Feb 21, 1994
Montreal - Philadelphia7-8

Summary Of Events
1  12:13  Fight  Odelein-Brown
2  30:05  Fight  Desjardins-Lindros

Fight at 12:13
Duration 0:50ThrownLanded   Big   
 Lyle Odelein 5'11'' 6210lb 5N/AN/AN/AA Bit
 Dave Brown 6'5'' 6215lb 5N/AN/AN/A
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May 13, 2008 09:37 ET
Lyle Odelein narrow win Fun 
They drop the gloves at blue line and start going at it. Odelein gets in the first punch to the side of Brown's head. Brown tries to answer with lefts but Odelein has a good hold of Brown's left hand. Odelein sneaks in a left uppercut, the best punch of the fight that also gave Brown a bloody nose, there was also a good slow mo replay of that punch. They're in tight and Brown lands a few to the back of Odelein's helmet and the helmet comes off. They continue to wrestle and throw some back of the head punches. Then they both throw a big punch at the same time, not sure how well Brown's punch landed, but Odelein's punch landed well and snapped Brown's head. They're in tight again, Brown with a few more to the back of Odelein's head, the linesmen then try to get in, but decide to let them continue. But then the two get separated and are ready to square off for round 2, that's when the linesmen decide to jump in and end it. Odelein heads to the penaltybox while Brown has to go to the dressing room for repairs. I have to give the edge to Odelein here, it was pretty even bout, but he landed the 2 best punches of the fight and Brown was also cut.
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Jan 20, 2006 03:34 ET
Draw Fun 
Jan 23, 2006 14:24 ET
Brown was suspended one game by the NHL during the 1993-94 season for receiving his third game misconduct of the season (automatic suspension) during this game vs. Montreal.Reply

Fight at 30:05
Duration N/AThrownLanded   Big   
 Eric Desjardins 6'1'' 4205lb 32000N/A
 Eric Lindros 6'5'' 4237lb 32776
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Nov 18, 2008 08:28 ET
Eric Lindros win by TKO Fun 
A goal is scored by Philadelphia and Roy slashes Brind'amour right in the leg. Lindros gets mad and tries to get at Roy but he is stopped by Desjardins, who takes a beating in this one. Lindros fires two hard rights that drop Desjardins to his knees and throws a few more, until the linesman has seen enough and wants to break the action up. Lindros is not quite done yet and he hits Desjardins a few more times while both players are on the ice. The Philadelphia goalie comes down to challenge Roy, who seems more interested in fighting Lindros than the netminder in front of him. The scrum ends and Lindros gets the TKO win in this one.

Lindros and Roy would have been nice but the only punch thrown, was by Roy who hit Lindros when his back was turned.
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Aug 2, 2012 22:32 ET
Eric Lindros win by TKO Fun 
Eric Desjardins vs. Eric Lindros / Feb 21, 1994

The Flyers had just scored a goal, Brind'Amour looked like he may of said something to a already frustrated Canadiens netminder Roy, who slashes him as he skates past. Lindros reacts to this, and goes after Roy. Roy gives Lindros a face wash which pisses Lindros off even more. Lindros gives Roy a shot to the back of the helmet as he turns away and a large scrum ensues in the front of the Canadiens' goal.

Lindros turns his attention to Desjardins, who has skated in to defend his goalie. Lindros grabs him, at the same time as Roy throws a big shot at Lindros while his back is turned. Both guys drop their gloves quickly and Lindros grabs Desjardins with his left and starts throwing with his right. Lindros unloaded two hard rights on Desjardins before Desjardins could even throw a punch.

Lindros then landed a right uppercut that dropped Desjardins, Lindros tries to follow up as Desjardins is falling but misses his head and hits him in the ribs. Lindros gets on top of Desjardins in a half-guard position and lands three rights on a grounded Desjardins who is helpless at this point. The officials get in there and grab Lindros who is still trying to pound away on Desjardins with rights.

Roy, who had been held back until this point, tries to get at Lindros as he's being held by the officials. As Lindros is getting to his feet Roy lands a shot to the top of his helmet, which sets Lindros off again as he tries to get free of the officials. Lindros wasn't able to get away and is eventually pulled away from the crowd as Desjardins is being seen to.

This is a hard one to call, Desjardins was dropped by a punch but Lindros continued to hit Desjardins when he was down. This makes it hard to see if Desjardins could continue, but by the time Desjardins was being seen to he looked clearly unable to continue, as a result of the shots he took on the ice. I'm going to call a TKO for the initial punch that put him down, as this is when the officials wanted to come in and stop the fight.

TKO win Lindros.
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Jul 21, 2006 11:21 ET
Eric Lindros win by TKO Fun 
After a goal Roy throws a shot at Lindros.
Lindros goes after Roy but Desjardins comes in.
Lindros lands 2 uppercuts and 2 Haymakers that flours Desjardins and Lindros lands a few while Desjardjin is down.
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May 19, 2005 02:47 ET
Eric Lindros clear win Fun 
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Nov 7, 2005 15:42 ET
Eric Lindros win by TKO Fun 
I think Roy slashes Brind'amour, and Lindros is enraged and goes after Roy. Rod tries to restrain Lindros from behind (which diverts him from Roy), and Lindros ends up pummelling the Hab nearest him--which is unfortunately Desjardins. Lindros lands several while Desjardins is already down.
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Aug 12, 2006 17:06 ET
Eric Lindros win by TKO Fun 
Desjardins is a good player but a bad fighter... and it shows in this one
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Nov 3, 2007 23:41 ET
Eric Lindros decisive win Fun 
Lindros takes a shot from Roy, it starts a scrum and Desjardins stupidly jumps in against Lindros only to take a vicious beating from him.
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Oct 18, 2012 17:26 ET
Eric Lindros win by TKO Fun 
This was a massacre. Lindros just unloads on the non-fighter Desjardins and drops him. This really pisses Roy off. TKO win for Lindros.
Feb 3, 2011 19:51 ET
I was at this game, and it was nuts. 15 goals [8-7 Flyer win], my favorite Flyer at the time [Al Conroy] scored a shorthander from about ten miles out, and this melee. Only served to strengthen my opinion that Patrick Roy was just a complete loser, and this was long before he beat up his wife or forced his son to attack an unwilling opponent. The replays at the Spectrum showing Lindros dribbling Desjardins' head like a basketball off the ice actually quieted the crowd down a bit, it looked so unnerving.

Through second- and third-hand comments, I'd heard that even as successful teammates and team leaders together for a number of years, Lindros and Rico never had much to say to each other and didn't socialize much. No direct knowledge of this, though.

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