling and McSorley then gets his jersey off. Once the jersey is off McSorley throws a right that might have hit the side of Odelein's head. They get in close and McSorley lands a few short lefts. McSorley is trying to get free from Odelein's hug, Odelein then throws three rights and lands one. McSorley throws a bodyshot and misses with a few rights, Odelein answers again, misses with a right but then lands a nice one. That seems to get McSorley angry as he just starts throwing punch after punch and he lands about 8, mostly to the back of Odelein's head. They get in close again, McSorley throws a couple weak lefts before the linesmen step in. Good long fight between two tough guys. McSorley threw more and landed more, but I think Odelein landed the best blows. Still McSorley's late flurry was enough to give him the edge but I'd say it was definitely closer to a draw than a clear win.
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Aug 3, 2013 12:31 ET
Marty McSorley narrow win Fun 
This was a lengthy fight, but only exciting in spots. McSorley missed a couple of right hands. Odelein missed several rights. Marty landed a decent blow and a couple of ineffective rights. Lyle landed an average left and missed a couple of rights.

McSorley's jersey came off and he had more mobility. He landed an average right. He landed an average left and missed a few punches. Lyle landed four average blows. Marty landed a decent connect, two solid blows, and four average shots. He missed a few left hands as the refs stopped the bout.

I rate this as a narrow win for McSorley. He landed a few more blows and with better pop. It was kind of boring in the first half, but the action picked up down the stretch.
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Apr 14, 2014 20:33 ET
Marty McSorley clear win Fun 
Lyle Odelein and Marty McSorley come together during a stoppage in play and McSorley gives Odelein a shove. Odelein backpedals but drops the gloves as they skate around. McSorley waits a couple moments before dropping the gloves too and then they grab on. McSorley gets set after a bit of wrestling, then fakes a right and lands a right to the body. Odelein misses two rights as he's locked out by McSorley who lands a right to the helmet. Odelein then lands a right while McSorley misses a right but then lands four rights afterwards. Odelein gets in tight but as they wrestle a little, McSorley gets Odelein's helmet off. McSorley tries to get free but then Odelein lands a left to the head and misses two rights while McSorley gets his jersey off. They grapple and McSorley frees up his arm, throwing two rights and landing one while Odelein gets in tight again. McSorley throws six lefts and lands four before they wrestle. Odelein then throws three rights and lands one as McSorley gets separation between them. McSorley gets his right elbow pad off and then throws four rights, landing one to the body before Odelein throws two rights, landing one to the face. McSorley lands a right to the head, then lands another right to the head as Odelein misses a right. Odelein turns away as McSorley throws seven rights and lands five. McSorley then lands two lefts and the officials move in to break it up. Good fight. Win to McSorley for landing many more punches and controlling the fight much more so than Odelein.
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Jul 22, 2005 00:05 ET
Marty McSorley narrow win Fun 
Loooong fight, a lot of fighting in close with short punches landing both ways. McSorley gets free enough at the end to nail Lyle with a couple good rights to get the edge.
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Jun 5, 2006 10:55 ET
Marty McSorley narrow win Fun 
McSorley took over in the end when his sweater came off.
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Nov 6, 2016 20:08 ET
Marty McSorley narrow win Fun 
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Jul 16, 2017 07:51 ET
Marty McSorley narrow win Fun 
Aug 23, 2011 10:30 ET
I miss when the jersey's peeled off and the equipment was flying. Looked like battle damage.Reply
Jul 16, 2017 07:50 ET

Almost Fight at 59:07
Added By KarlRacki
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Duration N/A
 Mario Roberge 5'11'' 4195lb 15N/A
 Grant Jennings 6'3'' 4210lb 15
Oct 24, 2015 15:19 ET
Roberge 2
Jennings 2

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